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A ready test market, availability of well qualified professionals and proximity to research development teams are crucial for product development of any digital health startup. Berlin boasts of 35 large research institutes and universities focusing on life sciences, including internationally renowned institutions.
Currently, 300 medical technology companies, 240 biotech companies and 30 pharmaceuticals manufacturers have chosen Berlin their premier location, and the number is growing! Because business is all about being in the right place, at the right time and with the RIGHT people.
Berlin is Europe’s home for pharmaceutical and medical technology, as well as a leader in biotechnology. The creative culture thrives on innovation and has a higher risk appetite, which is a huge welcome sign for all innovators. Juliane Zielonka is the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin program. Major healthcare product and service conglomerates have their registered offices in Berlin. The city is full of great coworking spaces, including Rainmaking Loft, home to Startupbootcamp in Berlin, free resources and access to vast entrepreneurial network spread across the city. Combining that with low living cost and brutal team efficiency, Berlin has surpassed London to have the highest VC deals and transaction volumes earlier this year.

Germany has been voted the BEST country to live in, and we can’t help nodding in agreement! We here at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin are an international crowd, and all are equally smitten by the rich energy of this place. She is a Digital Health entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in digital products and services, finance and investor relations. Key hard- & software components are available and can be used as basic blocks for new applications.
How this translates for your startup is access to vast networks of reliable researchers, a great test ground for your product to be chiseled in, and huge pools of affordable, awesome workforce.
Fortunately for us, as the political capital of Germany, Berlin makes the interactive dialog with policy makers in the healthcare industry easy. Approximately 315,000 people work in the Capital region healthcare industry, and others are more than excited to join in.
That, combined with recent meteoric growth of Berlin startups, makes it a playground for venture capitalists and investors.
Do you morning run through Tiergarten park or enjoy the wide vide at the former airport field Tempelhofer feld, experience local and cross-European cuisine on one of the many food markets and street food kitchens or simply have a nice chat over one of the numerous coffee bars in the sizzling city. Germany enjoys the position of being the most robust economy in the European Union, but also one of the world’s top 3 exporters.

So if there is a Digital Health success story that’s worth telling, Berlin is the stage it deserves to be told on.
Examples of IHP's portfolio are wireless sensor nodes with low-power consumption or security capabilities, Gigabit Wireless LAN, RF sensors as well as MEMS technologies. With its vast resources and facilities in healthcare, Berlin is a hotspot full of opportunities and acceptance. It is only in Berlin, where you, even as a young startup, can take the opportunity to have breakfast with Germany’s health minister or other healthcare policy makers and discuss the questions that interest you. Even if there’s bad weather and you like to have a break from your startup life, get inspired through an exhibition in one of the many museums, art galleries. Meticulous laws protect businesses and entrepreneurs and further policy changes are in motion.
Typical applications of IHP's technical solutions are in the field of integrated sensors, telemedicine and habitat monitoring.
The tremendous growth of the nation is evident by the fact that the city of Berlin alone is poised to create 1,00,000 new jobs by 2020, as quoted by McKinsey.

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