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The subject of employee engagement and motivation is not a new one but, as Tom Robinson investigates, it is one that is important in keeping your team energised at all times.
Resilience is the key to keeping your call centre staff engaged and ready to handle any situation in the most positive way. Shrugging it off – Some people find this easier than others; but after a difficult call, sustained busy periods or times of adversity, take a deep breath, try to let it wash over you, take it for what it is, and let it go.
Think about it differently – Every day, every call is not necessarily a drain; it could also be seen as an opportunity to make someone’s day. Allow time for recovery – If you’re still emotionally drained, allow some quality time for emotional renewal. Listen – One of the biggest ways to connect emotionally with someone is to listen like your life depends on it. Choose how you’re going to ‘be’ – Practise choosing what attitude you will have from moment to moment. Always eat within one hour of waking – Your energy is used while you sleep, if you don’t have breakfast you’ll be running on empty until you eat. Drink plenty of water – Aim for six to eight glasses per day; even mild dehydration leads to headaches, lack of energy and confusion.
Snack strategically – Never leave more than four hours between eating or your blood glucose level will fall. Eat until you’re satisfied –  large lunch can cause glucose levels to rise sharply, resulting in an energy ‘crash’. Stretch and move – The brain needs oxygen to function properly, so stretch every 30 minutes and physically move around at least every 90 minutes. Know where you are going – Often a lack of mental focus is a result of not having a clear goal, or not knowing how to get there.
Avoid multi-tasking – When someone is driving a car while talking on the phone and putting on make-up, they’re not doing any of them properly. When trying to keep motivated and engaged when things are stacked against us, we have a tendency to fall into New Year’s resolution syndrome and give up at the first hurdle.
Rather than in the religious sense, this is more one of purpose – a unique force for action.
Emotional energy is simply the capacity to manage emotions skilfully during day-to-day work. Resilience and bouncebackability are increasingly being seen as the number one way to have a motivated, inspired and energetic workforce, able to deal with whatever life and work throw at them. Tom Robinson is Head of Training for front-of-house company MITIE Client Services that specialises in delivering and training five star customer service. Why is is that some companies are able to resolve complaints, and others get bogged down in "the process"? The SignalLED range of illuminated RGB LED signs are a new range of signs designed for outside recording, on-air & production studios, meeting rooms, conference rooms and for fixed installations. Standard wording includes: MIC LIVE, ON AIR, RECORD, PHONE, TRAFFIC FLAG ON, AD BREAK, TX, REH, REHEARSAL, DOOR, OBIT, NO ENTRY, EXIT, SILENCE PLEASE, MEETING IN PROGRESS, INTERVIEW IN PROGRESS. The illuminating LEDs in the unit are RGB meaning that the colour of the sign can be selected on installation. Although a range of standard signs is supported, custom signs, for example with your company name or logo, can be produced for a nominal setup fee. The signs are supplied with a 6V wall-wart power supply with international adapters for the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia & a 5m lead.

LD-IT An installation tool, the LD-IT can be used to hold the sign in place on the wall mount whilst you wire it up. From the beginning, we should understand that feeling tired, being lethargic and having low energy are not necessarily different words describing the same condition. If a person is truly lethargic he or she may not be eating well, may not sleep well or may sleep too much. If you are normally healthy, eat well and stay active you may still have a few periods of time during which you feel as if you have no energy. One of the best strategies to deal with your high and low energy times is to sort your tasks by energy level, as well. On the other side of the equation, when you are dragging, is sometimes the best time to get done the smaller miscellaneous low effort todos. When you are on fire, and nothing can stop you, this is the time to attack the big important things on your list. Ensure that you prioritize your todo list to get to your most important tasks done during this time frame.
Brainstorming sessions – Staying on topic to hammer out a plan takes effort and works best with high levels of enthusiasm. These are the times to take on low effort tasks that don’t require much concentration or follow-through. By separating tasks by energy level, you can be productive during your high and low productivity times. A home energy audit will evaluate the energy efficiency of a house, by using professional equipment (such as a blower door & infra-red camera) to suggest to a homeowner the best ways to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home. A new home energy rating involves an analysis of a home's construction plans and onsite inspections. The term has now entered the dictionary and is the perfect word to describe resilience – the ability to recover from adversity and discomfort to be able to perform at your best.
Take a short break, have a stroll at lunch, talk to a loved one on the phone or look at some photos. Whether it was saving for your first car or a pair of shoes, you were most probably unstoppable in achieving your goal.
Precise, consciously acquired behaviours to deal with adversity need to be automatic to have the biggest impact. Like running a car with little fuel, like driving at top speed at all times, or like not taking care of the machinery – if we misuse our bodies we will soon be heading for a breakdown.
Take the example of two athletes of similar physical ability on the start line of a 100m race. These are the situations in which our character is truly tested and our choices about the way we manage energy are critical. Thank you for helping to recognize the effect of continued high call volume on call center agents.
The sign itself contains the control electronics, and RGB LEDs are used, so the signs can be simply configured onsite for your particular requirements. As standard, the sign will illuminate in defined colours when control inputs 1 and 2 are used, but you can configure the sign to display one of 9 colours using the LD-RPC remote controller: white, green, red, brick red, blue, yellow, orange, cyan and magenta. The 40cm signs can be split into two 20cm sides which can be separately, or jointly controlled, e.g. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life".

We might have normal energy levels when we start our day and come home tired, but this is usually because of physical work or a long day on the job. This same individual might be suffering from clinical depression or other mental state that contributes to lethargy. Even if your family or friends are asking you to take part in the simplest activity, you respond by saying you don’t have the energy. You might even find that fruit juices and some solid food will recharge your “batteries,” allowing you to get involved in something with friends or family, or just take care of a few tasks around the house. Contrary to popular opinion, going out for a brisk walk or taking part in a few minutes of exercise will actually boost your energy level.
Use some of these simple methods for picking yourself up and getting yourself back in the race. At Low Energy Homes we are prepared to help you with this stage, by providing building science knowledge, practical expertise and a total approach to home performance. A person who has the passion to succeed, no matter what, will be a far bigger asset than someone just there for the money. If the values are integrity and responsibility, do agents ever exaggerate or tell little white lies?
The bigger the storm, the more inclined we are to revert to our survival habits, and the more important positive rituals become.
To engender a level of spiritual energy in your teams, you need to start by thinking about your organisation. Positive emotions of enjoyment, challenge, adventure and opportunity buoy energy – whereas negative emotions of fear, frustration, anger or boredom actually drain energy. If one is determined and focused on crossing the line first and the other is thinking about that night’s dinner, which one will win? However, a mounting kit is available, LD-KE1, to mount the sign perpendicular to a wall, e.g.
Sure, we have lower energy levels at the end of the day, but this is nothing to be concerned about. In addition to these food and drink fixes, you can change the atmosphere with some moving music, something upbeat and positive.
Oh, you may feel tired right after the walk or exercise but you will feel “better” and feel more like doing something – anything.
Do they have the right physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy to do the job, or are they running on reserve power? The simple act of going somewhere and doing something will make you feel as if you have enough energy to continue through the day. It’s a fun word, and even more fun to put in a PowerPoint presentation, because they have an action that can make a word bounce.
Sugar is a temporary remedy that is usually followed by a “crash” in which you feel you have no energy – again!

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