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Although each of these air filters has a minimum-efficiency reporting value of 13, their life-cycle costs may vary considerably. Properly maintained, the main components of HVAC systems—coils, fans, casings, controls—should last 20 years or longer. Fortunately, most systems today employ variable-frequency drives (VFDs), which adjust to system demand, allowing a wider range of acceptable resistance. Camfil low energy air filter products provide the highest indoor air quality, with the lowest pressure drop, which deliver the biggest energy savings to our customers, without compromising air quality. Keep in mind that energy accounts for up to 70 percent of an air filter’s total life cycle cost (LCC), so it always pays for you to choose the best low energy air filter combination for the right filtration application.
In many cases, building owners find running equipment to failure cheaper than maintaining equipment over time.

One component that has a major impact on the cost of maintenance, the lifetime of other components, energy use, and the protection of building occupants and processes, however, is considered disposable: the air filter.
In the selection of air filters, the primary consideration should be maintained contaminant-capture efficiency. In a VFD system, the lower the resistance, the lower the demand for energy required to move air through filters and, thus, the greater the number of air changes per hour, which results in a higher contaminant removal rate.
We know that saving energy is one of the most challenging tasks facing the HVAC industry today.
We regularly post about filter technology, clean air solutions, improving air quality, low energy air filters, CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment), AHUs (Air Handling Units) and the EPBD. Given prevailing attitudes toward sustainability and concerns about environmental impact, however, running to failure is falling out of favor.

Most critical to the analysis of air-filter life-cycle cost is pressure drop, or resistance to airflow, over the life of a filter. In some cases, with constant-speed fans, operating outside of original design pressure-drop parameters—by selecting filters with too little or too much resistance—can result in unnecessarily high energy use. In such instances, a blower may have to be re-balanced to its fan curve for energy savings to be achieved.

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