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If you think you might have shingles, go to your doctor asap so they can out your on antivirals and stop the spread of the bumps. I have exact same thing it looks like at least but its on my left side anyone ever figure out what it is?
I have been searching non stop to try and figure out what the heck these bumps are and this is the first time I have found other people who have it!

At first i thought it was scabbies but i no longer think that is what it is as scabbies are really ichy and come out everywhere not in small places. I have them in like four little clusters on the lower right side of my stomach and a little cluster on my back. I read on another forum that you could use tea tree oil or aloe vera on it, but I'm just gonna wait til it goes away on it's own.I'm comfirming the drinking hypothesis.

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