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PITTSBURGH, PA — “The softening in prices is sorry news for drillers that have relied on natural gas liquids to compensate for record-low natural gas prices. Since 1975 Ohio Citizen Action has been working on campaigns for clean air, clean water, and healthier neighborhoods.
Together We Win Victory on utility bailoutsOhio electricity customers won a huge victory April 27, when the Federal EnergyVictory!
A member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati since 1954, Paula taught high school for five years before completing her masters and doctorate in biology at the Catholic University in Washington, DC. Sebastian has vast experience in national and international branding that includes high- end consumer products, government contracts and business-to-business services and products.
Now an energy consultant heading GreenTech Advisors, Chris Meyer earlier was Director of Energy Programs for the Dayton Development Coalition. Barry works part-time to manage the finances, budget and administrative tasks for the organization. Emily started with GEO as a volunteer in early 2007, conducting wind data analysis using skills learned from a B.S.
Corinne started with GEO as the membership coordinator in September of 2012, and is responsible for engaging and providing assistance to members, potential members and other stakeholders. Thanks, in large part, to generous funding from First Energy Solutions, Farmpark's wind power is now a reality.
Plans are underway at Lake Metroparks Farmpark to create a renewable energy educational center and GEO's new generation of monitoring equipment will play an important role. On May 25th, 2006, a new 10kW Bergey wind generation unit was officially placed in operation at Indian Lake High School in Logan, County Ohio.
Rich Glink, Physics and Chemistry teacher at the High School, serves as the program coordinator and curriculum developer. Funding for this project was provided by Buckeye Power and the Logan County Electric Cooperative, with all generated electricity used by Indian Lake High School. The Green Mountain Energysm Solar at Lake Metroparks project is one ofOhio?s newest renewable energy facilities and one of the largest solar arrays in the state.  The ?photovoltaic? The array is owned and operated by Nuon Renewable Ventures LLC, a utility based in the Netherlands with experience in renewable energy power plant development and operation. The array is tilted at a fixed angle to optimize the annual output based on the sun?s seasonal and daily angles of northeast Ohio.
Lake Farmpark is providing space to house the array and access to the power grid.The array is physically connected to Lake Farmpark?s electrical system. Green Mountain Energy Company has a long-term agreement to purchase the solar energy from the array for the NOPEC customers they serve in northeast Ohio.
The array and its components are expected to last at least 30 years.These types of systems operate silently with no moving parts, and are virtually maintenance free. The Green Mountain Energysm Solar at Lake Metroparks solar array operates on the photovoltaic effect, where photon energy in light is converted to electrical energy.  The many solar cells that make up the array are manufactured from a semiconductor material with special properties that create a flow of electrons ? The electricity from solar cells is produced in direct current, and needs to be converted to standard alternating current to properly operate electrical appliances and equipment found in homes and businesses.  The device that converts dc to ac is called an inverter. The inverter allows the solar electricity to ?blend? Other ways to use solar energy include operating direct current devices without the need for an inverter, storage of solar energy using batteries, and using the sun?s thermal energy to heat water or air.  Wind (caused by the uneven heating of the earth?s surface) and biomass energy (organic matter such as wood and agriculture wastes) are also derived from the sun?s energy and can be used to generate electricity.
The Green Mountain Energysm solar array, which will be owned and operated by Nuon Ventures LLC, is one of the largest in Ohio and is the first commercial solar array in the state to be built exclusively because of the competitive market.  It is designed to complement the operation of Lake Farmpark, a 235-acre educational facility that is devoted to teaching about farming and agriculture. Paul Markovich, president of Green Mountain Energy Company?s Midwest region, said the solar array is in Ohio because customers of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) have demonstrated their commitment to cleaner energy resources. In March 2001, NOPEC, a council of governments representing more than 100 communities, selected Green Mountain Energy Company as its electricity supplier.  Green Mountain Energy Company began providing cleaner electricity to hundreds of thousands of NOPEC customers last September. Green Mountain Energysm electricity is the leading brand of cleaner electricity in the states where Green Mountain Energy Company does business.
The Green Mountain Energysm solar array at Lake Farmpark will be the first commercial solar array in the state built exclusively for the competitive market, and one of the largest in Ohio.
25 kW of electricity and will complement the operation of the park, a 235-acre educational facility in Kirtland, which is devoted to teaching Ohioans about farming and agriculture.  Park administrator Andrew Baker said the solar array would be a functioning learning vehicle for the 185,000 people who visit the park each year. The study, which will take approximately one year, is designed to determine the feasibility of constructing large-scale wind turbines that would generate pollution-free electricity in Ohio.   Data will be gathered by Springhouse Energy Systems, Inc.
The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) consists of 100 local communities in nine Northeast Ohio counties, representing nearly 500,000 energy customers. Lake Farmpark is a family-oriented science and cultural center devoted to agriculture, farming, and country life. Cleveland Public Power and Phillips Electric are performing the necessary electrical work, which will take approximately one week to 10 days to complete.  Once power is established and the pole, engine and blades are installed, the turbine will be tested, balanced and started.
Cleveland Public Art (CPA) in partnership with the Science Center commissioned New York artists Allan and Ellen Wexler to create a permanent educational public art installation surrounding the wind turbine.
On behalf of Green Energy Ohio, we applaud the Great Lakes Science Center’s leadership in advancing clean, wind energy in Ohio by installing a substantial wind turbine and furthering public education about wind power as we work toward a sustainable energy future.
Not since the days of the 1890s when the world’s first-ever wind turbine invented by Charles Brush and producing electricity for 12 years on Euclid Avenue has Cleveland witnessed wind power in action. GEO is working with NextGen Climate and supporting their 50% Clean Energy in America by 2030 campaign!
According to a July 16th Plain Dealer Article discussing the end of Ohio Advanced Energy Fund, the Legislature's decision to discontinue the program will reduce demand for renewable energy products like solar arrays and wind turbines at at time Ohio's clean energy economy is seeing real growth. The Advanced Energy Fund, managed by the Ohio Department of Development, has awarded about $44.6 million in grants since Dec.
The awards went not only for solar power arrays, but also for solar heating systems, more than 150 wind turbine systems and more than 60 energy efficiency projects. The grants, according to a Plain Dealer analysis of a current report obtained from the state, have gone to more than 300 residential projects, about 180 commercial businesses, nearly 70 industrial projects, about 10 farms and about 70 institutions such as schools, colleges, churches and foundations.
By the year 2025, 25% of the electricity sold by each utility within Ohio must be generated from alternative energy sources. The Solar Energy Industries Association of Washington says Ohio produced 66 megawatts of photovoltaic modules in the first quarter of 2011, up 50 percent from 44 megawatts of solar modules produced in the state during the first quarter of 2010. A more comprehensive analysis of Ohio's green energy job generation by the Brookings Institute paints a complicated picture of Ohio's clean energy economy. On the positive side, Ohio ranks 6th in the country in total clean energy related jobs with a total of 105,306.
However, his comments in announcing the summit suggest he believes major reform is needed and perhaps SB 221 needs review. The president of SolarVision LLC in Westerville said alternative power sources, such as wind and solar, take a backseat to drilling for oil and natural gas when he hears the governor talk about energy in the state. As the debate over the budget ends in July, there is no doubt that energy policy will once again take center stage especially with rising commodity prices. He also created grant programs that sought to foster renewable energy projects in the State, such as the Advanced Energy Fund.
Strickland said the Republican would consider repealing an Ohio policy requiring that 12.5 percent of the power sold in Ohio come from renewable technologies by 2025. Kasich recently questioned the cost of the energy standard in an interview with the Dayton Daily News.
The Cleveland Council on World Affairs (CCWA) hosts international leaders from all over the world year-round. Overall, I thought the Summit was a testament to the a growing positive attitude in Cleveland about change. Together we took the school building program that Governor Taft and the legislature created, and we expanded it to fund hundreds of new and renovated school buildings.
The most important change is to adopt a Statewide strategy to pursue jobs of the future, rather than putting most of our efforts and money to try and protect struggling industries like the auto companies. Incent and reward residential and commercial energy customers who choose renewable electricity options, including aggressive rebates or tax credits for solar installation or other distributed generation.

Promote Texas companies by tying customer rebates and incentives to products designed, manufactured or marketed by Texas companies.
Conduct a comprehensive analysis of how Texas' new energy economic development incentives compare to those of other key states. Consolidate existing and new incentives into a comprehensive and simple New Energy Incentive Package, and actively promote and market it by establishing a visible, coordinated state office to serve as a single point of entry for new energy economic development inquiries.
Commit specific and significant portions of the Emerging Technology Fund and Texas Enterprise Fund to companies and efforts in new energy industries. Create a state-sanctioned venue through which university and community college officials, workforce development officials, regional and local chambers of commerce, and state leaders can develop a Green Jobs education and training strategy.
Appoint a statewide, cabinet-level New Energy Economy Czar, responsible for identifying, articulating and executing a statewide strategy for maximizing Texas’ New Energy economic development opportunity. By 2038, another 4.2 million green jobs are expected to be added, accounting for 10 percent of new job growth over the next 30 years, according to the report by Global Insight, Inc. Eight Major Green Projects in Northeast Ohio- They include attracting fish to the Cuyahoga River shipping channel through installation of plants along the bulkhead, deconstruction of abandoned homes to recycle the materials, local food from urban community gardens, etc. Ohio State University Participates in Solar Decathlon- 20 university teams will participate in the 2009 Solar Decathlon.
The initial comment period is now closed on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's (PUCO) draft rules for implementation of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Requirements. Clean Coal Resources- Is it limited to technologies that only reduce CO2 or should include demonstrated reductions in other pollutants?
CO2 Reduction Technologies- Multiple comments were filed pointing out SB 221 mandates identification of standards for C02 reduction to qualify as advanced energy resources.
Off-shore Wind- Proponents of off-shore wind want additional incentives to develop resources on Lake Erie. Modifications and Upgrades to Existing Facilities- A major loophole was identified by multiple parties commenting. Out of State Delivery of Renewable Generation- Comments questioned the standard for which resources outside Ohio could be counted toward meeting the RPS benchmarks. All or nothing-If the 3% cost cap is exceeded does the Commission waive compliance with the entire renewable energy benchmark or just an increment? Act of God- Some commented the Rules give too much discretion to invoke the Force Majeur exception to complying with the RPS. Whether the CO2 attributes of Renewable Projects can be unbundled from the REC and used on voluntary compliance or future mandatory reduction requirements? In February 2002, GEO worked with Peter Dreyfuss and Bill Hui in the Chicago Regional office to organize Ohio's first Million Solar Roofs Regional Quarterly Meeting in Columbus and Westerville.
Accelerate your business with the industry's most comprehensive profiles on business people and companies. He coordinates the daily operations of the Ohio Farm Bureau Self-Help energy programs; conducts community service programs, represents farm, small business and rural residential energy consumers on several Ohio utility, regulatory and consumer advisory boards and works with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, OSU Extension and other organizations. A full-time teacher at Mount Saint Joseph College in Cincinnati from 1965-1975, she switched to half-time roles as a teacher and free-lance lecturer until 1981, and is now a full time lecturer.
He received his Mechanical Engineering MS and BS from the University of Dayton and is a licensed Professional Engineer.
His role includes serving as chief executive officer with oversight of all operations and serving as the company’s principal liaison to the solar industry. We had rain, sleet, snow, mud, and to top it off, a two-inch layer of ice.  It was ugggghhhly! It consists of three sections and three specially-constructed booms to hold weather monitoring instruments.
Not only will the instruments capture and record weather data to help measure the turbine's efficiency, they will feed output to real-time displays. With the help of improvements in technology, price reductions, and increase awareness of environmental issues, the solar industry today is experiencing annual growth rates of 20%. Nuon is the Netherlands’largest utility and a leader in renewable energy development. Additionally, the Green Mountain Energy Company Ohio wind study will be the first commercial wind analysis executed solely for the competitive market. This award-winning park has horses, pigs, lambs and even some unique farm animals like ostriches, llamas, and alpacas.
Originally a community project of Leadership Cleveland and Sustainable Cleveland, the turbine is made possible through collaboration with The Cleveland Foundation, Parker Hannifin Corporation and the Lubrizol Corporation. Kiosk data visualizations include wind speed, power generated over time, and the amount of carbon dioxide not generated for the power equivalent. Together, the turbine and artwork will make a powerful visual statement about Northeast Ohio’s growing commitment to environmental sustainability. We believe Cleveland today can again be a leader in manufacturing modern wind turbines, as well as educating a public starved for energy produced at reasonable prices in our own nation.
GEO will be releasing the initial 6 months of wind data from the Crib test in the next several weeks along with an update of other land-based wind power tests to improve the Ohio Wind Resource map. Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Special Senate Bill 2, raising California's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) from 20% to 33% by 2020.
Kasich often mentions the promising potential for oil and natural gas wells in eastern Ohio where new drilling methods have opened up the huge Marcellus and Utica shale formations for development.
Each year the CCWA hosts over 400 foreign nationals to meet and confer with their professional counterparts and to experience America firsthand.
The Toledo area has become an international center for solar research and production, with more than 6,000 people working in the solar industry.
And our new schools are being built to efficiency standards that will reduce our energy costs for the life of the building.
We need to look to where the jobs of the future are going to develop and be aggressive about jumping into that space.
221) this summer that created a renewable portfolio standard, advanced energy portfolio standard and energy efficiency requirements. The PUCO received hundreds of pages of comments from a wide variety of perspectives: Utilities, Renewable Energy Developers, Industrial Customers, Environmental Groups, Clean Coal Technology Providers, and Consumer Groups.
They advocate for award four times the amount of credit towards the RPS for these resources versus any other renewable energy resource. If an existing 500 mw facility adopts a technology that reduces CO2 or other pollutants, what portion of generation should be credited toward compliance with the AEPS? Should it be just sources in neighboring states or any source that can show delivery is possible? A wide divergence emerged as to how much discretion the Commission should have to waive compliance.
Based only on the cost of meeting the benchmark or by looking at price increase as compared to all generation? Koncelik of the law firm Tucker Ellis LLP, offering services relating to environmental regulation compliance, climate change, defense of enforcement, land use and planning, toxic torts, litigation, offices located in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Our FDA approved testing starts at $54 after discount, which is 50% less than a doctors visit. With over 8000 testing and collection centers in our network nationwide (except NJ, NY, and RI), we now offer a fast and reliable prepaid service at a laboratory facility near you.
From 1999-2000, he was the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Our B2B directory has just-verified and in-depth profiles, plus the market's top tools for searching, targeting and tracking. Our professional profiles include verified contact information, biography, work history, affiliations and more. Our company profiles include corporate background information, detailed descriptions, and links to comprehensive employee profiles with verified contact information.

Dixon has had the opportunity to participate in multiple exciting projects and organizations during his young career, including being a Green Energy Ohio Intern, Co-founder of the 2009 OSU Solar Decathlon team, adviser for the 2011 OSU Solar Decathlon Team, Founding Co-Adviser of the OSU ASES Chapter that has since completed two solar projects in Haiti.
Al earned his BS at Case Western Reserve University, where he also performed research in Biomedical Engineering for several years. Paula created La Casa del Sol (House of the Sun), a 1,500 foot super-insulated, passive solar house that cost about $10 per square foot since it was constructed with recycled materials and volunteer help. He then worked for several ad agencies in New York, Hamburg and Berlin, where he dealt with clients including Donna Karan, DKNY, Mercedes Benz and the German government. With goals to raise awareness, offer collaboration opportunities, and grow jobs, he has facilitated meetings and presentations with business, academia, and non-profits in the Dayton region and beyond.
Emily assumed a full-time position as Wind Projects Coordinator in the summer of 2008, and in September 2010, was promoted to Wind Program Manager.
Corinne keeps the GEO member database updated and prepares and presents a quarterly membership report to the GEO board of directors. The crew joined and raised the lower two sections and secured this assembly to the 20-foot deep concrete foundation. Thousands of visitors from the entire Northeast Ohio area will be able to see and experience renewable energy up close and personal ?
This group gathered and analyzed meteorological data, suggested suitable wind turbines and installed educational posters about wind power.
The displays will give visitors a rare opportunity to watch nature and renewable energy technology working together. NOPEC receives no taxpayer funding, and its officers and directors serve without compensation. Visitors can milk a cow, see baby farm animals and take wagon rides.  Lake Farmpark offers a country setting for offsite business meetings, company picnics, and holiday parties.
The remainder can be generated from advanced energy resources, including nuclear, clean coal and certain types of fuel cells. The current rules could allow the entire 500 mw generation capacity which would certainly not drive development of advanced energy resources. Each test is Physician Supported and includes a FREE doctors consultation for positive client.
Visit the collection site location you chose after receiving your registration email and your lab results will be available in approximately 24-48 business hours.
From 1997-1999, he was a Special Assistant serving as the senior advisor on community programs. Prior to settling into the beautiful hills of Southeast Ohio, Jay served as executive director of BICSI (a global telecommunications association) from 1991-2001.
Lucas also serves as the Vice Chair of the Sustainable Transportation Division of ASES and as the secretary for the University Area Commission.
In 2009 he was elevated to Fellow in the American Institute of Architects for his contribution to the practice of architecture in the area of sustainable design.
In 1993, Sebastian co-founded one of the first true East-West German ad agencies in Berlin before coming to Columbus in 1996.In 1997 Sebastian founded IC Communication Team, Inc. He has conducted over 100 comprehensive energy audits for industrial and commercial facilities.
During his 30-year career in the industry, he founded Energy Designs (1984), a renewable energy product development company. Beyond analyzing wind speed data, Emily has written data summary reports and performed economic feasibility studies for GEO's wind monitoring sites. Mentor-based Engineering Endeavors, Inc (EEI) designed the 100-foot monopole, as well as the booms for GEO's new monitoring equipment. In addition, at least one half of the renewable energy used must be generated at facilities located in Ohio. Embassies overseas, are current or potential leaders in government, politics, the media, education, the arts, business and other fields. This will require current leadership to demonstrate more enthusiasm for the future economy. The Office works with states, cities, counties and others in the public and private sectors to implement programs, deliver technical & financial assistance, and help develop clean energy technologies that meet our nation?s energy needs, enhance our environment and strengthen our national competitiveness. Lucas is a Project Manager at the mid-west's most innovative energy efficiency firm Plug Smart. This 21st century, solar-heated model of energy efficiency is home for programs and tours.
Peter previously worked for The UD Industrial Assessment Center as a lead graduate assistant.
Greg also co-founded EcoHouse, LLC, which helps to provide sustainable energy solutions for the residential market. Veri has received graduate (MBA) and undergraduate degrees (BS, Natural Resources) from The Ohio State University.
She now helps to facilitate GEO's outreach and education programming, fundraise, and perform market research (including gathering data on the 25 largest solar PV arrays in the state for publication in the Green Energy Ohio News Magazine).
Finally, late on the afternoon of January 4th, the 20 Kilowatt (kW) Jacobs turbine was fastened into place.
Because this hybrid system is interconnected to the utility, any excess power that is generated will be fed back to the grid.
In the fall of 1997, he was appointed National Coordinator of the Million Roofs Initiative, which is a strategy to place solar energy systems on the roofs of one million U.S. He earned his BS in Journalism for Ohio University (1981) and attended the MBA program at the University of South Florida (1985-88). She has also written a series on ecospirituality and developed audiotape minicourses in Earth-healing.
Sebastian has vast experience in national and international branding that includes high-end consumer products, government contracts and business-to-business services. He also conducted energy efficiency projects in Bolivia and Brazil, with focus on applying appropriate technology for underdeveloped areas. As the State of Ohio's first Consumers' Counsel, 1977-1993, Bill was founding President of the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA). EEI and wind power system expert, Mac Carter, oversaw the tower raising and wind turbine installation by Tri-County Tower Service and Midwest Crane Rental, Inc. The Chicago region covers eight Midwestern states: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.
With great pride in his field, Peter enjoys studying and teaching green energy technologies and stays involved through professional organizations, publications and presentations. He created and markets the Green Energy Machine, an interactive tool to teach children about renewable energy. Wiring and grid-interconnection of the system was performed by First Energy Solutions engineers and technicians. Peter has worked for nearly thirty years in the human services and community development area and for the past twenty years in energy efficiency, transportation and environmental programs. Greg has served as a founding member, past president and current board member of Green Energy Ohio. His flexible, open-minded philosophy allows the agency to be constantly refreshed, dynamic and focused.

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