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The short styles are very nice…gonna have try the short blonde one since that is the color that im wearing at this present time. Dreadlocks have become widely accepted even in the workplace and they continue to rise in popularity. Longer dreadlocks, which can be styled into a bun or chignon or an elegant up-do are the easiest to deal with. Baby-locks or mid-length locks which cannot be held up or behind are more difficult to shape into a bridal style. Braids offer a lot of options as one can choose their color, length and texture so that the end look is a classic bob, long braids left free to flow down or held up, or for that matter, any length and style in between.
In terms of texture, one is also spoilt for choice from curly- ended braids, straight ones or those that are fixed but not finished (Nubian) so the unbraided ends can be curled to create tendrils, crimped or they be roller or rod-set to achieve curls. Twists are a version of braids where the hair-piece is fixed by braiding as for braids but the hair is finished by twisting.
Lines, especially the West African version (Ghanian) lines where hair pieces are added on are a popular choice of natural hairstyles. Another alternative is to have lines at the front and have a weave put in from the crown of the head and downwards for that contrast effect of hair that is locked in lines and free-falling hair. Do the following as the days roll on towards your big day: If you have natural hair, keep your hair washed and in good condition.
For dreadlocks, do a rehearsal and try to achieve your bridal style with your locktician and your chosen head-piece if you’ll be wearing one.

If you’ll be going away for your honeymoon, arm yourself with hair products to keep your style looking fresh. Maintaining the natural hair styles is sometimes a fun inviting moment to try out new looks that are not only unique but catchy. To start with, the Bantu Knots is one of the natural hair styles that require the application of a hairdressing cream that will be used to untangle hair and also dampen it.
The Braid Outs also require a damp untangled hair that is conditioned using the alcohol styling gel while braiding in a random fashion. After all the time it takes to create them, it is unlikely that one would be willing to cut them for their wedding, as important as the day is. Alternatively, extensions can be used and sewn on and it can be anything form a red, curly funky extension or an elegant, formal black or brown flowing or softly curled one.
If you opt for an ethnic wedding, don’t think that it means you can completely forget about your hair until a few days before the wedding when you will go and have the dreadlocks re-twisted or lines or braids done. The last time you are washing it before it is done for the wedding, use a stronger conditioner such as a cholesterol treatment to bring it to optimum condition.
Tell your stylist that the style is for the wedding and let him try on your chosen head-piece if you’ll be wearing one. For braids and twists, especially small ones, you can have them done up to a week before so that the tension on the scalp is reduced before the wedding day. After allowing it to dry for some time, some pomade is used to smoothen and shine the waves before undoing the braiding to get the final fluffy look.

The same steps as in Braid Outs are followed only that at the end, a little oil is used to make the waves while twisting around the finger.
If you have relaxed or otherwise chemically treated hair, wash and condition it at least twice weekly. These styles, once done cannot be undone and re-done as opposed to other styles where the hair is not locked. For lines two or three days ahead is advisable as they tend to start getting untidy much faster than braids and twists.
There are also cleaning solutions that are poured onto cotton wool and used to wipe the scalp clean before applying oil or oil sheen. These hair styles include Twist Outs, Braid Outs, Two Strand Twists and the famous Bantu Knots.
The Two Strand Twists is recommended for long hair and short hair where the natural hair styles need to maintain the texture. For lines, braids and twists, take with you a leave-in conditioner if you will be hitting the waves or swimming.
When hair is completely dry, you should spray on some oil sheen or apply hair food to prevent a dry, flaking scalp.

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