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People who take high doses of popular cholesterol lowering drugs called statins may be more likely to develop kidney problems. Canadian researchers analyzed health records of more than two million people ages 40 and older.
Those who took higher doses of statins were 34 percent more likely to be hospitalized for acute kidney injury during the first 120 days of treatment compared with people who were taking lower doses. Other studies have shown a link between statin treatment and protein in the urine, which is a hallmark of kidney disease. Our solutions were designed and are continuously refined by leading statistical experts with decades of experience working with medical researchers in various industries. The NCSS 10 analysis and graphics solution provides hundreds of tools for analyzing and visualizing your data.
The Academy of Medical Sciences has launched a study to look at the use of animals containing human material in scientific research.
But scientists say the technology to put ever greater amounts of human genetic material into animals is spreading quickly around the world — raising the possibility that some scientists in some places may want to push boundaries.
Martin Bobrow, a professor of medical genetics at Cambridge University is chairman of a 14-member group looking into the issue. He says: “Do most of us care if we make a mouse whose blood cells or liver are human?
We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. Our distorted image of whatever is good for humans at the cost of defenseless animals is cruel and barbaric.
If you have ever looked into the sad eyes of a Chimpanzee, or dog, or any other animal used for experimentation know there’s no justification for these acts. On the other hand, how many people would you condemn to death rather then allow an animal to die? Is a vegan any less evil then a meat eater, just because they decided that the suffering of a plant is somehow less then an animal? If a pacifist group brings an end to the Afganistan war, will that group be responsible for the deaths which result after that point?
I have always thought that sooner or later, someone would start making animals that could talk.
And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. As for the animal rights zealots, there is a reason that that particular political phenomenon is limited to the economically privileged Western world.
More importantly I don’t think people trust scientists morals in light of how easily the bright ones that should be working on renewable energy and curing diseases will sell out to the defense departments for more money.
I cover health and science news for the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa -- from flu pandemics to the newest planetary discovery to the latest drug and research developments.
Animals such as chimpanzees, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, pigs, frogs and gerbils, are used in medical research. Large numbers of doctors and scientists oppose medical research done on animals, arguing that an animal's bodily system is vastly different than a human's, so results do not even translate from one species to the next.
A team of scientists in Maryland might have just discovered a way to end animal testing forever, according to WJLA in Washington.

It was also recently reported that China is phasing out the mandatory testing on animals for its cosmetic production.
Phoenix's law: The story of an abused jack russell terrierIf you live in New York State, have you ever heard of Phoenix's law? Uber & the PSPCA team up to offer Puppy Playdates to business professionalsYou barely made it over that midweek hump, and even though tomorrow you’ll start that long two-day homestretch sprint for the weekend, you’re just not sure if you’ll make it to the finish line. Contained air products make it possible for the safe undertaking of many important tasks including medical research and treatment of diseases such as Ebola - image courtesy of DFC.
Contained air solutions help to protect both people and materials from contamination, and they play a vital role in a range of environments, including medical care and research centres. Indeed, without contained air products, many of the tasks performed in such environments would prove impossible. The spread of Ebola in West Africa has highlighted the importance of effective contamination control.
Initially transmitted to people from wild animals such as fruit bats and forest antelope, the disease can quickly spread through the human population and it has a fatality rate of up to 90%. The scale of the current outbreak, which has been described by the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres as “unprecedented”, has drawn attention to the need for effective treatments and vaccines to help cure patients and prevent the spread of the virus.
When new drugs and vaccinations are being developed in labs, the strictest standards of hygiene and contamination control are vital, and clean air solutions play an integral role in achieving this.
During his stay at the unit, Mr Pooley was given supportive care and he was treated with the experimental drug ZMapp.
Of course, the type of contained air solutions that medical care and research specialists need depends on the nature of the tasks they are completing. Systems that fall into this category provide total barrier protection for the operator and they can be used for tasks that involve extreme biohazards.
Within research communities, PASS software is recognized as the premier sample size and power analysis tool. Thousands of researchers use PASS in clinical trial planning, grant proposals, pharmaceutical research, biostatistical consulting, health research, and many other areas of medical study planning and study evaluation. You can view the Publications Citing NCSS page to get a feel for recent medical field publications where NCSS was used.
If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. The rules of society have always represented what we are willing to accept, as a community.
As long as genetic research funding continues to be contingent on the approval of ethical review boards, this will not be a problem.
The realities of the immensity of global human suffering are lost on those raised in a culture in which they are not forced to encounter death and disease on a daily basis.
I joined Reuters in 1993 and worked in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt before moving to BBC television to work on European politics for Newsnight for 2 years.
Whether they are used for testing in research, for products, cosmetics or experiments such as the harmful effects of smoking, millions of laboratory animals are used around the world.
Adams has a degree in psychology with concentrated studies in animal behavior, canine nutrition and forensic psychology. Individuals are at risk of contracting the virus if they have direct contact through broken skin or mucous membranes with the blood secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected patients.

Indeed, Johnson & Johnson recently announced it was accelerating the development of a vaccine regime against Ebola. For example, the Royal Free Hospital in London contains a specialist Ebola isolation unit that uses clean air filtration technology.
Thanks to the isolation system surrounding him, all of this medical attention could be provided without risk to doctors and nurses. The inflow air is HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered before entering the cabinets via a side mounted inlet chamber. For example, providers such as Contained Air Solutions offer systems that are adapted to meet the specific criteria set out by organisations. It is known for its accuracy, dependability and best-practices for sample size estimation in clinical trials, analysis protocols and regulatory requirements.
Remember that it wasn’t the dolphins or mice that advance the human race and created the cure for many diseases.
Even apart from the procedures already in place to prevent unethical research, the idea of engineering a mouse that can speak or think is absolutely absurd, an obvious fact to anyone who possesses a modicum of anatomical knowledge. Since returning to Reuters, I have also worked as a parliamentary correspondent in Westminster and on the main news desk of the London bureau. It is time that scientists realize they are testing on the equivalent of children, and not animals who don't feel a thing. Since then, it has spread to a number of other nations, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
Exhaust air is also filtered before it exits the cabinets via either single or double HEPA filters. British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable, or if they go too far in the name of medical research. Show me an animal species with a capacity for symbolic thought anywhere approaching humanity and I will gladly recant this position. Harry Salem, an 84 year old doctor, helped create contact lenses, Nyquil and the breathalyzer.
With two rescue dogs of her own, Adams hopes to educate the public on responsible pet ownership while working to change the laws to better protect animals. These products are available in three different classes, and the greatest level of protection is offered by Class 3.
Work carried out in these cabinets is done using mechanically attached gloves to ensure a complete seal. He is leading the way in stem cell technology, which could end controversial animal testing. Working with stem cells could help determine the effects of drugs or toxins more accurately, as well as provide results quicker.

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