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FEATUREDLenovo Brand StoreBuy this product online from the Lenovo Brand Store to ensure the best shopping experience. All the smart phones of lenovo is very fast in the processor that’s why I prefer this phone to use.
Sekarang Lenovo sudah merupakan produk ternama di indonesia, produknya sudah banyak diminati oleh semua orang yang ingin memiliki smartphone dengan harga yang lebih murah. The marvelously designed Lenovo S850 features a stylish, all-glass exterior with multiple color options.

Tapi untuk type Lenovo S850 ini memiliki harga lebih mahal, karena dengan spesifikasi yang mendukungnya maka semakin banyak pula kelebihan yang terdapat dalam smartphone ini.
The Lenovo S850 comes in 5 inches HD screen with in-plane switching technology for wide angles that enables you entertaining experience. The S850 facilitates the users whether they are texting, watching videos, playing games, and browsing internet, the 1 GB RAM for high-end performance.
It captures life’s memorable moments with powerful 13 mega pixel autofocus rear camera with flash, or enjoys clear video chats with the front facing camera of 5 mega pixel.

You can share files wirelessly without Wi-Fi, Security app that protects the device against the viruses, SNAP it enables multiple modes shooting and SYNC it enables a proper back up.

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