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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Seal Air Leaks & Save Energy by Caulking when Painting Morristown NJ Painter, Drywall, Home Improvement Contractor. Here in New Jersey many homes are several decades old and have air leaks all over: specifically in old windows and doors. To put things in perspective, take this for example: say that you have a door that is 7 feet tall and there is a hairline crack along the side of that door that is a mere eighth of an inch wide.
That long, one-eighth inch wide crack is equivalent to a ten and a half square inch opening air leak. If you had a hole in your home almost one square foot wide you would do something about it.
The point: small cracks are big air leaks and they need to be addressed in order to save money on your energy bills.

The good news is that fixing these air leaks is not difficult: caulking around the outside of windows and doors will help stop the problem. So when it comes time to have your homea€™s exterior painted, make sure your professional painting contractor will thoroughly caulk all doors and windows. At CraftPro, and for most quality painting contractors, caulking all doors and windows is a standard part of our exterior painting preparation.
But not all painters are created equal, and since caulking takes some time and effort, some painters will skip this step in order to increase profit margins.If you feel that you are losing energy in your home due to air leaks, read our article on how to perform a DIY home energy audit. If the estimate or the contract you receive doesn’t mention caulking to reduce air leaks, ask your contractor about it. Because of this, I think it’s best to choose to caulk around all windows and doors to be safe a€“ and to prevent air leaks in the future.
A quality paint job is the skin that protects your home, and it ought to be done by a quality painting contractor.

D’Angelo, founding owner-operator of CraftPro Contracting and author of this article. You can also visit CraftPro on Google+ and join our community of home improvement, maintenance and renovation professionals to learn more about home improvements.CraftPro Contracting LLCProfessional interior and exterior home improvements like house painting, drywall installation and repair, finish carpentry work like molding and trim, handyman and maintenance home work. The CPC Newsletter is a great way to get access to helpful home improvement and DIY information and advice, to stay up-to-date with the our work, services and exclusive discounts.

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