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Hua Wu, Doctor and Post Doctor of Medicine, professor, chief physician, doctoral supervisor and vice-President of Tongji Hospital, member of Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Speaking Orthopedic Society, Chinese Medical Management Institute, the executive director of the 1st council of Hubei Gerocomia Seminar, editorial board member of Chinese Modern Clinical and Medical Journal and Chinese Clinical Medicine, and the expert on the technical appraisal for the medical negligence of Wuhan and Hubei. Wu used to be studying at UMASS Hospital of Boston University, and has participated in various international conferences held around the world and different regions.

As a subject host of research topics sponsored by NSFC, provincial Science and Technology Commission Fund and various horizontal science and technology funds, Wu has published more than 40 research papers, one monograph and has one utility modal patent with a major focus on fracture healing and bone tumor and profound experience on the treatment of internal fixation of large frequently occurring bone fracture, limbs and spine fracture, orthopedic of scoliosis, replacement of hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and knuckles, spine tumor and bone tumor.

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