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It poses the most threat to small children because they are more susceptible to any inflammation or swelling of┬átheir air passages due to their smaller laryngeal opening. These symptoms increase over time until upon coughing there can be vomiting or spitting up of tough mucous. This is a nosode*** that can be use as prophylaxis – meaning taken as prevention ahead of the disease. Even so, it is not a fun disease to deal with as the cough lingers for weeks and even months. If taken as a prophylaxis, the common way to administer it is pertussinum 30c, one dose daily for two weeks.

This remedy can also be given as soon as exposure has occurred or at the beginning of the symptoms. This remedy is often readily available in health food stores which carry homeopathic remedies. This nosode used to be readily available a few years ago, not so much so anymore due to tougher regulations from the FDA.
Homeopathy, which has its roots from the time of Aristotle, was studied extensively by German physician Samuel Hahnemann two centuries ago - learn more facts about homeopathy.Homeopathic remedies are commonly found in natural health and food markets. For this reason, most of the information on nosodes on the internet comes from other countries, mainly Germany.

You may end up giving the remedy quite often at first and then in longer and longer stretches.

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