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In an energetic based reality, sound vibration becomes an important source of manipulating our personal energy levels. In their book, Decoding the Human Biofield, Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, founders of NES Health, explain that their research shows that the heart is much more than a simple pump and that what it provides is a control mechanism for distributing energy and information to the body. The heart can then be considered a musical instrument of sorts whose notes are providing critical information to the rest of the body.
We know from recent conventional research that the pattern of your heartbeats can be a predictor of the overall state of your health. This sound based information transmission is critical to the health of the body through regulation of cellular activity.
Music, which is patterned vibration, can bypass the ligand and directly resonate those cell receptors, interacting like a peptide or drug, or an emotion.
The implication is that sound energy is critical to every aspect of your cellular function.
Conversely, feeding ourselves harmonious, soothing, and up-lifting sound frequencies can boost our cellular functioning, improve our health and heal core physical and mental functioning. But NES Health has also noted that you can also use sound vibration even more powerfully as ancient cultures have known for thousands of years. By using mantras, chanting, and breath vibrations, these ancient traditions knew that creating energy flowing properly through the body is critical for proper health.
There is a powerful mystery within the repetition of sacred words and sounds, for as the repetition occurs, the intention behind the sound intensifies, thus increasing its potency. Brain Researcher, Psychotherapist, Shaman, and Sound Healer Tom Kenyon has based his decades long work on understanding the impact of sound on the functionality of the brain. Research studies conducted on the neurological effects of sound have shown that the human brain responds to pure tone in highly specific ways.
Another sound healing researcher has attempted to quantify sound healing and systematically use it in a clinical setting.
Voice profiling proposes the idea that the body requires the presence of a full range of harmonious frequencies working cooperatively.
From the preliminary research it appears that sound presentation (to the body) can synchronize brain-wave frequencies. In general, sound is a powerful energetic force that we can use to shape and heal our physical reality. Sign up for the Think Smarter World Newsletter here and download a Free Copy of my book – Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World. Sign Up for the Think Smarter World Newsletter and Download a PDF copy of My Book for Free!
If you have ever enjoyed the company of a feline, you have invariably been lured into a smile simply by the sound of their purr. In the book Vibrational Healing through the Chakras, Joy Gardner tells us that our bodies and emotions have a vibrational energy and are a source of electrical energy.
We know that light, sound, smell, plants, foods, essential oils can all be measured in frequencies.
A cat’s purr is within the ideal range for improving bone density and to promote overall healing and wellness. So the next time you do not feel well (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually), grab your cat and give them a big smooch and a hug (with their purrmission, of course). If you want to really make your cat purr, join me for Crystal Healing for Animals on September 8th. Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate.
In this state of awakened Heart Expansion, this state of FREEDOM, you step into the full potential of creation through you… you step into the DIVINE MAGNIFICENCE that is YOU ! To understand more about OM AH OM, and to tone OM AH OM on World Sound Healers Day please watch this short video on the 14 February 2014… and connect in through the 3 HEARTS OF CREATION through OM AH OM. If you would like to find out more about OM AH OM and the ancient teachings discussed in the above video… then inviting you to sign up for our FREE Universal Life Tools Community Newsletter. Rest assured that your privacy is important to us and your email address will never be sold or shared.
Luister naar deze bijzondere HSM Radio-uitzending met Patricia McGivern, registreer voor het Luisterarchief. Tags: Grief, hope, love, resolving trauma, lost children, miscarriage, messages from higher realms, channeling, contact higher self, messages from lost and miscarried children, survival of the soul, Near death Experience, Raymond Moody, Out of Body experience, Oneness, the Source, The Heavens, we are never alone, guides, angels, angel babies, regression, past lives, reincarnation, belief systems, spiritual communications.
Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies explores spiritual communication with miscarried and other early loss babies, offering awareness, hope, reassurance and comfort to those who have experienced this incomparable loss.

On awakening that sunny spring day in 1996, I had no way of knowing that the course of my life would change in one pivotal moment. How could I have known before then that one of my greatest gifts lay not in carrying my baby but in learning more through his death than through his birth? Click link for a one-sheet description of Merkaba of Sound, Jonathan Goldman's latest release.
Every time your heart beats, it creates strong pressure waves and phonons (a quantum of vibrational energy in the acoustic vibrations of a crystal lattice) within its chambers. The vibrational frequency of the notes turns on the receptors, setting in motion all kinds of cellular activities.
PET Scans, which measure glucose consumption at the cellular level, show that pure sound or music (without words) stimulate an increase in cellular activity in the right hemisphere.
Be sure to check out his website which includes many free downloads of sound healing meditation tracks he has recorded with his unique three octave range voice.
Edwards measures a person’s voice frequency characteristics and analyzes the signature with proprietary algorithms that she has developed, she is then able to identify the deficient frequencies in the body and possible associated health issues. In turn, these frequencies act as a support to the body until the body can maintain the required frequencies independently. At a minimum, pay attention to how different sounds and music affect your moods, emotions, and health.
That little rumbling motor that seems to consume a cat’s entire body and often makes them vibrate with happiness. All forms of matter (atomic and subatomic particles) vibrate; German physicist Max Planck proved this.
This is because lightening can circle the circumference of the Earth 7.83 times in one second, thus this is the charge for the Earth.
If you do not have a cat, find a friend or family member with a cat and hang out with them.
So if you have a good story that you can share (and a photo of you with the animals), please email me! John Consemulder had onlangs een boeiende en ontroerende radio-special met de inspirerende auteur, spreker, hypnotiseur en regressie therapeute Patricia McGivern!
Those seeking a deeper, spiritual understanding of life and an individual's purpose in living will begin to discover the soul and the bond of love among souls. His loss would cause me, both willingly and unwillingly, to stretch and grow my spiritual beliefs. Your heart produces dozens, if not hundred, of different frequencies, each of which is capable of carrying a different type of information, although research into this area is still in its infancy, so not much is known about this encoding process. That’s how music can heal, interacting directly with your molecules of emotion to charge you with energy, get your juices flowing, and make you feel good.
The type of music we listen to (and the associated sound quality level – no low-res mp3 files please), the ambient noise we are exposed to in our environment, the sound content of other media (violent video games, negative movies, and abrasive television programs), and the negative communication of people in our lives (as well as the sound quality and content of our own vocal communication) can all deliver sound frequencies into our body that lower our physical and mental health. We know that cavities can attract energy and store it and that they can act as tuned resonators for that energy, setting up electrostatic fields and facilitating the information exchange that takes place in the Quantum Electrodynamic Field. This belief has been practiced for centuries by Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Catholic Mystics, and Zoroastrian Parsee, who have repeated within sacred sanctuaries chants, mantras, prayers, or single words about God’s powerful nature, often thousands of times a day.
Although both cerebral hemispheres of the brain process many different kinds of information, a simple division of tasking can be made. The sensory input of sound (via voice, music, noise, rhythms) has a demonstrated influence on the form and function of the body. So now imagine you are feeling under the weather, depressed, lonely, anxious, or struggling with a serious illness. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world.
Maar ook een prachtige boodschap die alles te maken heeft met de 'Reis van de Ziel' en Eindeloos Bewustzijn! Anyone seeking assurance that life is continuous, that the soul never dies, will find comfort in this book.
No, I was a stay-at-home mother of two young children following a seventeen-year career in the corporate world, not a sharer of deeper truths.
I struggled with believing that the experiences I had of my baby communicating were real and not a figment of my imagination or a sign of my impending sanity. The phonons may imprint information onto the lipids in your blood, which then are carried throughout the body. These molecules are not only vibrating to cause bodywide changes, but they are ‘hearing’ each other through the psychosomatic (mind-body) network of cellular communication.

Whereas the physical body and its metabolism are fueled via various processes such as the carbohydrate and sugar cycle, the citric acid cycle (Krebs), and so on, the bioenergetic body is fueled by various processes involving energy and information exchange within and around the cavities.
This intensity of action re-creates the purity of the thought at the center of the world; as the intention sounds, a powerful possibility is brought into creation. While there are unique differences between the brains of individual humans, generally speaking, the left hemisphere processes language and logic.
He also has extensive information on his investigations into the workings of the brain in response to sound and music. Science dictates that the lowest common denominator of all structure, the atom, is energy – measured as frequency. Voor alle moeders, ouders en mensen die bijvoorbeeld geinteresseerd zijn in het werk van Raymond Moody en Pim van Lommel, dit mag je simpelweg niet missen!
Information imprinted into fats in the bloodstream may act as a kind of body-wide memory storage and retrieval system. You can see that we don’t just hear with our ears, but we ‘hear’ with every receptor on every cell in our body mind. For example, organs acting as resonant cavities can produce, tune, and amplify sound (phonon) waves. When the resonance of the intention occurs again and again it literally relives its original purpose, and thus the word or chant becomes alive with the voice of spirit. Thought the entrainment (synchronization) of the vagus nerve with the vocal chords, a direct message pathway from the vocal cords and the brain seems apparent.
Therefore, from our beliefs to our physical reality, frequency is the basis of our universe. In addition phonons stream through your blood plasma, carrying additional information from the central nervous system to the hemoglobin, which also carries oxygen throughout the body. The yogis of Eastern traditions, from wandering Hindu ascetics to formally trained Tibetan monks, use sound and vibration to effect real physical changes.
However the right hemisphere processes spatial information, paradox, novelty and non-verbal information in ways the left hemisphere is incapable of.
The sounds of the voice therefore, can be seen as representations of the parasympathetic nervous system. When we learn the governing patterns of each person’s individual frequency signatures, we will be able to interpret and have dominion over all aspects of our mechanical and biochemical conditions and likely, our emotional issues. They are natural healers and they know that their mere presence (or should I say, purrsence) will help you! The yogic breathing practice pranayama and the Tibetan chanting and breathing practice of tummo both can produce heat (and energy) in the body.
Just as light creates vision, which reveals what we perceive, sound moves that vision; it vibrates form or matter and changes its relationship with the seen and unseen energies of mind and body, so that sound allows us to see spirit. While our ability to understand and create language are vital components of our human experience, there are other valuable aspects of our intelligence that are not generally recognized by our culture as having intrinsic value. Together the sympathetic and parasympathetic service branches monitor and manage body functions. I have experienced this on countless occasions where my cats lay on my bed, encircling me, when I do not feel well.
The irony here, is that history is full of instances where scientific breakthroughs occurred when scientists engaged right hemispheric abilities to “see” situations and opportunities in novel ways.
You don't need to be a singer or have any musical ability to take part in this event.Can people making sound together help create peace on the planet?Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman thinks so.
The event is a Sonic Valentine for the Earth using an intentionalized AH sound as a medium for peace, global and personal transformation.The AH sound is the tone of the heart energy center known as a chakra in holistic healing modalities. Goldman's music is a favorite of holistic and allopathic practitioners including massage therapists, RN's, yoga, relaxation teachers such as Lynn Mc Taggart, Dr Deepak Chopra, Drunvalo Melkchizedek and Gregg Braden.
He and his wife Andi are global teachers who have presented at Omega Institute (New York), Sivananda Yoga Retreat (Bahamas), Unity Village (Lee Summit, MO) and the University of Arizona Dept. Goldman recently spoke at the Institute of Noetic Sciences-Tucson.The Goldmans are the only sound healers ever invited to present at the Royal College of Music in London.

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