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The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is a state cabinet agency, and by law, it is also a treatment and rehabilitative agency for the  state's juveniles.
DJJ is responsible for providing custodial care and rehabilitation for the state’s children who are incarcerated, on probation or parole, or in community placement for a criminal or status offense. Our goal at DJJ is to protect the public and reclaim juveniles through prevention, community programs, education, and rehabilitative services in the least restrictive environment  possible.
We also encourage you to learn more about the juvenile justice process, and resources available for parents, victims, and communities.
After Hill Harper spoke, he shook the hand of every boy, looked them in the eye and told them there are better choices to make. Harper, who is best known for his roles as investigator Sheldon Hawkes on CSI: NY, and as CIA station chief Calder Michaels in the series Covert Affairs, is also an Ivy League graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School. Harper spoke to the youth about how to achieve goals and dreams by designing your life like an architect. Harper told the teens that the first stage in the metaphor is ‘blueprinting,’ or making a plan for your life. Television star Hill Harper engaged the youth at the Victor Cullen Center by having them write down notes and asking them questions.
Harper acknowledged that many of the teens at the center could be afraid to do the work and admit they need help. The youth at Victor Cullen are sent to the treatment center by court order for behavioral or substance abuse issues, and all are given a specific treatment plan that typically lasts from six to nine months, according to Eric Solomon, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. Victor Cullen relies mostly on locks, bars and fences to restrict freedom instead of staff supervision. Youths at the other 13 Maryland juvenile services facilities watched Harper via videoconference. According to Harper, many of these young men are growing up without a positive male role model in their home. CSI actor Hill Harper challenged the delinquent youth to become active architects of their own lives as part of publicity tour for his newest book. Harper, whose four previous books are all best sellers, said he wrote his first book, “Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny,” in 2006 as a response to letters he received after giving motivational talks at schools, and to provide mentorship for young men and women.
His latest book was pre-released to the Victor Cullen library in mid-October so that the youth could read it before Harper’s visit.

According to Harper, who also speaks at adult prisons, his message to juveniles is about making a plan. Yet he said the juveniles are less receptive because “when you’re still young, you think you know everything,” whereas adult inmates are often more reflective about their lives. Natalie Kornicks is a graduate student completing her master’s degree in multimedia journalism from the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland in December. Read moreSpecial ProjectsIn Poor Health: Why is Baltimore's World-Class Health Care System Failing Freddie Gray's Neighbors?
Capital News Service is a student-powered news organization run by the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.
Get to know ABNLed by Arthritis Consumer Experts and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, the Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) is a multi-media platform for the arthritis community to share news, information and stories about living well with arthritis.
Sign up for the ABN updates for the latest on the network, exclusive feature stories and more! Posted on July 28, 2015By Anita CSolving the Fibromyalgia Mystery: Researchers need your help. The CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA) located at the University of Manitoba is funding a research project to help improve the treatment and quality of life of people with fibromyalgia. With this survey, we are inviting you to share your ideas about research to help improve the treatment and quality of life of people living with fibromyalgia. Scleroderma affects about 20 people out of 100,000 and occurs in about four times as many women than men. Scleroderma—the word means “hard skin”—causes the body to respond to an attack from its immune system by producing too much collagen.
Joint pain and stiffness, particularly in the hand joints, is almost always present at disease onset.
Besides the usual suspected causes, some researchers believe that frequent exposure to solvents and heavy metals—for example, due to working in manufacturing or refining plants—may increase the risk of developing scleroderma. Melissa Patton, board member of The Scleroderma Association of BC, writes about her experience of living with scleroderma, on the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada’s website. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition in which there is an exaggerated blood vessel tightening in response to emotional stress or to the cold, restricting blood flow to certain areas of the body, usually the fingers, but sometimes the toes, ears, or the end of the nose. We welcome you to our website, and invite you to learn more about DJJ and what we do for the communities, citizens, and children of South Carolina.

The second stage is having a solid foundation, made up of elements like motivation, education, money and a career.
After Harper spoke, each boy received a signed copy of the book, which addresses issues specific to inmates and their families.
For two decades, we have provided deeply reported, award-winning coverage of important issues in Maryland.
Responses to this survey will be used to identify the top research priorities of patients, caregivers and clinicians in the area of fibromyalgia. This survey has been approved by the University of Manitoba’s Health Research Ethics Board and will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This site offers evidence-based information and support to help you better understand your form of arthritis, as well as to help you talk to your own rheumatologist and family physician about your symptoms and general health.
Raynaud’s phenomenon is also a very common first symptom of scleroderma and is thought to occur in 98% of cases. When it is associated with another disorder (such as lupus, scleroderma, or vasculitis), it is secondary.
The next stage is the framework, or the choices that people make, and the last and most important stage is the door, Harper said. She graduated from the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University with a major in journalism and a double minor in fine arts and art history.
This study is being led by a steering committee which is made up of patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers, and staff members from CIHR IMHA, and a collaborator from the James Lind Alliance. Always seek the expert advice of your rheumatologist or other health care professional before making changes or additions to your treatment plan.
When it occurs alone, it is referred to as primary Raynaud’s phenomenon and does not increase the risk of suffering SARDs.
As it progresses, symptoms and complications may include muscle weakness, digestive system problems, Sjogren’s syndrome, reduced dental health, kidney and lung problems.

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