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The University of Southern California has announced a $10 million gift from trustee Malcolm Currie and his wife, Barbara, in support of the university's medical school and to construct a new bioscience center on its health sciences campus.The gift will bolster the endowment of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and support construction of the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience. The funds are intended to support learning, whether through experiential study, research, or clinical experience, that will enrich participantsa€™ understanding of health challenges in communities or regions of the world about which they desire to learn more, as well as to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills that will potentially impact health and wellness throughout the world.
Keck school graduate, professional, medical students and residents are encouraged to apply. Applications should be submitted by email as a single Word document or PDF with applicanta€™s last name in the file name.
After funds are dispensed and Fellows complete proposed travel, study, and research, all award recipients will be expected, as part of the terms of the award, to provide a written report of the successes and challenges they encountered, as well as lessons learned and implications for future study or research. Students at Keck praise the breadth of clinical experience and faculty support at the school. At the University of Southern Californiaa€™s Keck School of Medicine, students appreciate their close connection to faculty. Submitting a successful medical school application isn't easy, but it can often be just as difficult to decide where to apply and where to attend once one has been accepted.
Scheduled for completion in 2017, the Michelson Center is expected to be a catalyst for biomedical research in Los Angeles.

The Dhablania and Kim Family Global Medicine Fellowship aims to educate and train students, researchers, and clinicians about the importance of healthcare in a global context, and to allow them to be better prepared to serve humanitya€™s needs. The final deadline for consideration in the 2016 Fellowship cycle is Friday, February 26th, 2016. Further instruction will be provided to awardees regarding sufficient contents for these reports.
Much of what is presented during medical school visits or interviews is, understandably, geared toward student recruitment, so many applicants often wonder what it's really like to attend a certain medical school.This week, we're profiling the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles.
In recognition of the gift, a new residence hall scheduled to open in 2016 and the lobby of the Michelson Center will be named in honor of the Curries.An engineering physicist who served as director of defense research and engineering at the Pentagon and later chair and CEO of Hughes Aircraft, Malcolm Currie has been a member of the USC board of trustees since 1989 and served as its chair from 1995 to 2000.
The Dhablania and Kim Family Global Medicine Fellowship program provides funding for those wishing to embark on research and study relating to global medical need. Preference will be given to proposals that provide thorough and detailed budget justification.
Additionally, all Fellows will participate in the Keck School of Medicine of USCa€™s Global Citizenship Roundtable, providing detailed summaries of their experiences as Fellows and engaging in discourse with the broader USC community so that others may benefit from the global knowledge they have gained while abroad.
Information will be provided to awardees regarding date and location of the Global Citizenship Roundtable.

Breadth of clinical experience: Students at Keck report that they tend to be happy with their medical school experience overall. Support from faculty and administrators: Many Keck students and alumni often remark on the support and mentorship they receive. Incorporation of student feedback: Students at USC praise both the faculty's active solicitation of feedback from students, as well as its implementation. University staff incorporate student feedback on "every component of our medical school experience and make it better," says Shimoyama.Integrating student feedback also results in broadening clinical experiences beyond Los Angeles.
Between the first and second years, as well as during the fourth year of medical school, students have many opportunities to work overseas, according to Shimoyama.

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