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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for many years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest continually practiced professional medicine in world today. Chinese traditional medicine goes back to over 2000 years ago and is one of the most widely used known systems throughout world.
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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the spots on your face do not pop up randomly. It’s important to note that when we talk about TCM organs like the “Liver”, “Gall Bladder”, “Lungs”, “Heart” etc., we don’t mean the Western anatomical organs which we are familiar with. The TCM theory is based on years of observation rather than hard scientific fact, so whilst it may be wise to take things with a pinch of salt, from personal experience I believe that being open-minded about it could lead to some interesting realizations about yourself and your current emotional and physical state. Anecdotal story: One client of mine developed a single large spot exactly in the lung region following the saddening news that her partner wanted to end their relationship. Immunity problems: This includes issues with keeping immunity up, so people are more likely to get a lot of coughs and colds, and generally catch everything that’s flying around. Sweating irregularities like too much  sweating upon physical exertion or non-existent sweating upon physical exertion. Anger & frustration issues, whether  there is excessive anger, or suppressed anger, these situations can cause spots in the liver zones of the face. Menstrual issues: The liver is the main TCM organ related to menstrual health issues including PMS, period pain and irregular periods.
Ligament and tendon issues like sprained ankles, injury-prone joints, as well as neck and shoulder pains.
Excessive consumption of toxins either in food or in the environment, because the liver is the main organ involved in detoxification. Anecdotal story: A client who suffered from impatience, irritability and frustration in her job had terrible PMS and constant redness and pimples in her liver zones above her eyes and on her upper cheeks.
NB As a generalization, severe acne in general is often considered related to liver imbalances.
Blockages of joy may manifest in spots in the heart area because joy is the main emotion of the TCM heart. Issues with emotional sweating like sweaty palms when nervous and breaking out into a whole-body or localized sweat in response to emotional stress.
Long-term experience of strong emotions of any sort like prolonged self-loathing, anxiety, restlessness, anger or grief, can lead to heart imbalances. Issues with the emotional link of  the eyes: Ranging from dull, lifeless eyes, to “crazy eye”, to more physical eye problems. Experiencing inappropriate emotional responses: A side-effect of heart imbalances that may accompany spots in the heart region include inappropriate emotional responses like laughing or smiling when you hear someone has died.
Issues with speech like stuttering, stammering, speech impediments and fear of public speaking. Being startled easily is another symptom of heart imbalance alongside pimples in the heart region. Tendency to have an imbalanced sense of enthusiasm which may be either deficient (as in depression) or excessive (as in manic states). Anecdotal story: One client was having a difficult few months of depression and self-loathing.
Worry: The main emotion linked to the spleen is worry, over-thinking and general excessive mental exertion. Dampness: Being exposed to excessive dampness and heavy, damp foods which are hard to digest can cause problems in the spleen, manifesting in spots in the spleen area. Energy issues: According to TCM the spleen is responsible for giving us energy (Qi), so if there are problems with the spleen, you may have deficient energy. Reproductive health issues: This includes problems with the reproductive hormones, issues around fertility, menstruation in women, and conditions like PCOS. Bone health issues: Spots in this area could relate to bone health, development and growth issues in some people. Hair health issues: According to TCM the Kidneys manifest in the head hair, so good hair health depends on healthy TCM Kidneys. Jing-depletion issues: In TCM there is a special life-force called “Jing” and this is said to keep us alive.
In TCM the colon is closely linked to the lungs so properties described in the lung-section somewhat echo those of the colon region.
Issues with courage, such as not having the courage to do some things you want to do and this being a particular issue in your life at the moment. On a physical level: the gall bladder is closely related to the liver in terms of physical signs and symptoms.
Problems in accessing inner wisdom and judgement which makes decision making difficult, leading to indecision or rash decisions. It’s natural for us to go through periods of grief, anger, willpower struggles and other emotions.
At other times, the trigger for spots in certain regions of your face are longer term problems, with spots repeatedly coming up in the same locations. If you believe in the spiritual concept of “the body speaks the mind” and “signposts of the universe”, spots on your face are signposts telling you something. In all these TCM organ imbalances described above, going to a TCM practitioner to balance the TCM organ under stress will help set you on the right path. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate. Facebook us:Join the saywhydoi facebook fanpage to be the first to know when a new article is up!
There are a few contemporary definitions for Bipolar Disorder according to psychiatrists and psychologists. Their approach to treating Bipolar Disorder surrounds their theory that emotional disorders of any kind can also be traced to healthy organ function.
Bipolar disorder involves periods of elevated or irritable mood (mania), alternating with periods of depression.
Suicidal behaviors almost always occur in people with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and alcohol dependence. Those with bipolar may turn to depressants — such as alcohol or pain pills — to try to manage their mania, or to stimulants — such as cocaine or methamphetamines — to cope with depression. If you have bipolar disorder and think you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, says Duckworth, both issues should be addressed together — in fact, he believes that anyone with substance-abuse issues should be screened for bipolar disorder or other mood disorders. More information on bipolar disorder, including information about bipolar disorder and addiction, living with bipolar disorder, alternative bipolar treatment treatment options, support groups, advocacy, resources, and educational programs and events, can be found at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. The abuse of substances is sometimes associated with psychiatric diagnoses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
Unfortunately, many centres in South Afrfica are not able to do so and even discriminate against dual diagnosis patients by withholding their medication.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) definition of pain is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang, and is significantly different from the definition of pain proposed by Western medicine.
Whenever the free flow of Qi and Blood is obstructed, according to TCM, the organs begin to function improperly and, thus, pain develops.
TCM can improve the patient’s ability to deal with pain, and can regulate the negative emotions associated with pain, such as fear, anxiety, frustration.
TCM can increase energy levels, and increase the patient’s ability to perform everyday functions.
It is significant to note that TCM is intended to not only treat the pain itself, but also the full range of ailments associated with that pain. As with any conventional Western medical practice, the treatment of pain begins with the practitioner taking a detailed history of the patient. The most common TCM treatment of pain is a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicines.
April 2016 Global Land And Sea Temperature: Another Record High Up and up the temperature goes. The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is teamed with experienced specialists and invites national renowned veteran practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. In this free video, Naturopathic pediatrician, , speaks about children’s and infant health.
Lose Weight Without Dieting HD Back Massage with Relaxing Music & Soft Spoken Voice Intense Abs Challenge for Men & Women! My patients are often puzzled to be asked to show me their tongue during every consultation, which I understand. Oriental medicine is the oldest form of traditional medicine in the world, with its origin going back to over 3000 years ago. According to the ancient classical texts of Chinese medicine, the tongue is the only internal organ that we can see. The first rule of tongue diagnosis is to distinguish between the true colour which is an accurate reflection of the health of the whole body, and temporary discolorations being caused by certain foods, or medications.
A small, thin tongue is often seen with young students suffering from chronic insomnia or anxiety due to mental exhaustion.
Why don’t you join me again next month for a more detailed look at the tongue with practical advice, and dietary guidance that you can improve your own health.
View articles related to specific therapies by selecting a category below, or use the search box. Their position on your face is meaningful because in TCM different areas of the face relate to certain TCM organs. The TCM organs may have the same names but they relate to a theoretical “organ” which (slightly confusingly) has the same name. A period of life that has been associated with sadness and grief can lead to temporary spots popping up in the lung zones of the face. Problems with skin elimination in general (a lung-related function according to TCM) can lead to spots and pimples.
Related to blockages of joy are issues with self-love, self-acceptance, stress and uptighteness. These are the type of people who see you coming and still jump when you say “Boo!”, or jump more than the average person in reaction to an alarm or unexpected event. She exhibited almost all of the physical signs and symptoms associated with TCM heart issues and had a number of spots in her heart regions on her face. Problems in these areas can manifest as IBS, dysbiosis, bloating, bad breath, problems with appetite (excessive or deficient) and poor stool movements, amongst others.
You’ll find a lot of references and anecdotal stories that say that spots on your chin and jawline relate to hormonal problems, and according to TCM (and also Japanese and Vietnemses face maps), this is because the chin is the prime location of the reflex points relating to sex hormone production (in this case the TCM Kidney). Feeling aloof or apathetic, or having trouble with self-discipline could be behind these spots. Common pathologies linked to kidney issues include osteoporosis, teeth problems like cavity-prone teeth and brittle bones. We’re born with a certain amount of Jing, and as we live our lives, it slowly gets depleted. The main emotional issues relating to spots arising in the colon areas are feeling stuck, or grieving, much like the lungs.
Sometimes a spot that arises in response to a temporary situation such as this will just pass once the person has dealt with that particular issue. According to TCM, this is a sign that the problem related to the TCM organ zone of your face has not been dealt with and it will continue to come up until you sort it out. They’re telling you something is wrong that needs rebalancing, and they’ll keep showing up in the same locations until you do something about the recurring issue they’re reaching out to you about.
Most TCM practitioners work with particular nutrition, Chinese herbs*, acupuncture, mental exercises and other lifestyle advice that can help re-balance the situation. Make sure you’re working with a highly respected practitioner and safe sources of herbs. If you like a product that was recommended anywhere on this website, please consider buying these products via the links on this site, to help keep this website running.
I haven’t researched this topic yet, but I would imagine that there is significance to different locations of breakouts in other places on your body. But these modern definitions are as young in understanding as are the professions of psychology and psychiatry. But some have had interesting and logical ideas to the causes and treatments of Bipolar Disorder. In traditional Chinese medicine, the organs play a vital role in brain chemistry function and emotional balance and well being. Suicidal behavior is any deliberate action with potentially life-threatening consequences, such as taking a drug overdose or deliberately crashing a car.
In both cases, the usual result is that the substance abuse kicks the bipolar disorder into the opposite state — depression or mania — rather than fixing anything. Mood-stabilizing medications won’t fix the struggles with addiction, but they may reduce the drive toward it once the mania and depression are addressed. Although she continues to struggle with managing the ups and down caused by her bipolar disorder, she believes it is now mostly under control. When choosing a treatment centre, it is vital to make sure that they are able to deal with dual diagnosis addiction. Traditional Chinese Medicine views pain differently than Western medicine, and proposes treatments such as acupuncture for the relief of immediate or chronic discomfort. This can be due to a deficiency of Qi, or Blood, or it can happen when Qi and Blood become stuck in a specific place.
Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very thin needles into the skin for the purpose of stimulating specific points in the body. The diseases include but not limited toHyperplasia of Mammary Glands, menoxenia, dysmenorrheal,intrahepatic cholestasis, sub-health, and other diseases of nervous and digestive systems. She discusses how children’s bodies are fragile and especially susceptible to health problems. After all, the only time our local doctor looks at our tongue is on very rare occasions when he needs to check the state of our tonsils, and even then, he never seems to pay as close attention as I do.

Until very recently, the traditional Chinese practitioners didn’t have access to any modern medical equipment for their diagnosis, so they learnt to recognize evidence of pathological dysfunctions by other means.
Each individual tongue is unique, as apparently there are not two identical human tongues on the planet. For example, a patient who has been sucking vitamin C lozenges will have an orange tint on his tongue, which is not related to his internal condition. From that point of reference, a lighter tongue colour will be interpreted as evidence of cold in the body and deficiency in blood supply , the lighter the colour, the stronger the level of deficiency.
Patients with a weak spleen and stomach have a swollen tongue which looks like it has been inflated.
It indicates a depletion of Qi (energy) and blood circulation in both their heart and their spleen.
Each TCM organ carries with it both an emotional meaning and a connection to related body systems that need strengthening if a weakness (i.e.
So just to clarify, when it is written below that there’s something wrong with your “Heart” region, this doesn’t mean you actually have something wrong with your anatomical heart, but rather with the TCM definition of the “Heart”.
Addressing hormonal imbalances will often help prevent spots arising on the chin and jawline. The “signposts of the universe” theory states that it starts with little signs like spots on your face reaching out to you, but if you don’t listen to their message, the signs appear in other ways so that hopefully you’ll notice them.
It requires a holistic approach and almost always begins with treating your state of mind and emotions. Suggestions contained in this article are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a health professional. TCM-wise, my guess would be that the answer may be related to which meridians are found in the area where the spots are.
Take the NADA 5 Point treatment protocol for instance which is mainly used for treating addiction. NADA have numerous studies that claim many successes in treating Bipolar Disorder with acupuncture.
Toxicity plays a HUGE role in brain chemistry dysfunction and the use of modern allopathic medicines are in fact toxins, perpetuating the cycle of dysfunction. The exact cause is unknown, but it occurs more often in relatives of people with bipolar disorder. Both of these disorders tend to first emerge during the teenage years, says Ken Duckworth, MD, medical director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and studies have found that teens with bipolar disorder are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. This therapy is intended to balance the movement of energy in the body, and is often accompanied by local massage and the use of moxibustion – a burning stick of dried herbs that applies heat to a specific area, much like a heating pad or hot water bottle. It provides comprehensive traditional treatment integrating Chinese herb treatment,acupoint massage, acupuncture and moxibustion, ear acupressure and cupping therapy.
The Department has unique viewpoints in treating complicated diseases in gynecology, respiratory system, allergy, and cervical lesion caused by HIV infections.
Because children are developing so quickly, they need to be protected and treated with gentle care. So after being asked so many times the medical relevance of tongue examination the time has now come to reveal the secrets of this mysterious art.
From the close observation of billions of sick patients, over the milleniums, they became expert at interpreting the subtle changes in a person’s skin colour and texture, as well as the variations in the tonality of their voice, their body smells, their emotions, and the quality of their pulse and their tongue.
In our oriental framework, the condition of the tongue mirrors the condition of the kidney, the spleen, the liver, the heart, and the lung. In the same fashion, drinking milk will leave a white coating, eating beetroot a red coating, and so on.
Additional ridges or “toothmarks” on the sides of the swollen tongue are evidence of excess cold in the digestive system, which is often due to a lack of warming foods in the diet. If a red tongue has multiple cracks on its surface, it is a sign that internal built up of excess heat is drying up the fluids, hence its resemblance with the parched soil of rural Australia after a long lasting drought. In addition, the related health and emotional implications of each TCM organ may sound bewilderingly unrelated to the organ in question (for example TCM “Kidneys” affect ear health and reproduction). Note that some references will say that spots on the forehead relate to digestive issues too.
People who have other sex-related issues may also find spots arising in their kidney zones.
All matters regarding health and supplementation require medical supervision and careful examination of contraindications.
From the gathering of these littles clues, the cause of their disorders would gradually be revealed. In the extreme case of life threatening conditions with high fever, the patient’s tongue can change from a light pink colour to tomato red, in a matter of weeks. Though it may sound strange given our knowledge of medicine and science, through thousands of years of carefully developed TCM theory, it all makes sense, so an open mind respecting the potential of ancient wisdoms is needed whilst reading this article.
This is because in some Chinese face maps the TCM small intestines are indicated across the forehead, and the small intestines are also involved in digestive health to a certain degree in TCM. For example people who have unbalanced sexual desires, or who indulge in excessive sex could have Kidney issues.
Some activities deplete Jing faster than others, with some of the most depleting including taking drugs (particularly those that imbalance brain chemistry or speed things up), caffeine and stress. The author does not accept responsibility for the use of this information, nor shall the author be liable for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions in this article. There are over 1500 clinics worldwide now that use the NADA 5 Point Protocol and more than 25000 trained specialists that use it.
Treating children deals more with observation- such as skin color and quality, jaundice, etc. Nothing has changed after all these years, and today these ancient skills remain the foundations of Chinese medicine diagnosis.
The kidney region is at the back of the tongue, the spleen and digestive system are in the middle, the liver and gallbladder are on the lateral middle edges of the tongue, and the heart is at the centre of the tip, with the lung being represented on both sides next to it.
Anatomically, the tongue is supplied in oxygenated blood by the carotid artery, while the venous drainage of deoxygenated blood is conducted by the lingual vein underneath the tongue. The practitioner can also assess the level of recovery in a patient’s condition by the improvement in the tongue colour.
Such Jing-depleting activities can cause Kidney issues because Jing resides in the Kidneys.
GB = gall bladder, LV = liver, LI = large intestine or colon – similar meaning to lungs, SI = small intestine which have similar meaning to the heart area etc.
Find the bit I wrote above about the relevant organ for an interpretation of what spots along these meridians could indicate).
An oriental practitioner treating a patient with a lung condition, will look for evidence of swelling or darkening in the colour of these lingual veins underneath the tongue to assess the degrees of impairment of lung circulation.

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