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AyurvedaA is Life’s Wisdom of health and an Exquisite art, which has been handed down from generation to generation. Welcome to Ayush Remedies, your one-stop resource for high quality herbal products, ayurvedic remedies and natural health supplements made of finest grade herbs and natural ingredients.
Ayurveda, the Science of Life and Longevity, believes in treating the root cause of health problems and this is the reason why once you undergo an ayurvedic treatment, you will start realizing how important it is to maintain the proper functioning of your body through correct eating habits, adopting ayurveda lifestyle and keeping your mind relaxed.
When we take a closer look at the common health problems, we can be convinced of the fact that most of these problems can be cured with little rest, herbal supplements and common sense. Ayurvedic remedies and natural herbal products help in correcting damages done within the body due to an aggravated doshas resulting from faulty eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, as well as one's negative thought processes and stress levels. A few of the posts on this site may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. With more and more effective uterine fibroids natural treatment methods available, it makes no sense to go the surgical route for fibroid treatment unless there is cancer involved, sudden excessive bleeding and life threatening blood loss, etc. Most of us should attempt to get all the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need from our diets but it is impossible sometimes especially when you consider the manufacturing processes foods we eat go though before they get to our tables many of which eliminate many of these nutrients and vitamins. This is why using supplements is important to make up for the nutritional deficiencies in our diets. Foods that contain essential vitamins and nutrients can help to create a healthy body, boost the immune system so that it is more capable of fighting off disease and tumors including fibroid tumors and can also help to create a healthy gynecological environment while promoting hormone balance. If the food you consume is deficient in vitamins and nutrients, you can use vitamins and minerals in supplement form to create a healthy gynecological environment that can fight uterine fibroids effectively. These are just a few vitamins and minerals that can be used as a part of a uterine fibroid natural treatment regimen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Disclaimer: The statements discussed on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Affiliate Disclosure: It is advisable to assume that any mention of some of the products or services on this website is made because there exists, unless otherwise stated, a material connection between the product or service owners and this website and should you make a purchase of a product or service described here, the owner of this website may be compensated. As this is an Ayurvedic product it contains all the essential herbs and tropical plants which are famous for Joint related treatments.
While some of the people use to take pills and heavy dosage in order to get relief from the pain but it is found that if this medicine is being taken regularly helps to rectify the instant pain. Various researches have proved that this medicine is very effective in giving instant relief from Arthritis. Rumartho Gold is a multi benefits medicine which acts both to the bones and muscles to the immune system. There is no need to worry about the side effects because this medicine doesn’t contain any chemicals and can be continued. This Rumartho Gold is the best mixture of herbs to treat the problem of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Pacific Herbs marketing materials are always free.  Corydalis Pain Relief Herb Pack, marketing cards are also back in stock. Also available, a heavy duty acrylic stand that fits four marketing cards in a small space.
Our goal is to help your acupuncture or holistic wellness practice with professional products that you can trust. University of Arizona College of Pharmacy Researchers and the UA Cancer Center say a compound found in cinnamon is a potent colorectal cancer preventor.
New research suggests eating cinnamon may help prevent colorectal cancer, at least in mice.
Previous research has linked this spice to blood pressure reduction and blood sugar control. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used both the cinnamon tree bark and cinnamon tree branches for over a thousand years. The bark of the tree is known as Gui Zhi and used in Chinese herbal formulations as a warming and dispersing herb.
Researchers at Arizona College of Pharmacy found the compound that gives cinnamon its distinctive smell and flavor, cinnamaldehyde, also seems to protect rodents against colorectal cancer.
Chinese herbs like cinnamon have always been used in TCM with other herbs in synergistic combinations.
Chocolate can be irresistible!  Isn’t it ironic that chocolate has come to symbolize Valentine’s Day, a day we celebrate the heart, and chocolate is surprisingly beneficial for our hearts? The polyphenol known as flavanols in cocoa can help promote dilation of blood vessels and thereby reduce hypertension. The Cochrane International database  after investigating the effect of chocolate or cocoa on systolic an diastolic blood pressure concluded that chocolate faired better than a placebo at lowering blood pressure. Greater Tainan Mayor William Lai, second left, listens on Sunday to a man telling the story of traditional Chinese medicine at a tourist factory that opened in the Guantian District’s Industrial Park.
Herbal medicine is for everyday life, not just for sickness, staff at a Chinese medicinal herb tourist factory said as it opened in Greater Tainan’s Guantian District Industrial Area on Sunday.
Tainan Mayor William Lai said Taiwanese are health-conscious and understand that taking medicinal herbs, even when healthy, is good for the body as a whole. The Tian Yi factory combines relaxation, food and Chinese medicinal knowledge, specializing in knowledge of how Chinese medicine can be incorporated into everyday life.
General manager Chen Hui-chua said the new Chinese medicinal tourist factory is the third among 14 tourist factories in the municipality.
The factory has its roots in a renowned and venerated Chinese medicinal brand that was better at making medicine than carrying out marketing, Chen said, adding that it was the city’s hope that the factory could help bridge tradition-steeped Chinese medicine with a health-conscious modern world.
The factory is divided into four sections, including a gallery illustrating the development of Chinese medicine over the past 5,000 years, as well as the personal stories of traditional Chinese medicine doctors of old, Chen added. The meals are a joint effort by the factory and the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, she said. Experts from Cardiff University's School of Medicine have joined forces with Peking University in China to test the health benefits of a traditional Chinese medicine.
Funded by Cancer Research Wales and the Albert Hung Foundation – the results will be presented at the European Cancer Congress 2013 which takes place in Amsterdam between the 27th September and 1st October.
Many people today turn to alternative medicine to deal with an array of health issues, including trouble with sleep, menopause, pms, lack of energy, weight loss…the list goes on.
Below is a section of one of the many emails I get nearly daily from companies who want to sell me their ingredients.
Maintaining a healthy hormone balance (part of homeostasis) is essential throughout life and will undoubtedly also help PMS symptoms.
It is important to know that it's better to use the whole herb rather than chemicals isolated from the herb because all the components of the herb together produce the desired effect. All Pacific Herbs products are produced using the gold standard of pharmaceutical grade processing to ensure the most potent formulation, then stored in convenient packets that are air, water and light tight. Additionally, Pacific Herbs products are the most potent on the market, using the highest quality Chinese herbs available that are both safe and effective.
How many women do you know that have been diagnosed, are being treated for, have survived, or even lost the battle against breast cancer? Breast cancer is occurring in alarming numbers of American women and nobody, not even the top doctors on the subject i.e.
After the initial WHI report was released in 2002, HRT use declined and a drop in breast cancer diagnoses was also evident. Hormonal balance is possible, in fact it’s absolutely essential to maintaining our good health. Natural herbal supplements can also be a good alternative to modern medicine.  Not many know that most of the modern medicines which are available today were originally derived from plants so it can be said that the natural herbal supplements are the ancestors of pharmacology.
Phen375 increases the body metabolic rate, reduces the cravings for food, which means that you will not have the desire to eat more allowing you lose your weight without special efforts. Saffron Extract Select™: Saffron extract works by naturally enhancing your serotonin levels in your body, which are responsible for both your mood and appetite.
Acnezine Solution is an entire skin care management system that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet! African Mango: The extract from the seeds called irvingia gabonensis have been used among Cameroon villagers for its wide-ranging medicinal benefits.
Green Coffee Bean Max inhibits fat absorption and also stimulates the activation of fat metabolism in the liver, both principal supporters to lose your weight.
Revitol contains, as clinically proven, all natural ingredients which give amazing results skin care products. Raspberry Ketone Max is the all-natural supplement containing a very special type compound derived from raspberries. Natural Herbal supplements are a good option for those who are likely to undergo a surgery.
Phen375 is the amazing herbal supplement that suppresses your appetite, acts as a fat burner and gives great weight loss results.
Capsiplex Plus helps you to control your appetite that means you will lose your weight more quickly without any side effects. Saffron Extract Select™ – One of the best offers if you want purchase amazing appetite suppression product and lose your weight by natural means. Green Coffee Bean Max improves the metabolism, stabilizes your blood sugar levels that helps the body only store the minimum amount of fat that is required. Raspberry Ketone Max helps you to lose your weight, increases metabolism and fat oxidation, helps fight fatigue, increases energy and much more. Green Tea extracts:  These have anti-oxidants and thermogenic boosters which help to increase metabolism and also help to lose your weight more quickly. As the name suggests, natural herbal supplements are completely safe, if taken in the recommended dosage. Though our bodies are built to naturally eliminate toxins, sometimes we need to take specific measures to ensure our bodies cleanse properly and to prevent negative effects of toxic build. Because we know how busy you can be, we, at The Herb House, want to share with you some simple, easy and effective ways of how to detox your body naturally. This well-researched, effective and reliable cleanse is specifically formulated to stop yeast overgrowth and re-establish a normal balance of Candida Albicans in your body.
The Candida Clear Combo pack contains nutrients and herbs such as Pau d’Arco, Caprylic Acid, Black Walnut Hulls and Red Raspberry Leaves, all known, studied and used for their anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The Candid Clear Enzyme packet contains biotin and a proprietary blend of enzymes that break down carbohydrates, fiber and protein.
This two week cleansing program is not only a good “spring cleanse”, but it is a good choice for people just beginning to improve their health with herbs and supplements. This easy-to-use natural weight loss and cleansing program is formulated to promote healthy removal of waste materials and toxins.
This herbal supplement program is formulated to cleanse and support your GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract) while eliminating yeast overgrowth, fungi, parasites and other harmful microbes. One of the best basic cleansing programs in the marketplace, Tiao He means to “mediate harmony”, referring to the formula’s ability to harmonize the function of internal organs by easing congestion in the liver. Selecting from among these natural, healthy, high-quality products to achieve healthy detoxification is a great way to make a clean start and feel better naturally and easily!
Every person, everywhere, is exposed to toxins in their environment – some, more than others. Now that we have addressed “What is Detoxification?”, let’s explore some ways to cleanse your body!
While there are many ways to detox your body, this article is specifically highlighting herbal supplement detox formulas, along with additional detox tools to enhance the herbal program, making it as effective as possible. Enjoy an Ionic Foot Bath- A BEST Energy Ionic Foot bath boosts bodily energy, allowing it to reach its full potential.

Some conditions that may alert the need for a cleanse include: unexplained fatigue, allergies, sluggish elimination, bloating, puffy eyes, irritated skin, mental confusion, menstrual problems. Now that you are able to answer “What is detoxification?” and you know a few ways to detox your body as well as when to cleanse out toxins in the body, here are several incredible cleansing programs we recommend and consider to be the best to optimize your detox experience! Tiao He Cleanse:  One of the best basic cleansing programs in the marketplace, Tiao He means to “mediate harmony”, referring to the formula’s ability to harmonize the function of internal organs by easing congestion in the liver. Any cleansing program is most effective when you integrate a semi-fast by refraining from junk food, avoiding refined sugar, white flour products, heavy meats and dairy and consume mostly whole grains, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables. Providing Quality Natural Health Products by Serving the Local Greater Orlando and Central Florida (Winter Park, Oviedo, Casselberry, Orlando, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, FL) areas for over 20 years!
September 1, 2012 by Lisa Turner Traditional Chinese Medicine brings you time-proven herbal tonics used to ease ailments from headaches to PMS, even enhance energy. Several thousand years ago, says a well-known legend in Chinese medicine, a physician named Bian Que was traveling to the Kingdom of Guo.
Ever since then, the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been shrouded in mystery and filled with promise. TCM focuses less on organs and anatomical structures with fixed locations in the body, and more on the body’s functions—like respiration or digestion—and various entities governing those, including Qi (life force, energy flow, breath or air), blood, bodily fluids, zhang fu (what we call organs in Western medicine), and meridians (a system of channels that run through the body). Because TCM is a complex system, you’ll need a qualified practitioner to treat any serious or chronic illness; children and pregnant or lactating women should also consult a practitioner before using any herbal remedies.
Licorice root, also known as glycyrrhiza, is traditionally used to build energy, enhance digestion, and regulate blood sugar levels.
It’s added to many Chinese herbal preparations and teas to “harmonize” all the ingredients. Jiaogulan, also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is an antioxidant and adaptogenic herb that’s thought to help increase longevity. Maitake mushroom, long used in Chinese medicine, has become widely known as a potent immune booster. Fo-ti, called he shou wu in China, may be used in either its processed or unprocessed forms.
In some schools of thought, the marks of a skilled TCM practitioner are gray hair and a small pooch in the belly; the gray hair signifies age and, presumably, years of practice and expertise. This highly sophisticated and comprehensive healing system, one of the first holistic approaches to healing, sees mind, body, and spirit as deeply connected and intricately woven into the fabric of the universe. HIMALAYA HERBAL HEALTHCARE StressCare This fantastic formula mixes licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) along with a selective blend of tension-relieving and body-balancing herbs. FUNGI PERFECTI HOST DEFENSE MyCommunity combines 17 sustainably harvested mushroom species including maitake, all of which work synergistically to bolster immune function.
TOP SECRET NUTRITION Astravar This blend of notoginseng (a variety of traditional ginseng) and astragalus is formulated to enhance nutrient absorption, energy, and endurance. PLANETARY HERBALS Yin Chiao Classic Used for hundreds of years in TCM to strengthen defenses against seasonal colds and flu, yin chiao is a time-proven immunity booster. GAIA HERBS Thyroid Support This unique formula including schizandra supports normal thyroid hormone production to help maintain optimal weight, neuromuscular tone, and cardiovascular health.
Ayush Remedies is dedicated to bringing you pure, authentic and premium quality natural health products. Ayurveda utilizes the valuable properties of each plant, herb, root, flower and mineral to maintain and restore ones natural balance of health and wellbeing harmony with the rhythms of nature.
You can use natural herbal products when you have to deal with one of those health problems.
There are several aspects to an ayurvedic treatment which may contain one or more of the following approaches - balancing the doshas, building immunity, removing accumulated toxins and cleansing the body, treating pains, aches, and lethargy as well as providing relaxation through massages and therapies, etc. You're not obligated to use my links but as always, I appreciate your support of this website. There are many ways to treat fibroids naturally and one of the ways is with the use of various supplements. Vitamin C – This vitamin is vital for many functions such as fighting cell damaging free radicals, preventing scurvy, etc, and for women with fibroid tumors, it can help to strengthen small blood vessels that through heavy bleeding caused by certain fibroid tumors may have become damaged. Folic acid – This is very important for gynecological health as a deficiency in a woman with fibroids will ensure that excess estrogen that can lead to fibroid tumor growth, will not be removed and excreted by the body.
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) have many, many benefits and in a woman with fibroids, EFAs can help to balance hormones so that estrogen levels remain constant. Vitamin A  – Among the many vitamin A benefits is its ability to boost the immune system. For the various other aspects of a holistic treatment regimen to obtain permanent freedom from fibroid tumors, click here. The various products and information contained herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or, medical problems. This product has been made to cure all Joint pains specifically Joint swelling or inflammations. Rumartho Gold is a perfect combination between herbs and oils so as to give combined effects.
It heals muscles cramps, pain and stiffness in the joints, walking problem, gout, osteoarthritis etc. Even doctors prescribe this medicine to the old age people as it gives them strength in their joints.
If you have a constant health state or your symptoms are rigorous, seek advice from a well qualified medical doctor. If you have been waiting or need any more to replenish your supply please call or email and we will send them to you today. It helps protect against catching a cold and it can facilitate at warming the Qi, or energy of the body. In fact, greater antioxidant capacity than red wine and blueberries, walnuts or artichokes according to the USDA. The new treatments come from Chinese herbs used for liver, lung, colorectal cancers and osteosarcoma of the bones. All foods, including herbs have the potential to be dangerous if grown with heavy pesticide use. TCM is what we refer to as Eastern medicine, in contrast to the Western medicine we know from U.S. While my study is primarily on its Western medical system, I was so fascinated by what I learned of Eastern medicine that I spent many free evenings observing TCM practitioners. Its practices vary regionally, and no doubt, there are more and less capable practitioners (as there are in Western medicine). This unique packaging keeps the all-natural compounds in our Herb Packet vital for an unprecedented 4-year shelf life while offering the convenience of a highly portable, pocket-sized pack that can be taken anywhere. Our manufacturing facility has state-of-the-art equipment to cook, dry and package botanicals.
Armanini D, De Palo CB, Mattarello MJ, Spinella P, Zaccaria M, Ermolao A, Palermo M, Fiore C, Sartorato P, Francini-Pesenti F, Karbowiak I. Washing your hands may seem like a simple baby step to creating better health and healing for your body from PMS to menopausal symptoms.
But there are still some popular natural herbal supplements, the effects of which are given below. It is essential that such people must be aware about the powers of the natural herbal supplements which they are taking. The ingredients and contents are natural, due to which there is a very mild scope for side effects. Taking remedies (typically in the spring) to remove toxins in the body has been a very common practice in many cultures.
While forming healthy life habits and using self-discipline go a long way in facilitating your body’s natural detoxification abilities, these measures alone may not be enough. Years of researching using natural detox and cleanse products have led us to discover some of the best! This product consists of 2 varied supplement packets – the Candida Clear Combo pack and Candida Clear Enzyme pack. The Yeast Fungal Detox formula in this combo pack includes Sodium Propionate, Sorbic Acid, Garlic and Oregano all of which have proven antifungal properties.
These enzymes help destroy the cell wall of Candida Albicans (largely comprised of complex carbohydrates and proteins) and making them more vulnerable to the anti-fungal nutrients. Clean Start contains Enviro-Detox, a liver detoxifying formula that helps the body eliminate environmental pollutants. Detoxification with this cleanse helps to improve nutrient absorption, nourish and strengthen the waste-filtering processes, boost glandular function, promote healthy colonic environment and body balance for optimal function and weight management. It also helps improve liver health and digestion, improves immune function, and heals and soothes GIT tissues.
Toxins are chemicals or poisons known to have harmful effects on the body and can come from food, water, chemicals on or in our food, or from the air we breathe. Forming healthy life habits and using self-discipline go a long way in facilitating your body’s natural detoxification abilities but even these measures alone may not be enough.
They contain more nutrients and are absorbed into and assimilated by the body more quickly. Exercise stimulates the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and respiratory systems speeding up detoxification and elimination through sweating. Positive and negative energy fields are transferred into the water and the body absorbs that energy which is then used by the body to detox and cleanse.
According to some studies, oxygen has the capability to kill viruses and bacteria and helps you feel more energized.
Laughter helps reduce stress induced chemicals and increase endorphins which improve your mood and sense of well-being. No information is intended to prescribe medication or practice medicine, nor is it intended to prevent, treat or cure symptoms, conditions or diseases. Upon arriving, he found the townsfolk busily preparing for the funeral of the crown prince.
But you can safely self-administer many Chinese supplements for minor and short-term conditions, like colds or headache. Possibly the most famous of all Chinese herbs, ginseng is a potent energy tonic that stimulates and balances the central nervous system and helps people adapt to stress. Because its primary action is to stimulate energy and enhance vitality, schizandra also helps improve memory and boost sexual function when consumed regularly. Because it can cause high blood pressure, water retention, and potassium depletion in larger quantities, use licorice with caution, or choose deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) products, which cause fewer side effects.
It has been used for thousands of years as an overall tonic to strengthen the body, and is considered an extremely powerful immune system regulator by modern researchers. Modern research from China suggests that jiaogulan has a balancing action on the central nervous system, and can enhance resistance and endurance. It’s rich in compounds called beta-D-glucan polysaccharides that activate the immune system, and studies suggest that maitake can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis and relieve side effects of chemotherapy. It’s thought to have similar (but milder) actions as ginseng, and for that reason may be used instead of ginseng in some formulas.
TCM views what we Westerners call “catching a cold” in a very different way, so “cold” treatments vary widely, depending on their origin and underlying patterns. Also known as Chinese angelica or female ginseng, dong quai is considered a blood tonic that can help improve circulation and combat anemia.
The pooch illustrates that the practitioner knows how to breathe properly: into the lower belly which, in time, gently distends it.
A better way to find one is through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Also, because contamination can be an issue, buy products at a specialty vitamin store to ensure their purity. We take immense care in selecting unique natural herbal products of the highest quality, made with natural ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties according to the wisdom of Ayurveda. Vitamin A also helps balance hormone levels to prevent estrogen dominance which can worsen fibroid tumors. This information is merely provided for educational purposes only, and has no other intention. Practioners suggest starting this medicine at the middle age in order to fulfill the deteriorating tissue of the joints. Content on the above page about physical and mental conditions and remedies have not been checked by the U.S.
I watched another TCM doctor patiently explain to a young woman with long-standing abdominal pain why painkillers were not the answer. Western medicine reveres the newest as the best; in contrast, patients revere old TCM doctors for their knowledge and experience.
Evidence-based medicine was my mantra in Western medical training, so I was highly skeptical of the anecdotes I heard. Multi-purpose nutraceuticals atthe crossroad of hormone replacement, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapy.Biochem Pharmacol. The herbal ingredients are tasty and available in a powder that can be dissolved in your mouth or in hot or cold water. All Pacific Herbs Chinese herbal products are extensively tested for pesticides and other contaminants.
Even if there are side effects, they can be ignored or bearable as the long term effects of the drugs are beneficial. Our environments have become much more toxic with poor air quality (indoor and outdoor) and harsh chemicals and pesticides in our food and water. Consider these programs and select the one that’s right for you at a great discounted price! It also contains the LBS II laxative formula and a fiber packet with Psyllium Hulls and Hydrated Bentonite. Each Para Cleanse packet contains Herbal Pumpkin, Black Walnut ATC Concentrate, Artemisia Combination, and Paw-Paw Cell-Reg. This combination of Chinese and Western herbs works synergistically to enhance the detoxification activities of the colon, kidneys and liver improving digestive and intestinal function, expelling parasites, relieving inflammation and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, relaxing abdominal cramping and spasms and fighting infection.
Toxins may also be produced from bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast overgrowth.  Detoxification (a detox) or cleansing (a cleanse) is the process of eliminating toxic substances from our body.
A BEST Energy Foot bath begins the detoxification process on three levels: through the colon, urinary system and skin respectively.
While some experts recommend a yearly detox, anyone serious about doing a cleanse may want to consult a herbalist who can work with them to determine which detox method or program is optimal and healthy for their body and condition. For maximum effectiveness, be sure to integrate as many of the additional suggestions as indicated above. Bian Que inquired about the circumstances of the prince’s death, then asked to examine him.
The primary objective in TCM is to restore balance, and then help the body continue to function in harmony, through herbal medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle practices. In TCM, it’s considered adaptogenic, meaning it works systemically to balance energy, and is used as a tonic to offset general weakness. Modern studies suggest schizandra is an effective treatment for chronic viral hepatitis, and boosts production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced by the body in times of stress. In the TCM system, astragalus is said to tonify the protective Qi (energy) just under the skin and muscles, and also help prevent organ prolapse. Other studies show that jiaogulan has a number of cardiovascular benefits, including lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, and improving the efficiency of the heart’s pumping action.
It may also be used to reduce blood pressure, regulate glucose and improve blood lipids, and may also be useful for weight loss.
When the root is traditionally processed (or “cured”) by boiling it in a liquid made from black beans, it’s called red fo-ti.
Generally, though, yin chiao can be used in the very first stages of a cold—meaning, no more than 12 hours after the first symptom—to boost the body’s resistance and minimize symptoms like cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and chills. It can be used by women and men, but is best known as a women’s tonic for regulating the menstrual cycle and balancing the reproductive system. When we take a closer look, we can see that most of the common health problems require little care and a herbal remedy. If you are looking for long lasting results, you should turn to ayurvedic remedies for good. I never understood much about TCM, only that it somehow involves herbs and that many Chinese people used it. But then I met so many patients who said that they were able to get relief from Eastern remedies while Western treatments failed them.
However, regardless of whether we Western doctors want to prescribe TCM treatments, we should recognize there is much to learn from Eastern medicine, including what it means to be a physician to really care for our patients. Not surprising, exercise helps keep the balance, whereas alcohol and constipation both disrupt the balance.
Monthly blood loss take a toll on women over time, and a healthy diet, including herbs are the fuel necessary to replenishing the blood that is lost each month. Pacific Herbs Packets are stamped with a lot number traceable to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) of testing date. I have used different herbal creams since my youth and now in my fifties I have no wrinkles on the face. All these natural ingredients work together to establish healthy candida levels, support the immune system and improve liver function throughout the detoxification process. Packaged in 28 capsule packets and 28 packets of fiber rich drink, these formulas all work together to eliminate toxic waste, boost nutrient absorption, enhance metabolic function, increase energy, facilitate cellular repair, increase disease resistance, improve body balance and harmony, nourish and strengthen the five main detoxifying organs and promote a healthy colonic environment and higher sense of vitality and wellness. This cleanse is helpful for people who travel internationally, have eaten undercooked foods, drank contaminated water, have exposure to daycare centers, have a pet, or have used antibiotics.
While our digestive, lymphatic and circulatory systems all play key roles in this process, the five primary cleansing and detoxifying eliminatory organs are the liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin.
Lots of nutrients are required for effective detoxification including folic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, beta carotene, vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E, copper, iron, germanium, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, sulphur, and selenium. It also contains the LBS II laxative formula and a fiber packet with psyllium hulls and hydrated bentonite.
We do not directly dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of herbs or supplements as a form of treatment for illness. After palpating his thighs and finding them still warm, Bian Que diagnosed the prince as “body collapsed”—what we might call “in shock.” The physician inserted a single acupuncture needle into the prince’s head and applied herb-soaked poultices, and the prince regained consciousness. What a Western doctor calls inflammation, for example, might be viewed as a pattern of heat in TCM; the Western system would treat inflammation with cooling and calming medicines, like anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.
In modern studies, astragalus was found to improve immune response in cancer patients going through chemotherapy and radiation, and new studies suggest that astragalus may help enhance male fertility. In TCM, white fo-ti helps detoxify the blood and relax the bowels to treat constipation; red fo-ti nourishes blood, kidneys, and liver, and increases overall vitality.
It’s considered generally safe for children, especially for digestive, respiratory and immune system health.
Once you’ve had a cold or flu for more than a day, yin chiao isn’t the best formula, since it can weaken the body in the long run.
Or visit a local college for acupuncture and Chinese medicine; many have clinics where students (supervised by faculty) offer services at a vastly reduced fee. Well, keeping cost, convenience and side effects in mind; smart people realize that herbal remedies are the best bet. Due to increase in Vata in the system there is a condition called chronic inflammation which results in Rheumatism and Arthritis. I watched this doctor as he diagnosed a woman with new-onset cervical cancer and severe anemia the moment she walked into his exam room, and within two minutes, without blood tests or CTs, sent her to be admitted to a (Western) medical service. Many choose to see a TCM doctor not because they are ill, but because they want to be well. Upon my return from China, I, for one, have a new found appreciation for Eastern medical practice and a renewed understanding of holistic medical care. Manufacturing is under strict Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.
I probably am a living testimony that natural herbal supplements work and always give the desired results.
While there are many ways to cleanse your body, the most healthy and effective are those that include natural remedies. It’s never a good idea for pregnant women or nursing mothers to go on a cleansing program and many of the programs are too strong for children. These formulas all work together to eliminate toxic waste, increase energy, improve body balance and harmony, nourish and strengthen the waste-filtering process, nourish the five main detoxifying organs and promote a healthy colonic environment.
Bian Que was hailed as a miracle worker, and word quickly spread of his ability to bring the dead back to life with needles, herbs, and his magical ways. The TCM practitioner would address the underlying pattern of heat with acupuncture, herbs, diet, and other lifestyle alterations.
Siberian ginseng, also called eleutherococcus, is in the same family, but not the same genus, and is not considered true ginseng, but it has adaptogenic properties nonetheless.
Labeling distinctions in American markets can be tricky, but generally, if it doesn’t say “cured,” it’s probably the unprocessed variety.
Western medicine is focused on curing or suppressing the Disease, whereas Ayurveda focuses on increasing health, it is a technique founded on the fitness of the whole individual, and aims to bring the person into synchronicity with nature - thereby removing ailment and discord within the body.
Also, some allopathic medicines have to be continued for long periods and that can make way for permanent side effects.
She even helped patients who needed advice on caring for the their elderly parents and choosing schools for their child.
Choosing natural ways to cleanse your body makes you healthier and gives you a better overall sense of well-being. Because we are exposed to a significant number of toxins daily, our natural detoxification processes cannot always keep up. People with inflammatory bowel disorders, autoimmune diseases and who are very weak or elderly should approach cleansing slowly since it could make them feel sick. It should not be used during pregnancy, since it’s thought to increase the risk of miscarriage. Why should I learn about something that lacks evidence, when there’s so much to know about for which there is good research?
It’s an important lesson for doctors and patients alike to address wellness and prevention. This is especially true if any of our body’s organs are compromised and unable to properly filter out the impurities.
The information in the articles are not necessarily the view points of The Herb House Inc., and associated companies.
Herbs are powerful but they are incapable of providing side effects to your body unlike allopathic medicines. It has taken me a while to accept that I may not always be able to explain why—but that the care should be for the individual patient, not a population of patients.

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