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Kink Aware Healing practitioners are trained in a variety of Eastern, Western and Indigenous complementary & alternative holistic healing medicine modalities.
I can't believe how much more relaxed and how much pain is gone after just a 45 minute session!
The belief that whole plants are used to treat whole people is the heart of traditional herbal medicine and so the heart of Numen as well. Traditional herbal medicine, like almost all traditional medicine systems, instead treats underlying imbalances in the body that are believed to cause disease. Whole plant medicines have the ability, as Isla Burgess says in the film, to "nudge a person back to wellness.
There are some constituents that have been well researched and documented, but it doesn't really explain the whole personality of that plant. The Ancient Greeks are the source of most medical knowledge until (and including) the time of the Roman Empire.

The Greeks establish a cult and erect grand temples to worship Asclepios, the god of healing.
Alcmaeon, a Greek philosopher and physician, also popularizes the theory that the brain perceives sensations and is responsible for thought and memory. This is a key difference between allopathic medicine and most traditional systems around the world. Herbalists use medicines made from whole plants that, with their complex mix of chemicals, are believed to be the most effective way of addressing these imbalances.
Traditional herbalism is based on the belief that healing arises in part by finding the right plant, or combination of plants, for a particular individual. They also prescribe regular exercise, baths, and nutrition regimes that include social interactions. As Larry Dossy says in the film, western medicine is about breaking the body into parts, into organs and tissues, and then finding ways to treat particular diseases and ease certain symptoms by targeting particular cellular pathways with silver-bullet drugs.

How that happens is partly a matter of the chemical constituents in the plants, but it is also about so much more than that, because understanding the wholeness of a plant and how it might work in our bodies is never only about chemistry.
The longer, the deeper, the more in depth you know a person, the more you begin to see these levels of who they are. It works instead by changing the environment, working to address imbalances in organ systems and tissue states, not targeting a specific bacteria with a single chemical extracted from a plant or synthesized in a lab.
On first encounter, you may understand that they're a good mother or an artist or play music, but as you get to know them, as your relationship deepens, your ability to understand all they can do in the world deepens.

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