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Ramzan Kadyrov, the president of Chechnya since 2005, was the driving force behind the Center for Islamic Medicine in Grozny, the largest Islamic folk hospital in Europe, where faith healers perform djinn (Islamic spirits) exorcisms by reading Quranic verses aloud. The Telegraph reports that since he became president in 2005, Kadyrov has promoted Islamic mysticism, and was the leading force behind the Center for Islamic Medicine in Grozny, the capital city in the Chechen republic. Over 130,000 people between 2008 and the fall of 2011 have been treated at the center by faith healers who perform djinn exorcisms by reading Quranic verses aloud, according to government figures. Kadryrov also said that anyone who engages in these practices would be punished by the region’s feared security services. The magicians who claim to be able to solve problems with health, family conflicts, and help with career were also invited to the meeting in Grozny.
The president also addressed the “quacks” present at the gathering and urged them to refrain from illegal activities. Some of them assured their clients that they were sheikhs or even psychics capable of not only foreseeing, but also changing, fates.
He underlined that it is important to explain to people that turning to magicians is banned in Islam. BY ZEHRA MAMDANI (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY) ALLAH'S GREAT & BEAUTIFUL NAMES QURANIC HEALERS QURANIC EXORCISM---NOT A CHILD'S PLAY! It can also kill or make the individual prone to accidents specially automobile accidents or to commit suicide in extreme cases.
It can create hatred and separate lovers, wife from husband, sons and daughters from parents. The innocent victim seldom finds out that he or she has become a target of Black Magic! Why would someone perform black magic?
People cast black magic spells to bring the life of an otherwise innocent person into hot waters.
This is done usually out of unwarranted hatred or irrational jealousy or a deep seated desire to take revenge or to attain power to control other's life.

Thus black magic is done to control, change, or manipulate other's life with a negative intention of harming, destroying and even killing others. However, if real black magic spells have been done on you, there are many critical distinguishing factors. If you need to know if you are suffering from black magic, genie or demon possession or other evil spiritual problems, then read carefully the various stages of black magic. The symptoms of black magic speak for themselves whether you believe it or not.If any of the symptoms listed here match your condition, your life or your love-life or family life or business or job or professional life are at serious risk. This is an emergency, you should seek immediate consultation with a Quranic Spiritual Healer!                                                                                     STARK FACTS ABOUT BLACK MAGIC!Black Magic is an undeniable fact, yet this does not mean when we face any problem we think that it should necessarily be a black magic. If you are unable to come to a conclusion,than contact a Quranic Spiritual Healer for guidance to find out wheher you are under a black magic attack or not?Black Magic is a knot or spell that has negative effects on the mind, heart and literally on every part of the body.
It can have ill effects on the body and the mind leading the person to become sick and sullen. It separates a prospective marriage couple after engagement or it can create a gulf between a man from his wife and can destroy family ties between parents and children, brother and brother, sister ansd sister. The one on whom this is unleashed loses his own discrimination and will and becomes a puppet in the hands of the evil person who has got it done!Black Magic (Akarshan) can be used to attract somebody who is living at a distant place.Black Magic (Jrambhan) can be used to to change behaioral pattern, so that the one on whom the magic is done starts acting the way the one using the black magic wants!Black Magic (Vidweshan) is used to create opposition between two individuals. This kind of magic creates anger, hatred, jealousy and aggresion in both individuals towards each other. It only changes with the one whom the user of this magic chooses and the end result is bitter animosity. Black Magic (Maran)is used to kill somebody.

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