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Why not take advantage with our combined Reiki courses, gain a valuable course with amazing benefits and save at the same time. I wasna€™t sure what to expect from this course but have been pleasantly suprised by the depth and detail of the course and think the material is presented in just the right way. The Master Degree Reiki TrainingA is for Practitioners who are dedicated to the Reiki Energies who wish to share this wonderful healing energy on to other like minded souls.
Here you will learn the Master Sacred Symbol, its meaning how to use it as well as learning how to attune students to the Reiki Energies.
This course is a comprehensive online course that is packed with in-depth understanding easy step by step lessons, audio, manual and music downloads, fully equipped to walk away with a great understanding and knowledge to start practicing the 2nd Degree in Reiki. This course is ment for Reiki Practitioners who are whole heartedly dedicated to Reiki and wish to share this on to others. This course is delivered through our E-Learning platform which means you can learn this course directly on our website (we feel this is pretty cool!) The course is split into Chapters and Lessons, which are easy and manageable to read, watch and even download audios, manuals and Music. The course is around 50 hours long however it really depends on the student themselves, we dona€™t want to put a definite time frame as everyone is different there is no wrong or right, what feels right to you is the correct path. As part of the course there is a test paper which needs to be completed by the student, there is no pressure and push to do this quickly, we would rather students take longer taking their course then rush and make small mistakes. When you become a student of Spiritual Training Academy the support we provide is of the highest importance to us.A  We are on hand to help, guide, support, motivate and encourage you throughout your course. We are really excited about this new feature to Spiritual Training Academy, every student who enrols on our courses and passes, will have the option to be listed in our Practitioner Reiki directory enabling students to spread their services across the world. Upon completing your course you will be certificated in Reiki and can therefore obtain insurance. We have negotiated a special price, to receive all the above a yearly policy fee of *A?99.99 inclusive, you also have the option to pay monthly installments.

Upon enrolling on your course(s) you will be taken to Paypal once payment has been successfully taken you will be directed to your account profile where you can access and update your own personal profile and gain access to your course straight away. Each Reiki course does have an Exam to complete, until we feel you have successfully understood your course no certificates will be issued. Your course comes with a 1 year membership which includes emailed support, after your 1st year no tutor support is given unless you wish to carry on your Reiki Membership which costs A?50.00 for the year. This is purely down to you, every one is different there is no right or wrong, what feels right to you is the right way. On completion of this course students will be able to facilitate their own Reiki courses in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition at all levels; 1, 2, Master Practitioner and Master Teacher.
Many teachers experience a profound transformation and spiritual discovery as they embrace the intensifying of their Reiki vibration to that of Master Teacher.
Witnesses to the Sacred Ceremony of the Attunements variously report a blissful and humbling experience, one that will never be forgotten. Reiki Master Practitioner qualification and lineage 3 years prior + a minimum of 40 professional healings.. If you are serious about transitioning to Reiki Master Teacher we would like to support you. Payment plans are available for the full price of the course fee of $4449 made in 4 instalments of $1112.25. I really feel a better person having taken this course, and I havena€™t even finished it yet! An option to have your certificate posted can be arranged at an additional cost, please speak to us about this. No questions are ever to big or small, or even silly to us!A  Each of our tutors have undertaken this course personally so they can walk you through every step of the way.

All our courses are A insurable meaning you can obtain public and indemnity insurance for you to start practicing. Yet it equips you with a high level of teaching knowledge, internationally recognised and reviewed. You will then be qualified to conduct and attune your own groups of Reiki Level 1 students. You will then be qualified to conduct and attune your own groups of Reiki Level 2 students. You will then be qualified to conduct and attune your own groups of Reiki Master Practitioner students and open your own school of Reiki.
Out of all the academies I checked out Spiritual Training Academy offered me The best prices equaling the best coursea€™s. You may re sit your exam 3 times within your enrollment, if you fall out site of this an additional fee will be required of A?15.00.
A You will still have access to your course and student support and membership area including the support forums and our Facebook support group. Think realistically how many hours you can put in without having to rush or put pressure on yourself!
You will see this option once you have enrolled on to anyone of our courses in the student login area.

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