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Dominion Herbal College has provided an exemplary herbal education to thousands of people for over 80 years.
Dominion Herbal College pioneered herbal training in North America and continues to lead in herbal education both at the foundation level and at the practitioner’s level. ONLINE Distance Learning (1 Year)The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program has been offered since 1926 and is the most popular program in western Herbal Medicine with thousands of students and graduates around the world.
About the Program: This 1-year program is the original introductory level program of Herbal Medicine which emphasises the herbal heritage of North America. Lessons 22–25: Pathology and etiology of disease, general assessment and examination methods. Several times a week I am contacted by people who want to know how to become a clinical herbalist so they can work one-on-one with folks who have health challenges. Another important thing worth mentioning is that the term a€?master herbalista€? does not mean anything.
My current recipe for success for herbalists is to spend at least six months, or easily a year, learning how to start and run a successful business. At this point I am tempted to give a list of herbal schools that offer clinical training but I ultimately find that problematic.
What's Your Herbal Constitution?Take my quiz to find out.It's part of my free Herbal Energetics course.Sign up on my newsletter to get started!
Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only.It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine. Lynne Flood, Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist has practised Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine at Health Wise Naturopathic Clinic, Titirangi, West Auckland for 14 years. The new Mangere Bridge Clinic is easy to get to for clients coming from Central Auckland such as Epsom, Remuera, Ponsonby, Newmarket, Royal Oak.
Lynne Flood is passionate about providing people with the best natural health advice, diet, herbal remedies and nutritional products. I am registered with a professional body, the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths, which only accepts members who have been educated through a recognised Naturopathic College.
I often see clients who have self-prescribed and the remedies they are taking are mismatched, of inferior quality and expensive. I use QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis, to determine organ and gland stress and the nutritional and detoxification support required.
I will be there for you to answer questions and offer you encouragement, inspiration and support.

I highly recommend to anyone who has big or small health issues to go and see Lynne as I know she’ll be able to help you. As a consequence, I have been a successful practicing medical herbalist, herb teacher, herb grower and wildcrafter. Today, with herbal medicine ever more popular world wide, Dominion continues to be one of the pre-eminent herbal schools to train and support people for self care and for professional careers in herbal medicine. Symptoms of acute and chronic disease with the treatment and care of various conditions giving instructions and herbal formulae. Various schools give this title to their graduates; however, some of those schools require weekend classes while other schools require several years of training. However, in my opinion, the best herbalists out there are the ones who never stop learning. Lynne Flood, Naturopath, Titirangi and Mangere Bridge, specialises in muscle-testing to determine your unique health needs and to prescribe the precise remedies you need for healing. I qualified as a Naturopath from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2002 and qualified as a QRA Practitioner in 2012. Lynne Flood, Naturopath, West Auckland and Mangere Bridge, South Auckland, is trained to fully assess your unique health needs in a detailed consultation and prescribe the right remedies you need for healing. I’ve been to many naturopaths and chemical poisoning specialists over the years who have only been able to take me ‘so far’.  After seeing these people I was still extremely exhausted and fatigued and I knew that something still wasn’t right. However after seeing Lynne a few times, changing my diet and doing the mudpacking I’ve now lost 13 kilos (2 stone) in just 5 months. Synthetic or pharmaceutical drugs contain chemicals or unnatural substances which alter the brain's chemistry and hormone levels, causing internal disruption which can then impact on mood and health in general. Pharmaceutical drugs normally prescribed for mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and phobias create dependency.
I have been honored to be affiliated with Dominion since 1990 and am constantly impressed by the dedication and commitment to herbal medicine that is shown by all who participate – students, instructors, alumni and support staff alike.
As a past student, I am very grateful for Dominion's high standards and dedication to creating courses which encouraged me to become confident as a practitioner of herbal medicine and to be able to make my living surrounded by herbs. When to gather various herbs and how to mature them for use, nomenclature, prescription writing, phrases and abbreviations. The glandular system, foods and exercises for eyes, soya bean milk and other soya bean recipes, “keep-well diet” herbal infusions, herbal decoctions, distillations, aromatic herbs, classification of certain herbs, tonics and formulae and baby food for babies and small children.Animal health care, environmental pollution and the “Herbal Alphabet” are also covered. In order to do this you must meet a set of guidelines and then go through an application process that involves a peer review.

What steps do they take?This is a tricky question for me since I went to multiple schools and have probably spent an equal amount of time learning on my own. My exhaustion has gone, I wake up at 5.00am most mornings ready to get into the day when in the past it took me an hour to clear the fuzz in my head and I had to continually drag myself around each day due to lack of energy. I have no doubt there are some wonderful herbalists out there using this title, but simply using that title does not mean that person is a a€?mastera€? herbalist. Click here to read more about the process of applying to be a professional herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. It is legal to be an herbalist!
Seeking out a school for the specific purpose of being designated a master herbalist is misguided and does not ensure you will receive a good education. I learned dramatically different things at each school and I cana€™t imagine my practice as an herbalist without any of them. Earl Mindell are only a few of the renowned graduates who got their start in Herbal Medicine with this program.
However, ita€™s imperative that herbalists be vigilant about staying within their bounds and avoid doing anything that resembles practicing medicine.
The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program is designed to provide the student with the fundamental qualifications of a Herbalist. Diagnosing, prescribing or claiming to cure western diseases are all acts that could be construed as practicing medicine without a license, which is against the law.
Once I eliminated the things above from my diet and had some tablets to help heal me, the acid explosions ceased, as well as my fatigue, and my organs started to work properly. Lynne gave me several detox’s in the form of mudpacks on my hands and feet and I felt the results immediately. While I consider myself to be an herbalist, most of my continuing education training for the past several years has been Functional Medicine based rather than herbalist based. However, you can be a fantastic clinical herbalist without knowing anything about those skills. You will struggle to be a clinical herbalist, however, if you only know wildcrafting and know nothing about formulation, diagnostics, creating a herbal plan, running a practice, etc.

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