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In China, many herbs are used as medicinal substances each year.
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine draws on ancient practices -- herbal medicine is as old as humanity itself. These early discoveries were passed along until thousands of years and millions of human trials brought about the evolution of an incredibly sophisticated system of diagnosis and herbal medicine.
This information may seem astonishing to the minds of Westerners, who see herbal medicine as a new development in healing. From this collection of herbs, a clinical herbalist employs more than 250 standard formulas, each of which can be modified to fit a patient's individual pattern of disharmony.
As the person's health improves, the nature of the imbalance changes, so the herb formula must also change. Have you ever stopped to think about the perfect symmetry of your human body?  Have you ever wondered if the symmetry of your external shape and form – your paired arms, legs, lips, eyes and ears – is also found in your internal body landscape? If our external body parts are paired, how might our internal body parts also be paired, and how can we possibly use this knowledge to heal from disease and maintain optimal health?
Some of these answers can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a proven 4000 year old medical system of illness prevention and health maintenance.  TCM holds amazing gems of knowledge on the concept of pairs in creation and how to tap into this knowledge to balance our health using acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping (hijama), moxibustion, dietary therapy and medical massage. So looking further, yin relates to the earth, the moon, nighttime, harvest, storage, fall, winter, and water, to name a few.  And generally speaking, the phenomena that have properties of being cool, still, quiet, descending, astringing, and feminine (not the same as female) pertain to yin.

Yang on the other hand relates to the heavens, the sun, daytime, germination, growth, spring, summer, and fire.  Phenomena that have properties of being warm, active, loud, rising, dispersing, and masculine (not the same as male) pertain to yang.
In terms of internal organs, the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys all relate to yin because they each store essence, but never discharge it, otherwise there is disease.  Their respectively paired yang organs however – the gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine and bladder all relate to yang because they transport and transmit food and waste, but never store them, otherwise again there is disease. But yin and yang are far from being static states of existence.  They are interdependent, in constant mutual transformation from one to the other, which is marked by the wavy line in this thousands year-old yin-yang symbol. TCM advises to eat more cool-natured foods such as fresh, non-tropical fruits, raw vegetables, or veggies simply cooked without hot spices.  And drink lots of warm water! Are you someone who has fruit or green smoothies for breakfast, and lots of salads, cheese, milk, sweets, breads and fruits?  These are all cold foods in nature and can eventually lead to fatigue, depression, muscle spasms, abdominal pains, poor digestion, constipation and phlegm congestion.
TCM advises to eat more warm-natured foods such as brothy, non-creamy soups, cooked vegetables and meats with spices, and more grains over flour.  Also, morning is the most yang, highest metabolism time of the day, both in nature and in the body, so take advantage of this and eat hot breakfasts!
All information herein provided is for educational use only and is not meant to substitute for in-person advice of a qualified health professional.
He has performed in a variety of places, including friend's sitting rooms, tents in fields and a cave. Early human beings were hunter-gatherers whose survival depended on their knowledge of their environment.
From a practical perspective, however, a fairly complete pharmacy stocks about 450 different individual herbs.

The herbalist or practitioner combines herbs based on the diagnosis, using a traditional herbal formula as a foundation and adding other herbs specific to the individual's complaint and constitution.
Some herbs are deleted when they are no longer needed, while others more appropriate to the changing condition are added.
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He's good everywhere, just don't feed him after midnight or let his hair get wet (trust us). Direct experience taught them which plants were toxic, which ones imparted strength and sustained life, and which had special healing qualities. Thirty herbs, mostly tonics, account for more than 50 percent of this figure, with licorice topping the list at 86,000 tons.

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