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Integrative oncology is an evidence-based medical sub-specialty that uses complementary therapies (CTs) in concert with conventional medical treatment to enhance efficacy, improve symptom control, alleviate patient distress, and reduce suffering. Integrative Oncology research and practice involves teamwork between clinicians and researchers from a wide variety of professions. At the TBCC and through our many community partners, programs offered range from the popular Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, to Healing Arts and Yoga THRIVE.
Our ultimate vision is to provide seamless integrative evidence-based care to each cancer patient treated at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.
Integrative oncology is a system of interdisciplinary care blended throughout cancer care as necessary for each person, employing a collaborative team approach which is patient-centered, so that the patient’s needs and views dictate the course of care, not those of the practitioners. Treatments are meant to promote health and wellness, prevention of disease and to bring out the innate healing capacity in each person. The University of Calgary is offering a unique form of therapy that may help improve your symptoms of fatigue.
ABRAHAM VARGHESE, ABRAHAM VARGHESE V., PUSHPAGIRI INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE & RES. Our bodies are largely composed of varying percentages of fat, bone, muscle, fluid and other tissues.

With the results of your body composition test, we can compare your body composition to the optimal range for your age, gender and body type to better tailor a health plan for you.
Body composition testing is a much more accurate way to assess physical fitness and obesity than other methods. Body Mass Index (BMI) is an improvement over pure weight measurement as it takes height into account to adjust the health implications of your weight.
We then factor in your gender, weight, height and age into the calculation to derive at the most accurate measurement of your body composition and estimate the percentage each tissue takes up in your body. Even compared to other body composition devices, the InBody520 is superior as it applies varying current to all four of your limbs rather than a single frequency to just your legs. We have a strong background in Complementary Therapy research and practice, lead by a number of experts in Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine. See the programs page for more details on the variety of offerings and links to our community partners. The LITE Study is a FREE 6-week program that investigates the role of light therapy on the quality of life, sleep patterns, and measures of immune function and stress hormones in people who have finished cancer treatments and are still feeling tired. Body composition testing assesses how these are distributed in your body to find out what percentage of your body is fat and what percentage is lean body mass.

Stepping on a scale, for example, only tells us your weight, and does not consider your height or how much fat or muscle contributes to that number.
However, two people of the same height and weight will have the same BMI, even if they have radically different proportions of fat and muscle.
This device puts varying frequencies of a low-level electrical current through your body so we can measure the ease or resistance of current flow through your tissues. We are constantly expanding our team and always looking for collaborators from diverse backgrounds. In fact, very muscular people can be considered obese when using a BMI estimation, even if they have very low fat percentage.

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