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If you suffer from acne or you have acne scars on your face then you can use a blend of sandalwood and rose water to get rid of the scars and dry the pimple scars and get rid of acne.
Mix the sandalwood powder with rose water to form a thick paste and apply this on your face. If you have oily skin and acne breakouts, you need to decide what you're going to use to correct these conditions. Eliminate white flour, milk, sugar and other processed foods from your diet, as well as food high in glycemic carbohydrates. Cleaning your skin and removing bacteria on a daily basis are vital to helping reduce the amount of oil or sebum on your skin. Make sure you change your sheets and pillow cases frequently since you shed dead skin cells.
Vitamin A helps cut your body's production of the oil in your skin while helping to maintain healthy skin, according to Health 911. Vitamin E helps increase the effectiveness of glutathione peroxidase, needed for healthy skin.
Aloe vera gel can counteract the infection deep in your acne whiteheads and pimples, as it promotes healing. Liquifying peeled cucumber in a blender and drinking four to five cups of the juice per day helps purify your lymphatic system and blood. Tea tree oil is full of antiseptic compounds that work effectively as a skin disinfectant, according to Health 911. Get rid acne scars overnight naturally :fast home, The article people lot effective ways rid acne scars naturally.
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Newly formed pimples can be treated by rubbing ice on them which gives a cooling and soothing effect. Acne scars can be stubborn and can mar even the average person’s self esteem and self image. What is required is a dedicated skin care regime and lots of patience. Hormonal acne troubles people of almost every age group and gender, and medications seem to make it more aggravated. Dirt and impurities have very profound and bad effect on the acne, so it is very important that you cleanse you face daily.Also, never ever forget to remove your make up, before going to sleep, using a mild cleansing lotion, as it may worsen the condition of acne. Rose water is very mild and soothing for skin and you can use it in your face mask and also for cleansing and toning your skin. Ice soothes the burning and itching sensation caused by acne and helps in controlling its spread.It also restricts the flow of blood to the affected areas, thereby reducing inflammation.
This may look a bit disturbing to some people, but the fact is, your early morning saliva contains some very useful bacteria and germs.Applying them on your acne, will give some relief from this problem.

The organic food does not contain any pesticides or harmful chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalances.So, you should prefer organic food products and in addition also reduce the consumption of meat, to get relief from hormonal acne. Though there are a variety of over the counter treatments available most of them contain chemicals that harm the skin. Sandalwood, fenugreek, lemon juice and various other herbs can be used with rose water to treat rose water. Soak a handful of the seeds in rose water over night and in the morning blend them to make a thick paste.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. You could use traditional medications such as antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, or you can opt to use natural remedies. If you are over 25 years old and suffer from food allergies, your acne could be one manifestation of these allergies. Trans-fatty acids like those found in chips, cookies, milk products, chocolate, margarine, hydrogenated oils and shortening, contribute to acne and should also be eliminated, according to Health 911.
The products you use in your hair, as well as your cosmetics contribute to clogging facial pores. This opens your facial pores, making it easier for you to clean your skin, according to Health 911.
Take 10,000 to 15,000 international units of Vitamin A--not beta carotene--along with 400 I.U. Vitamin C helps promote cellular repair and healing, while being beneficial for general skin health.
This soap contains mineral spirits, which helps with skin problems, according to Health 911. Its effectiveness equals that of five percent benzoyl peroxide and, depending on the severity of your acne, you should use a solution containing five to 15 percent tea tree oil. It absorbs the extra oil from the skin and the lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent leading to skin whitening. With the proper guidance, patience and self care, acne scars can be easily treated and removed.
This kind of acne is most common in the teenagers, girls having their menstruation periods and pregnant women.The hormone responsible for causing this kind of acne is known as Androgen.
Always apply rose water in diluted form or add few drops of it in your face mask, or take it on cotton ball and apply gently all over your skin. Add half teaspoon of sour cream to it, mix well and apply this mixture on your skin, once a week. After it cools down, apply it on your face or other body part, having acne and rinse it, as it starts drying up.
Keep it for as long as you can, until you get burning sensation, and wash it off with water.This remedy has been observed to be very effective in the cases of hormonal acne.

You can apply this mask on your face or body part having acne, and rinse it off, on drying. You need to apply your early morning saliva, before you brush your teeth and rinse it off, after 10 to 15 minutes. Keep these tea bags on your acne for 30 seconds, and then remove them, to get instant relief. So, it is very important to control it, and what better way, than to do so, with the help of simple home remedies.These remedies are easily available, extremely effective and without any side effects. Acne is a skin disorder that causes eruptions on the skin and this leads to blackheads and pimples forming on the skin. You should begin by drinking six to eight glasses of water every day, which helps flush impurities out of your system.
Begin taking 500 mg each day, increasing to between 1,000 and 3,000 mg or as much as your bowels can tolerate. In this context do get in touch with a qualified and professional dermatologist who will prescribe a course of treatment for you. It blocks the skin follicles, thereby causing enlargement of pores and production of sebum in them.
Thankfully, there are several remedies that can be easily prepared and used at home, for this purpose.
You can also make a face mask by adding few drops of this tea to ripe banana and mixing it well.
Soak a cotton ball in rose water and then roll the cotton ball all over your face and neck; this acts as a toner and closes your pores and prevents blackheads and pimples from attacking your skin. Similarly, testosterone is the other hormone, which causes outbreak of acne, when imbalanced. The best way to get rid of the paste from your ace is to dip a wash cloth in cold water and wipe your face with it. Acne also tends to affect teenagers who are susceptible to the changing hormone levels seen during puberty. These are high on anti oxidants and help in cellular regeneration of the skin. Eat foods that promote healing like citrus fruits. Avoid eating greasy, fatty, oily and processed foods as these severely hamper the skin structure.

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