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The Reiki I and Animal Reiki online video course trainings filmed in beautiful Sedona, AZ are now open for enrollment!
I am busy working on Reiki II and the Reiki Master Teacher online courses, so if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see in them, please let me know!
The best way to stay updated about the online Reiki video courses is to sign up for my free Reiki newsletter in the box on the right.
There are sound healing sessions during the attunements, meditations, a long-distance Reiki session, a manifestation circle, sections on how to work with crystals and pendulums in your Reiki practice… and so much more! In the Animal Reiki video class, you  receive a meditation to connect with animal spirits, not to mention an amazing wolf-dog Ama graces us with her presence. NOTE: All in-person, one-on-one online Reiki classes are currently on hold while I put the finishing touches on the video classes! A Reiki training class is a course where a person becomes initiated to the powerful Japanese healing technique of Reiki (pronounced ray-kee).
Once the Reiki student has been opened up to this energy, he or she can then act like a conduit for this powerful vibrational frequency we call Reiki to flow through them. Though the Reiki energy is not limited by space or time, when a Reiki master gives an in-person Reiki treatment, they often place their hands in different positions on or over the body.
The ways to use what you learn in your Reiki training class or course are virtually endless.
We at Reiki Training Classes have incorporated Reiki into our lives so much that we use it at every turn. The article How to Find the Right Online Reiki Course goes into further detail, but there are a few things you definitely want to look for. Though some Reiki Masters feel that Reiki attunements must be passed down in person, many Masters offer classes online and from a distance. The Reiki energy is not limited by time or space, so technically an attunement from an online Reiki class should work just as well as an in-person attunement. Pictures or objects to send Reiki to – only if your Reiki Master teaching the Reiki training suggests this. Now, of course the Reiki attunement process you will go through in your Reiki course will vary according to the Level, type of Reiki, whether you are taking a Reiki class online, etc. Typically, the Reiki master attuning you will advise you to take off your shoes and sit in an upright position. Reiki attunements can happen very quickly, in about five minutes, or they can last for a half an hour. Unfortunately, we can’t really go into more detail about how the healing Reiki energy is transmitted.
As the Reiki energy circulates through your body over the next few months, your body will be majorly adjusting. Since our bodies have seven major chakras, or energy centers, during this 21 day post-Reiki attunement period it is said that the Reiki circulates through each of the chakras for three days. So, for example, as the Reiki energy circulates through your Manipura chakra, (your chakra of personal power, will and self-esteem), you may have any issues surrounding these areas arise. Most of us here can attest to the 21 day healing, and were shocked at how the Reiki energy really did move like clockwork every three days to the next chakra (and corresponding issues.)  But you will get through it!  It is extremely temporary, and just knowing you are going through this process will hopefully make it easier.
Therefore, we want to make sure you know about the possibility, but also that you stay open to the fact you may not experience it. Though the days following your Reiki attunement from your Reiki course may be challenging, use these tips to not only survive, but thrive.
Whether your Reiki training is in-person or an online Reiki class, you should still have the full support of the Reiki Master teaching the Reiki course. Remember… the Reiki light is healing your body, even if it doesn’t feel like it! By sharing your experiences with other people going through the same thing, you will find the support and encouragement you need. Although that isn’t always enough when you are going through something, hopefully you can take comfort in the fact that the only constant is change.
Crystals such as the amethyst to the left can be wonderful additions to the Reiki treatments you learn to give in your Reiki classes.  Since each type of crystal contains a different type of healing energy, you can use the crystal associated with the particular issue you are working on and create a crystal Reiki healing sesison. Of course, maybe you are just giving a general Reiki treatment and not treating a particular issue, chakra, or section of the body. You may want to create a crystal grid under your portable Reiki table before you start the Reiki session, or perhaps even place the crystals on the recipient’s body during the Reiki crystal healing treatment. Sometimes, a crystal may be appropriate for the beginning of a session, but as the time passes, it no longer feels necessary.
Sometimes, if we don’t have a crystal on hand and get the hit to use it in a Reiki session, we visualize ourselves leaving our bodies, going home to get the crystal and bringing it back to be used in the Reiki crystal healing session. If you are about to perform a Reiki session and your clients arrives noticeably stressed out and anxious, perhaps some soothing lavender oil will do the trick and calm their minds. Hopefully your Reiki training course or class was taught in a relaxing, healing environment. Hopefully your Reiki master instructor created sacred space for your Reiki courses and taught you how to create sacred space when you work on your own Reiki clients. Even if not, low lighting, crystal salt lamps and grids, small water fountains, aromatherapy, candles and relaxing music can work wonders.   You want your Reiki sessions to be conducted in an environment where your clients feel safe, supported and away from the worries of the day.
Some animals may be frightened of humans, of course, and if so you can always use the distance healing symbol learned in the Reiki Level II training class to send them Reiki from a distance. The gentle, healing Reiki energy benefits both healthy animals and those in need of special care or assistance. For pets with behavioral problems or ill animals, Reiki is a complementary modality to other healing methods like acupuncture and Western medicine.
As with everything you send Reiki healing energy to, you always want to use the Reiki disclaimer you should have learned in your Reiki training classes.
If you are sending an animal Reiki and they suddenly change positions or lift their head to look at you, this could very well be a sign they want the Reiki energy focused on a different area of their body. If you are giving Reiki to a client and your cat or dog won’t stay away or lies down under the Reiki table, this is a sure sign they either a) want healing Reiki energy of their own and are literally soaking up the energy, or b) they are helping with the Reiki treatment in some way. In your Level II Reiki training class, you will  most likely learn the distance healing symbol. If you learned the symbols for Infinite Grace, Manifestation or Grounding (to ground ideas into reality in this 3rd dimension we currently live in), send those symbols to your path to help you change with ease, grace and the support of the Universe. Well, the Universe is always supporting us, but you know what we mean.
Color therapy, not to digress too far from Reiki, is the practice of adding color into a person’s bodies and energy field to promote healing.
For example, if the recipient is angry and you feel hot energy emanating from them, or if they have pain in a specific area, you can send focused blue energy directly into that area. Or, if you are performing a Reiki session (using the techniques from your Reiki training, of course!) and you intuitively are drawn to the clients’ heart, in addition to sending love and compassion that way through your hands, you can send green and pink energies there as well.
Of course, it goes without saying that if you learned the Heart Healing Reiki symbol or the symbol for Unconditional Love in your Reiki training class, send those there as well!  Coming at the problem or issue from varying levels only makes your Reiki session that much stronger.
The degrees or levels in Usui Reiki training classes In traditional Usui Reiki, the Reiki training classes are typically divided into three separate Reiki courses: Level I, Level II and the Master Level Reiki training.
One thing is certain: No one has ever walked away from a Reiki attunement without being changed in some way for the better.
There is no substitute for experience, and you will learn so much above and beyond your Reiki training class in your practical application of the Reiki. Besides, when Dr.
We at Reiki Training Classes do teach our Level I Reiki training students these two symbols and a couple more in the Level I training because we want the students to get used to incorporating symbols into their Reiki sessions. Remember: the more you use what you learn in your online Reiki healing class, the stronger your Reiki becomes.

In a Master Level healing Reiki training class, you are attuned with all the symbols and are taught how to attune others. In our Master Level Reiki courses we teach multiple traditions and attune our students with symbols from traditional Usui Reiki, William Rand Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Seichem Reiki, among others. While of course we wish we had all the time in the world to send Reiki to everyone and everything we know needs it, in our busy lives we often aren’t able to find the time to do so. As each person, item or situation on your Reiki list receives the maximum Reiki healing they are capable of for that day, the all-knowing and wise Reiki energy will automatically stop flowing to them and move on to the next item on your Reiki list. We also keep a list of all the Reiki symbols and send them to the list each day, so as not to forget any. Please visit the rest of our site and enjoy our articles on the beautiful Reiki energy, there is plenty more where this came from. Just for today, let’s trust, let go and feel peace, be grateful, do our work honestly and be kind to every living thing. I just thought you might want to know that your blog looks messed when I see it on my iphone. After reading this article, I browsed your website a bit and would love to see an article on what a Reiki treatment would look like from start to finish. Would you recommend taking an online Reiki class that is promising a Master Level attunement in one day?
So in a nutshell, if you feel the one-day Reiki master class is right for you, then go for it! Do you want to feel energetic and balanced? Life is full of possibilities, and you deserve to be free of pain, well rested, and joy-filled.
Experiencing a brilliant musical event and feeling the vibrations of finely tuned instruments?
There are several excellent Reiki and Energy Healing sessions & courses to choose from in the Philadelphia area, why choose one of ours?
Reiki Melody will provide you with a respectful and powerful opportunity to experience energy healing, and we offer a variety of styles to choose from. Reiki is a gentle and nurturing form of receiving energy healing where the client is typically seated or lying down. Bio-Energy healing sessions focuses on detoxifying and balancing specific areas of concern. We are learning so much about the human body through the powerful discoveries of energy healing. Would you like to have the ability to use natural techniques on yourself, your family and your friends?
USUI Mikao Sensei (1865-1926), the founder of Reiki, attained enlightenment, and a healing ability as a godsend was bestowed upon him in 1922 at the age of 57 while he was fasting and meditating on Mt. The energy can move to themselves and their healing, to other people and animals, and to situations and objects. Usui fell severely ill from an illness that swept through Kyoto and almost died, he became determined to develop a spiritual healing practice that could cure any disease and be easily taught to anyone.
First of all, you can use the Reiki energy to heal yourself of physical, mental and emotional issues. Send Reiki ahead of time to both the interview and the people in it using the Usui Long Distance Healing Symbol. Send healing Reiki energy to it, and watch the time it takes for your ankle to heal decrease a lot.
You want to make sure you get a good feeling from the teacher, that the price works for you, that you’ve decided whether you want to go with an online Reiki class or an in-person one, and if you can hear testimonials from previous Reiki students. What can we say, we did our homework.  Please read How to Find the Best Portable Reiki Table.
Moreover, each Reiki Master creates the space and adds in additional tools they feel enhance the attunement. For the purposes of consistency, let’s look at an in-person Reiki attunement now rather than one you might find in an online Reiki course. He or she may create a sacred space using tools such as healing sage, music, dim lighting, etc.
You may feel powerful sensations as your body opens up to the Universal Life Force energy, or you may feel nothing. The Reiki energy is so loving, and so light, that it will bring to the surface that within you that is not of the same frequency so you can heal it and transform that energy into positivie energy. Many Reiki practitioners have experienced strong emotions and healing during the first 21 days following their attunement. One woman here didn’t know about the 21 day period until we explained it to her! She had to go through the 21 days thinking she was crazy. They have undoubtedly gone through the same process you are, and your Reiki class should include their support as part of the deal. You will receive feedback from other Reiki practitioners on how they got through their Reiki attunements, and may discover ways of coping you never even thought of.
Use your intuition and discretion to remove the crystal from the grid, doing so in a gentle fashion so as not to disturb the existing energy. If you had the luxury of learning William Rand’s style of Reiki in Hawaii, for example, it almost certainly was. For pets making the transition to leave the Earth plane, receiving Reiki can offer them great comfort and help ease any anxiety they feel.
Or perhaps you were touching them, and now they’d prefer you to keep your hands a few inches above them. Since this symbol not only transcends space, but also time, you will be able to send Reiki healing energy forward and backward in your life. Draw the distance healing symbol as you learned in your Reiki class, and send it to situations you know are coming up in the future for you, as well as your future self five, ten years from now.
Different colors have different healing properties and are often associated with the same colors in the chakra system. Though in a lot of Reiki class offerings online and in-person you are able to reach the Master Level quite quickly, you may want to allow time between each Reiki course before moving on to the next one. But even if you don’t, over the next months after a Reiki attunement your body gradually adjusts to being able to transduce the healing Reiki energy. Usui first started the Reiki healing tradition in Japan, Reiki students often had to wait years between attunements.
In this initial and basic Reiki training class, you will receive an attunement that allows you to transduce the Reiki healing energy. After this Reiki course, you will know how to give permanent attunements, temporary attunements, and deepen your Reiki practice even further. We want our Reiki class students to have the full array of tools to use in their healing sessions.
Even if you decide not to attune others or teach Reiki courses yourself, you still have a responsibility to practice Reiki in your own way and help spread the healing Reiki energy. Which you will want to, of course.
Let alone remember everyone we want to send Reiki to!  So what you can do is write a Reiki list of everything you want to send Reiki healing energy to, and then set the intention as you turn on your Reiki that everything on your list will receive the Reiki healing as needed. A brief (well, not really) description of what healing Reiki energy is, how you can heal with Reiki, what to look for in a Reiki training class, info about online Reiki classes, the best portable Reiki tables around, and more.
Thanks for your nice comment, we’re always amazed when we think about how easy it is to communicate with people halfway around the world. We are the first ones to admit that our skill sets lie more in the realm of spirituality, Reiki and healing than computers.

Last time we heard from you, you were contemplating taking a Reiki class online versus on in-person. Of course our answer really depends on the feeling you get about the Reiki Master teacher the Reiki course, whether the attunement is online or in-person, if the teacher will be available to you afterward, etc. But if you can find a longer Reiki course spread out over a few weeks, we encourage you to perhaps choose that option instead. When I first started doing Reiki, I had a hard time not feeling guilty because 90% of the time I was working on myself. Maybe it has been a long time since you gave yourself an opportunity to rest from the demands and hectic pace of everyday life. Energy healing is a safe and natural way to work within these fields so the body can access its powerful ability to heal. The client remains fully clothed and the Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on the body allowing energy to cascade to the client.
Around the world, more and more people are experiencing the natural, safe and effective benefits of the art and science of energy healing.
The one who provides the Reiki-Energy, the giver, is the cannel for the energy, and through the hand this energy is given to the receiver.Reiki works at a physical level, and is relaxing and pleasant. I think working with you, one on one, or up to three, is the best way to help you on your spiritual development.I work out of my home in Calgary, McKenzie Towne. There were some frustrations with chatty mind but it's much easier to dispel now, it quietens more readily and rapidly. This healing life force energy, which is present all around us, flows through a Reiki practitioner once he or she has been attuned (or initiated) to Reiki in a training class or course. Usui spent seventeen years honing the practice, and rumor has it he taught over 2,000 people how to use the Reiki energy in his lifetime.
You can help facilitate other people’s healing, you can power up your food with Reiki, you can clear rooms or entire buildings with Reiki just as you could with sage. Time and time again, without fail we see the intelligent Reiki energy work its healing magic. Perhaps the person receiving the Reiki fully absorbed all the healing properties the stone had to offer. One Reiki Master here at Reiki Training Classes says that every time she goes home after finishing teaching a Reiki course or giving an attunement, her five cats cannot get enough of  her! While you can (and should!) spend time healing your past issues (that we all have, who do you know who’s exempt?), why not spend some time focusing on your future and what you want to bring into your life.
You will learn how to use Reiki to manifest and create what you want in your life, as well as how to clear karma.
Just want to say how much I respect reading what you write about Reiki every time you post.
We are so happy to hear that you are happy with your decision to take Reiki classes online. The reason we haven’t written one yet is because we focus more on Reiki treatments and sessions from the perspective of the Reiki student learning this healing energy.
However, in our personal experience, we have found that a Reiki Master Level training that is taught over the course of a few weeks definitely has worked best.
I have gotten better, and reading your information helps me realize that I must work on myself before I can help others.
Feeling energized and connected is an amazing holistic experience that everyone should enjoy and the practitioners at Reiki Melody work to make that happen. When an energy healing practitioner scans the body, they look for either blockages (areas where there is a lack of energy flow) or excesses ( areas where there is too much energy flow)  Through a series of specific hand movements and breathing techniques, energy healing practitioners can support the body in correcting these imbalances and returning to homeostasis. Sessions are typically one hour in length, and clients experience a deeply relaxed state, allowing the body to feel calm and peaceful.
The client stands during some of the session and additionally sits in a specially  designed chair during the session depending on the techniques used. You will probably feel some air going into your head and their hands touching your hands and feet. Regardless of how you use the crystals in your Reiki crystal healing session, we bet that once you start, you will use them in all your Reiki treatments to come. So if you come by every couple days or add us to your RSS feed, you should get all the latest and greatest!
If you need any support from those who have been through the Reiki attunement and not only survived but thrived, please let us know! We strive to provide prospective Reiki students who plan to take online Reiki classes and in-person courses with valuable insight for their journey. To tell you the truth, we don’t have any specifically to recommend, since we are trying to remain objective and offer information to prospective Reiki students and practitioners alike. By meeting with your Reiki instructor and sharing observations with the class, if you are going through the cleansing process that happens so often after an attunement, you will have the support you need.
Energy healing is a safe and effective modality that compliments other approaches in the multidimensional field of healing. We have added your sister to our Reiki healing list, and look forward to continuing to share the news about this powerful healing energy. We are happy to help out a fellow Reiki practitioner and send him or her this healing energy. That being said, you want to go with a Reiki master that resonates with you and you feel good about. And, finally, it works on the mental level too, helping you to cope with everyday stress better.
I have had some creative ideas that I have felt inspired to act on, which is brilliant as I lost my creative output some years ago and have never regained the heart to try. Experience Reiki & Bio Energy healing, and give yourself the benefits of clarity, and rejuvenation. If you are having difficulty with anger (which is very common, who doesn’t?), get it out.
Since we humans operate under the Law of Attraction, rest assured that you will attract the right teacher for you.
Since you learn how to attune others in many Master Level Reiki trainings, you will definitely want to practice, and longer classes give you the time for the knowledge and confidence to sink in. Worst case scenario, if you end up having a bad experience (which we certainly hope isn’t the case!) you will learn valuable lessons. Go beat a pillow, go to the batting cages, hit a punching bag or scream at the top of your lungs in your car. Everything that happens in our lives is working toward our best interests, even if we can’t always see that. Write a letter to the person, or even just write words on a piece of paper to rip up when you’re finished.
The words don’t have to make sense, and no need to reread them and take them back in.
Just get it out, and fill up that space with Reiki energy by using the power symbol when you’re done.

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