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All dogs deserve to have a high quality and happy life with no distressing symptoms or pain.
For over 20 years, I have been treating dogs health problems and reversing illness so they can live long, happy and contented lives, free of pain and distressing symptoms.
Online consultations with Sar Rooney are designed to offer you professional naturopathic health advice for your dogs health problems so you can treat them safely, easily and effectively using high-quality naturopathic formulas.
I can help you resolve the symptoms and causes of your dogs health problems and increase your dogs health naturally and easily by using advanced herbal medicines and the correct high-grade nutrient supplements to support their body’s natural ability to heal illness and move towards health. When it comes to dogs health problems, I specialize in dog allergies, dogs skin problems such as itching and hot spots on dogs, yeast infections, arthritis in pets and other joint disorders, digestive conditions in dogs including inflammatory bowel disorders; recurrent ear infections and itchy ears in dogs, urinary tract infections, lowered immune function, the correct diet for dogs including the right puppy food, dogs health problems that may be causing pain in dogs and other dogs symptoms and dogs disorders that can be treated successfully with herbal medicines, other alternative medicine and the correct natural remedies for dogs. We offer an online consulting service where you can have your dogs health assessed by Sara and treatment recommendations will be provided to you for the best naturopathic solutions for your dogs health problems. We offer a naturopathic approach to dogs health problems and can assist you with many problems that often occur in pets. Let a well-qualified and experienced Dog Healer, Health Scientist and Dog Naturopath treat your dogs health problems naturally, so they can live life to the fullest and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life without pain and suffering. Reverse Agonizing Conditions Such As Inflamed Skin Problems in Your Dog, Joint Pain in Pets, Digestive Conditions, Dog Allergies, Ear Infections And Many Other Dogs Symptoms and Dogs Health Problems That Can Cause Pain in Dogs and Result In Suffering. Our naturopathic approach to animal health services may differ from traditional veterinary services in a number of ways. We supplement dog veterinarian services with a range of alternative medicines and natural animal therapies for dogs.
The information on this website is not a substitute for veterinary treatment and if you are seeking a diagnosis for your pet, please consult a veterinarian. A unique new ebook that provides real solutions to canine health problems such as allergies, skin disorders, digestive conditions, arthritis and a large range of other dogs health problems. A Naturopathic Physician, Health Scientist & Zoologist Reveals the REAL Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Getting Ill or Is Never Fully Restored To Health and How To Heal Your Dog Once and For All So They Can Live a Long and Happy Life. Thinking of Treating Your Dog Yourself?A large number of herbal and nutrient supplements are available over-the-counter from supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies and online.
As you would expect, most of this havoc is due to hormonal imbalance, however very commonly it is existing nutritional deficiencies, as well as diet, stress and exercise combined, that really tips you over the edge. Studies have shown that women who experience PMS have excessive amounts of oestrogen which causes relatively lower levels of progesterone compared to women who don’t2. When progesterone and its metabolites are low, less of the calming effect from the GABA receptors are experienced so you can experience all sorts of mood imbalances such as irritability, anxiety or depression. One of the main herbs Naturopaths use for treating PMS is Vitex (Vitex agnus castus, also known as Chaste tree).
To further support your nervous system it’s important to ensure you don’t have nutritional deficiencies that will leave your nervous system frazzled. As well as having a diet that is high in protein, fibre and good fats (these are all crucial!), there are key nutrients that are needed for blood sugar regulation, such as chromium and magnesium, to improve carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar control. Vitamin B6 – for production of neurotransmitters, essential fatty acid metabolism, oestrogen metabolism, and progesterone support. Magnesium – to reduce cramps, to support mood, for blood sugar control, to reduce aldosterone, and support energy production. Calcium – this is also important for nervous system support, and to regulate the control of muscular contraction and relaxation. Chromium – essential for blood sugar level control, insulin production and pancreatic health. If you’re someone who really suffers in the lead up to your period each month, it’s certainly worth getting some professional advice from a naturopath about the key elements of treatment for you.

Welcome!I’m Alison, a clinical naturopath with a passion for helping people achieve that amazing feeling of good health, by blending traditional naturopathic wisdom with up-to-date scientific research and a lot of love and care. Naturopathic medicine delivered by a qualified ND (Naturopathic Doctor) can help you improve your health and well-being in areas such as nutrition, mental, physical, emotional and others. My mission is to help dogs all around the world achieve optimum health so that they can live long & happy lives with glowing health! I am a well-qualified animal naturopath with an extensive scientific background and many years of clinical experience.
We also offer high-quality herbal medicines for dogs, nutrient supplements and other remedies for dogs that are simple for dogs to take and can be delivered to your home or business. This includes dogs skin problems including itching and hot spots on dogs, arthritis in pets, dog allergies, ear infections including itchy ears in dogs, digestive conditions in pets, the correct diet for dogs including the right puppy food, disorders that may result in pain in dogs and other dogs symptoms and dogs disorders that can be treated safely and effectively with alternative medicine including herbal medicines, nutrient supplements and other remedies for dogs. Common conditions treated with natural animal health treatments include canine arthritis for pain in dogs and inflammation, dogs skin problems including hot spots on dogs, itching and yeast infections, dog allergies, digestive conditions in dogs, ear infections in pets including itchy ears in dogs, and many other dogs symptoms and dogs disorders.
We advocate a holistic approach to dog care with a focus on canine diet and preventative animal health programs. Many of these products can be sub-standard in quality with low levels of active ingredients and large amounts of ‘cheap fillers’. Naturopathic dog therapy with a holistic approach to animal health may complement conventional vet treatments.
Many women accept monthly changes to their mood, appetite, energy and sleep patterns as an annoying but inescapable part of life, and yet PMS is a treatable condition. Not everyone is the same of course, and some women may have low progesterone but not necessarily excess oestrogen. On top of this, oestrogen has excitatory effects in the CNS by acting on the glutamate system, so women with excess oestrogen often feel wound up and irritable. High prolactin (another reproductive hormone) is associated with cyclic breast tenderness and fluid retention.
The core focus is to use nutritional supplements and herbal medicine which can help to balance hormones, support stress levels and reduce unpleasant symptoms.
For example, B vitamins and magnesium are crucial for combating stress and so many people are deficient these days. Intracellular (but not plasma) magnesium levels have been found to be lower in women with PMS, so women who are deficient in magnesium are more likely to suffer from PMS.
Interestingly, symptoms of calcium deficiency are similar to many PMS symptoms and in some women PMS may be due to underlying calcium dysregulation which may be driven by vitamin D deficiency. It’s something that many women seem to think they just have to endure and put up with, without looking into ways they could reduce their symptoms.
This knowledge allows me to offer professional, science-based, naturopathic health advice for dogs as well as superior herbal medicines and nutrient supplements resulting in effective solutions for most canine health problems. We find that most dog disorders respond very well to naturopathic treatments for dogs such as correctly prescribed nutrient supplements and high-quality herbal medicines and usually avoid the need for invasive treatments and potentially harmful veterinary medications. The focus of an animal naturopath is on treating the underlying causes of pets health disorders and allowing the animals own body to repair and heal illnesses such as skin conditions, digestive problems, infections and cancer. Natural worming programs and advice regarding the correct diet for dogs and the right puppy food is also offered.
We provide natural remedies for dog digestive and skin problems and canine arthritis and infections are also common conditions that may be successfully treated with natural animal therapies. Furthermore, a large number of supplements are manufactured overseas in countries that do not follow the strict manufacturing guidelines that Australian manufacturers must follow. We offer expert naturopathic advice for dogs from a qualified animal naturopath that specializes in natural dog health.

None of the information on this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form, in whole or in part, or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, or transmitted by email, without written permission from Sara Rooney.
In Australia, it is estimated that up to 75% of women experience PMS at some time in their lives, with 18% of women suffering the more severe form – premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Prolactin naturally elevates during the second half of your cycle and may be further increased by stress, low blood sugar and high oestrogen.
In clinic I use high strength herbal medicines which includes use both liquid and tablet forms, all of which are stringently tested for quality, safety and the strength of the active parts. Various studies have demonstrated that Vitex supplementation significantly improves the spectrum of premenstrual symptoms over a period of three months. Your body uses more of these when you’re stressed so if you lead a stressful, busy lifestyle at times then you most likely need top up with some supplements to get you back on track.
If you’re one of those people – now you know there are things you can do, so why not give naturopathy treatment a try? Relationship between symptom severity and steroid variation in women with premenstrual syndrome: study on serum pregnenolone, pregnenolone sulfate, 5a-pragnane-3,20-dione and 3a-hydroxy-5a-pregnan-20-one. Treatment of premenstrual syndrome with a phytopharmaceutical formulation containing Vitex agnus castus.
Sara is also the author of the cutting-edge ebook on dog health “Heal Your Dog Naturally” which covers the causes of dogs health problems and provides information on simple, safe and effective naturopathic health solutions for your much-loved pet.
Natural animal therapy may include herbal medicine for dogs, animal homoeopathy, natural canine diet, nutrition programs for animals and natural therapies for dogs that are commonly used for humans such as herbal medicines and nutrient supplements. Consulting an animal naturopath may help you to treat your dog safely, rapidly and effectively. We are based in South Australia's Adelaide Hills region but consult throughout Australia and internationally, with clients in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, the ACT, NSW, the NT, Tasmania, Western Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and other countries throughout the world. PMS and PMDD are often poorly recognised, let alone diagnosed or treated.1 These conditions can have a severely detrimental effect women’s lives, but PMS can be easily and effectively treated with diet, exercise and Natural Medicines.
Aldosterone (a hormone produced by the adrenal glands) also contributes to symptoms of fluid retention, contributing to weight gain and bloating.
Preventative animal health care is also offered and you may reduce vet service bills as well as improving your dog’s health and wellbeing. Our natural canine health programs work in tandem with vet services to provide a holistic canine health solution.
While we specialise in dogs health problems and natural animal therapy we also treat people with naturopathic medicine and offer clinic services in natural health.
Many clients have found natural animal therapy to be more effective or less invasive than conventional vet services.
When veterinarian treatments have not worked, natural remedies may prove to be more effective when prescribed by a qualified animal naturopath. Our clients have a common interest in the health and wellbeing of their dog and are looking for natural preventative health programs and natural remedies for dogs such as herbal medicines and homeopathy that are often not offered by veterinary practices or veterinarian clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Canine natural pain relief and natural animal therapy for inflammation are common conditions that may benefit from naturopathic animal health treatments and holistic pet care.

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