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Vaishali Mehta is a doctor by profession and has a master's degree in otolaryngology from India. Infection and swelling of the inner ear structures will affect your balance and your hearing on the side where the rash is. A condition called synkinesis occurs during recovery if the nerve grows in the wrong areas as per Mayo Clinic. Occasionally there is headache, confusion and neck stiffness if the virus affects the nerves of your brain. This happens in people who have had chicken pox and the virus present in the nerve reactivates later on in life.

As per Mayo Clinic, blisters accompany it on your outer ear, ear canal, eardrum, mouth and neck.
In some case the pain can last for months to years even after the rash and blisters go away. Your smile will be crooked and you will have difficulty closing your eye, according to National Institutes of Health.
Sometimes the hearing loss may be permanent according to National Institute of Neurological Disorders (NINDS). The signals will carry the information and message to the body which detects various sensations that allow the body to react to the sensation.

You will have a spinning and rotating sensation called vertigo that lasts a few days to weeks. The signal will carry the information that will allow the body to detect the sensation and react to the sensation.  The nerve conditions in general associated with multiple sclerosis, neuritis and Bell’s palsy.
There symptoms of the nerve conditions are Parethesia, Muscle weakness, Pain on the movement of limbs, Bowel incontinence, bladder incontinence.

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