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It is not an herbal product, but a scientifically designed compound that is the most powerful way of combating stress. The most well-known of all acetaminophen, Tylenol cold is excellent for treating a sore throat.
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For over 60 years, pharmacists and doctors have recommended Emetrol as a safe and effective over-the-counter treatment for the relief of nausea associated with upset stomach. Unlike products that coat the stomach, Emetrol works by calming the stomach muscle contractions that can lead to vomiting.
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You cannot take the product if you have a known medical condition including but not limited to, high blood pressure, any cardio vascular disorder, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or are taking anti depression.

If you feel like your sore throat is curable without a doctora€™s visit try, some over the counter medication.
Chloraseptic spray is an inexpensive over the counter medication that works very well in masking the pain of a sore throat. Robitussin cough has different formulas for each type of sickness, but it always soothes the sore throat and helps eliminate coughing. News & World Report and Pharmacy Times as the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand in the a€?Nausea Remediesa€? category for 2015-2016. If you’re ever questioning whether or not you should take Zanaprin, it is best to consult your with healthcare provider. Take Robitussin cough every six to eight hours to get the most out of this over the counter medication. It is used above all over other the counter medications because of its long history and success rate.

It is best to use chloraseptic spray with another type of sore throat medication to speed up the healing process.
Robitussin cough drops are also available and medicated sore throat lozenges that can be eaten like candy. Tylenol cold doesna€™t have to be prescribed by a doctor and can be used as cheap sore throat medication.

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