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Pain management is a medical specialty that has seen increased numbers in recent years and it must take on a multi-disciplined point of view. When you’re considering a pain specialist, you should choose a doctor who is thorough with his knowledge of pain and pain treatments, listens, has a good reputation, and encourages you to ask questions and doesn’t mind if you disagree. While some types of pain come from everyday headaches, injuries, or surgical procedures, pain management specialist treat all types as a disease. Because some kinds of pain cannot be completely eliminated, the goal of a pain specialist is minimize it and improve the patient’s quality of life. When someone is referred to a pain specialist, it may be serious as the primary physician cannot properly diagnose and treat his or her pain. Opiate or narcotic type painkillers prescribed for pain management are some of the most widespread, addictive and readily available drugs today. There are thousands of people that have used, gone through treatment, and now live normal, healthy lives. Please call our toll free number today if you or someone you know struggles with pain management. Pain Management HelpIf you or someone you know suffers from an addiction to prescription pain medication, please call the number at the top of your screen.
Pain Management Without PillsPain management can be handled in many ways without involving pills. Understanding Pain ManagementPain management is the medical disciple concerned with the relief of pain. Who Qualifies As a Pain Management Specialist?Today, pain is a complex and somewhat misunderstood subject in medicine. Pain Management Treatment HelpIf you or someone you know suffers from an addiction to prescription pain medication, please call the number at the top of your screen. A new pain management specialist has joined One Health, opening up a new specialty to local residents seeking medical care. One Health Pain Management opened on July 22, 2015 in Suite #302 of the Breckenridge Center at 1000 Breckenridge Street.
The Owensboro Living website is the FREE source for local news in Owensboro and Western Kentucky.
Owensboro Living Magazine is printed bi-monthly and available at locations all over Owensboro! Pain management specialists are concerned about the patient's ability to function and their quality of life. A pain management specialist develops a treatment plan to relieve, reduce, or manage pain and help patients return to everyday activities quickly without surgery or heavy reliance on medication. Before the physician can treat the patient's pain, he must understand the cause of the pain. The physician and patient talk in-depth about the patient's current problem and medical history. A physical examination assesses the patient's vital signs; pulse, respiration, heart beat, blood pressure, and so on.
An X-Ray or Radiograph is a common test performed to reveal the condition of the body's bony structures.
A CT scan (Computed Tomography) is a 3-dimensional imaging study also used to evaluate bone and soft tissue.
A PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography) uses small amounts of radionuclides (radioactive isotopes) to measure tissue changes at the cellular level. Discography allows the physician to evaluate the intervertebral discs (one or more) as a possible pain source. An NCS (Nerve Conduction Study) evaluates the speed of nerve impulses as they travel along a nerve.
An EMG (Electromyography) uses nerve stimulation to evaluate electrical activity within selected muscle fibers. Sign up to receive free updates on back pain treatments, research, and doctor-reviewed spine health information.

This information is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. At Greater Houston Pain Consultants, a divisions of US Anesthesia Partners, our goal is to build a practice of the nation’s best chronic pain physicians and empower them with the tools and support they need to improve clinical and operational performance.
Demonstrate a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of clinical care, safety, and service. Set measurable goals and hold ourselves accountable through regular performance monitoring and reporting.
KATY, TEXAS - Pain from failed back post – laminectomy syndromes can be chronic and incapacitating. We accept all major insurances, including many different plans not covered by most pain management physicians.
As pain management specialists, we are constantly assessing the appropriateness of opiate drugs in treating our patients. With prescription drug use on the rise, and strong research indicating growing opiate abuse, our top priority is patient safety. We make every effort to shield our patients from the significant risks associated with opioids also known as narcotic medications.
Whereas your primary care physician will monitor and work diligently to improve your overall health, they will also often send you to a focused specialist to manage a specific set of afflictions.
When surgery is not the right option for a patient, it is then imperative that the he or she learns how to manage their pain through techniques that are not invasive.
Healing can actually be delayed due to pain caused by tissue damage that is not relieved [source: C-Health].
Aside from the obvious short-term problems of not properly managing pain via a professional’s guidance, the long-term effects are just as noteworthy.
While some patients would rather self-medicate and ignore the pain as much as possible, rationalizing that we all have to live with these problems, the truth is that you are unnecessarily adding to the problem. SCOA places a high value on each person's ability to make informed decisions concerning their orthopaedic condition and treatment, which is why all of the staff and physicians take time to explain procedures and share educational materials.
Doctors who specialize in pain treatment recognize the compound nature of pain and will approach it in all directions. Although your primary doctor may have given you a physical, the specialist may want to do their own and will ask a series of questions; they may ask you to describe the pain in detail, where it hurts, how long it has been bothering you and what alleviates it. In turn, this will allow technology and the latest scientific advancements the opportunity to find solutions for pain. If you or someone you know is a narcotic abuser due to their pain management program, most likely they are already an addict or are quickly becoming one. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about addiction treatment. To qualify as a pain management specialist, there are many guidelines both doctor and patient must follow in order to give and receive the proper treatment.
Lee is a native of Paris, Tennessee and joins Owensboro Health from Lexington, Ky., where he recently practiced in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Anesthesiology Interventional Pain Management clinic.
When pain is chronic or complicated by other medical conditions, the patient's primary care physician may refer the patient to a pain specialist, such as a physiatrist.
To make sure all the patient's needs are met, the physician coordinates care through an interdisciplinary team of health professionals. The physician may ask when and how the pain started, for a description of the pain, about activities that increase or reduce pain, and current or past treatments. A neurological exam evaluates the patient's sensory (feel) and motor (function) capabilities including reflexes, balance, ability to walk, muscle strength and muscle tone. Each detailed anatomical picture resembles slices or cross-sections of the specific area of the body.
MRI is commonly used for musculoskeletal evaluation as it provides great detail about bones and soft tissues.
The test evaluates the structural integrity of the discs and may be used to replicate back or leg pain. This test can help determine if there is nerve damage, the extent of the damage, and if nerves have been destroyed.

By providing these tools, we envision a large network of physicians that can thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment.
These include creation of a national model of outcomes and measurement that will produce an evidenced based care model for pain management, and the development of infrastructure for compliance that saves time and reduces risk. We partner with fellow physicians and facilities to deliver effective, efficient patient care.
Reduce or eliminate your need for painkillers, and enjoy increased activity and quality of life.
Usually a back and extremity pain with neuropathic and somatic characteristics is very difficult to treat. Skaribas of the Greater Houston Pain Consultants in Katy, Texas is featured in this month's edition of Katy Healthy Living Magazine. We follow strict DEA recommendations and we prescribe these substances only if it is absolutely medically necessary. In the case of severe pain, being referred to a pain management doctor or specialist is essential to improving your quality of life. Doing so will improve the patient’s day-to-day living, and it could help them avoid having to take heavy dosages of medication. To this end, uncontrolled pain can result in not only aggravated trauma, but also a decrease in your immune system. For example, pain due to nerve damage that is not adequately resolved will result in chronic pain long after the original affliction is cured [source: C-Health].
Seeking the help from a pain management doctor or specialist is an essential step in properly treating the pain and enhancing your quality of life. If they choose to go into a pain management program, they must understand the nervous system even though it is still very much a medical anomaly.
The new clinic will be located in Suite #302 of the Breckenridge Center at 1000 Breckenridge Avenue in Owensboro. Physiatrists are medical physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation with a special interest in musculoskeletal conditions.
The procedure involves the use of a contrast dye injected into each suspect disc to be examined by x-ray or CT scan. We are not interested in building the biggest pain management practice in the nation – just the best. The majority of patients in the US end up being chronically treated with large amounts of narcotics leading to dependence and addiction.
The article focuses on the many ways you can gain a better quality of life through drug-free chronic pain therapies. Customized treatment plans are put into practice in an effort to reduce stress, decrease physical symptoms and enhance the overall quality of life. This means that you are more susceptible to contracting an additional sickness, which only negatively compounds matters. If you are on a pain specialist program featuring an addictive prescription drug, be sure and tell someone you trust about it. The physician relies on the patient's medical history, physical and neurological examinations. Our due diligence process is designed to select the right partners, but the quality control doesn’t stop there. IPM is an area of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pain related disorders.
Our pain specific CQI program not only drives quality improvement, it ensures constant adherence to our group’s high standards.

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