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Do the routine for 3-5 sets through, or do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes…let me know which one you do! I'm Patty-I'm a personal trainer, XC coach, runner, and gym addict who is just looking to spread my passion for health & fitness. I am guilty of going to the gym, doing my workout of either strength training or cardio, and then kind of half-assing my core work towards the end. The medicine ball I like to use is twelve pounds, but use your judgment and go lighter or heavier depending on your fitness level. PLANK KNEE-INS ON MEDICINE BALL: With your hands on the medicine ball, start in a high plank (the top of a push-up).
SIT-UP + PRESS: Start out in a sit-up position, back flat on the ground and legs bent with feet planted firmly on the ground.

RUSSIAN TWIST: Holding the medicine ball at your chest, sit up and lean your torso back slightly with your legs bent and lifted a few inches off the ground. V LEG LIFTS: Start out laying straight on the ground, holding the medicine ball above your shoulders and chest. I start thinking about making it to my next client in time, the cleaning I could be doing at home, or I just get straight up bored. I like to start women at around eight pounds and men at around twelve pounds and tweak it from there. Keeping your body in a straight line, bring your right knee up to your chest and pause for one second; bring right leg back to starting position.
I love living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to make quick, easy changes to better their lives as well!

Keeping your arms still, raise your straight legs up to the right of the medicine ball; bring legs back down towards ground. Below are the steps + a video tutorial, but keep reading for a full medicine ball workout as well! But the other day I got inspired by my medicine ball and decided to throw together a medicine ball ab workout that I actually enjoyed.

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