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My favorite comparison being that of a 3-series BMW as it’s easily digestible even to a mixed audience. According to a survey of student tuition and fees by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the median cost in 2012-2013 for first year students at public medical schools is $54,625 per year for out-of-state students and $32,197 for in-state students, which includes tuition, fees and health insurance.
When we started this blog our goal was to create a resource for others seeking information on college savings. For our daughter, the focus isn’t on attending an Ivy League school, but ensuring she has the opportunity to follow her passion.

The Georgetown University School of Medicine, for example, lists costs of nearly $3,000 for books, supplies, equipment and boards for first year medical students. I am not going to go any further with this example since the bottom line comes down to BREASTFEEDING IS FREE!
To be completely open and honest, when I first got pregnant the idea of breastfeeding gave me the heebee-jeebees.
Three and a half months later I now want to become a lactation consultant and I love everything about the very special mommy and baby time we spend together nursing!

First year students at private schools had median tuition, fees and health insurance costs of $50,078 for resident and $50,768 for nonresident students the same year. Talking about breastfeeding made me uncomfortable, and being asked if I was going to breastfed made me cringe.

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