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E-diagnosis is a method which is provided to help people to get a possible medical diagnosis through E-mail.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the doctor diagnose the patient by checking pulse, tongue, color, voice, as well as analyze information provided by patients. In the third century AD, Doctor Zhang Zhongjing of the Eastern Han Dynasty wrote Treatise on febrile Diseases based on the medical classics of his predecessors.
Scholar Huang Fumi of the Western Jin Dynasty composed the A-B Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
Since the Sui & Tang Dynasties, doctors and medical works have been too many to enumerate.
Traditional Chinese medicine is a large family with a large variety, and their names are also complicated.
Various treatments are adopted in traditional Chinese medicine, including medication, acupuncture, massage therapy, food therapy and so on. It is best to use a casserole, a pottery pot or an enamel pot to extract the medicines, so that they can be heated evenly, thus, the efficacy of the medicines won't be reduced because of chemical change in the healing components. A dose is made up of many kinds of medicines, whose functions are different, so it is important to put the medicine into the extracting container according to the doctor's instructions. Generally speaking, stomach medicine and tonic should be taken before meals, and irritative and pungent medicines should be eaten after meals.
Grains, nuts, beans, and dark greens can help to prevent headaches caused by qi deficiency.
When a headache is caused by an external pernicious influence, it can occur suddenly, often along with other symptoms of wind. When the external pathogen is dampness, the pain is dull and the head feels heavy -- as if it is wrapped in a wet blanket.
In all the above types of acute, externally contracted headaches, the pain may be due, in part, to pressure in the sinuses. A common internal cause of headache is liver yang rising up to the head, which may occur when a person experiences anger or frustration, or it can be a result of long-term deficiency of liver yin. In the condition known as liver fire, a condition of extreme heat, the symptoms are the same as for liver yang headaches, with the addition of red face and eyes, more severe anger, and a red tongue with a yellow coat. Symptoms of blood stagnation headaches are a sharp, fixed, stabbing pain in a specific location, a wiry, choppy pulse, and a purple tongue. If blood deficiency is the cause, the pain is dull but a little more severe than the pain of qi deficiency. In all types of headaches, acupuncture is a powerful tool, frequently relieving the pain within minutes. Following the treatment, it is important to incorporate some lifestyle and dietary modifications to eliminate the underlying cause of the headaches. Animal products tonify qi and blood, but they should be eaten in smaller quantities than the other foods.
Bill Schoenbart has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 1991, when he earned a Masters degree in TCM. Ellen Shefi is a licensed massage technician, licensed acupuncturist, and registered dietician.
You'll have a better overall health experience when you gain greater inner balance through the customized Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment paths available from our NCCAOM certified osteopathic acupuncturist.

Our mission is to help people lead a healthy life style, to regain their self-healing potential, and to rediscover the healing remedies our Mother Nature has given us for generations before. TCM is a time honored, holistic and natural healing system developed over the last 5000 years. Only through the quest for balance in yin and yang can we reach the state of optimal health.
If you are interested in a possible diagnosis with Traditional Chinese Medicine this is very simple way to get a diagnosis. All of these lines and marks contain recorded life signals and health information about the person. Liu will need a clear close-up picture of patient's right and left hand, palm up, and he also needs to know whether the person is male or female. As early as China's primitive society, Shen Nong, the legendary father of Chinese medicine, had already tasted hundreds of herbs to test their characters, flavors and functions in order to cure the people.
Before extracting the medicine, it is usual to immerse the ingredients in water for about half an hour; thus, their healing components can be extracted easily and fully.
Some headaches are associated with external pernicious influences, such as wind cold, wind heat, or wind damp. If any nasal or sinus congestion accompanies the headache, it is a good idea to take Bi Yan Pian also.
Symptoms are dizziness, irritability, and nausea; the headache is a throbbing pain on the sides of the head or behind the eyes.
The standard formula for this pattern is Long Dan Xie Gan Wan, which purges heat from the liver. A pale face and tongue, dizziness, blurry vision, and a small, thin pulse are typical symptoms.
For example, when the cause is liver heat, spicy and greasy foods should be avoided, and stress reduction should be a high priority. The protein, fats, and other nutrients they contain make them useful in rebuilding the body in cases of deficiency, but these same qualities make them factors in heart disease and cancer when eaten in excess.
He teaches TCM medical theory and herbalism at an acupuncture school in California, and also maintains a clinical practice. She is a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the American Herb Association, and the Oregon Acupuncture Association.
By achieving this, we, as a society will not have to rely solely on the expensive chemicals and surgeries. In darkness, life comes to a rest, a motionless state when body quietly rejuvenates with the nourishment it receives. In the brightness of the sun, people engage in activities, constantly using and producing energy to meet the challenge from both the modern society and natural existing pathogens.
It is a state with balance in anabolism (building up) and catabolism (breaking down), a mind with balance in aimlessness and purposefulness and a life with balance in rest and activity.
These lines and marks contain many different meanings, and can be indications if a person is healthy or not. After boiling them with a big flame, use a smaller flame to extract the medicine for a further 20 to 30 minutes. Others occur as a symptom of internal imbalances, such as liver fire, phlegm, blood stagnation, qi deficiency, or blood deficiency.

Other symptoms could be an aversion to cold, tight and sore shoulders and neck, and nasal congestion. An effective patent remedy for this type of headache is Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan, which is also appropriate for headaches due to internal dampness. The classic formula for this condition is Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin, which is also quite effective in relieving tight neck and shoulders that can accompany the headache.
Herbs are selected that move the blood and help to relieve pain, such as Yan Hu Suo Zhi Tong Pian. Other points are selected according to the location of the pain, such as the back of the head (Gallbladder 20), the temples (Taiyang), or the forehead (Stomach 8). If the underlying pattern is qi or blood deficiency, the diet should be modified to incorporate more whole grains and beans, nuts, dark greens, and fresh, organic vegetables. We will have more affordable health care which integrates natural healing with modern medical science. In health science, yin analogs a decrease in physiological and motor functions for the preservation of energy, organ repair, absorption and storage of nutrition.
In health science, yang analogs an increase in physiological and motor functions, which breaks down the material components of our bodies to fuel these activities.
Sometimes, color and mark changes in a person's hand may tell people if they suffered from early and late stage tumor or cancer. Besides, medicine of different textures should be extracted accordingly for different periods of time. It is especially important to have an accurate diagnosis when treating a headache, since the wrong treatment can actually make the condition worse.
The classic formula for this pattern is Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan taken along with green tea. A headache due to qi deficiency typically begins or gets worse after physical exertion, and it tends to feel better in the morning or after rest. On the other hand, excessive yin is like a pond in the shade, where dampness and coldness prevail. Also, Tang Kwei Gin or Shou Wu Chih are effective blood tonics in a convenient, good-tasting liquid form. It sometimes calls for Tuina (Chinese massage) and forms of meditative, low impact martial arts; such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Excessive inactivity leads to decrease in energy production and accumulation of pathological wastes; such as phlegm, fluid and fat. Excessive activity would exhaust our bodiesa€™ resources which includes the material components, nourishment and fluid. Liu has practiced medicine for many years, and has diagnosed many patients without being told anything from them. He will send your results to you through E-mail in a few days after having received your information and Payment. Liu will tell you where you have problems and potential problems and what you need to take to prevent or treat them.

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