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Often you only go to the doctor when you’re ill and the treatments prescribed seem only to address the symptoms. I became interested in Herbalism several years ago and I took an evening course from a holistic medicine institute in London. When the Herbal Academy of New England got in touch with me about reviewing their online course I remembered how great the class was but some of the challenges too. The herbal medicine courses offered by the Herbal Academy of New England give a chance for busy people to learn the benefits and herbs in their own time. In my look through the first section of the introductory course I feel impressed by the material, the way its presented, and the fact that you can learn at your own pace. If everyone were able to help themselves with safe and natural remedies in their own home maybe our society would be healthier overall.
So follow my journey through the Introductory course with the Herbal Academy of New England and see what you think. Passionate about DIY projects, edible gardening and natural beauty products, Tanya makes everything from handmade soap to home and garden projects.

Sign up for Tanya's monthly update about everything that's been happening at Lovely Greens! Subscribe to our mailing list and get new posts sent direct to your email inbox every week. As a Bob Vila Academy Professor I present unique and clever DIYs that you can recreate at home! Dr Spillera€™s Sanvita Cream with HydratainA® technology provides the ultimate in skin hydration. Modern medicine is a wonder in so many ways, and I know this personally after having reconstructive surgery on my knee this year. It was wonderful connecting with the instructors, learning in an environment that welcomed beginners, and creating a foundation for moving forward with my own interests in herbs. You’re also provided with up-to-date online content and continued interaction with instructors. First of all I’m impressed enough to think that it could benefit my own herbal studies but I suspect that it could with you too.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I believe in keeping life simple and that many things that you use in the home and garden can be DIY'd. However, when it comes to more complicated health issues that may involve the whole body and prevention of illness it seems that doctors and hospitals don’t always have an answer. The other major issue was continued connection with the instructors for questions and support. From natural beauty products and pallet projects to beekeeping and edible gardening, I show you how you can do it too. There’s also a wealth of videos, digital flip-books, and materials provided and a discount if you wish to continue on with their Intermediate course.

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