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LEGAL MAGIC: The activities of traditional healers and witchdoctors will be soon be regulated. Faith and traditional healers in Walvis Bay are blaming impersonators of their profession of robbing people, and contributing to domestic violence, breaking up marriages and creating tension among family members. These concerns were voiced during a meeting that was convened on Tuesday by Sergeant Ilene Shapumba Head of Community Policing in Erongo, to discuss community concerns.
The healers decided to establish a forum and vowed to identify and root out fake practitioners masquerading as authentic healers in Walvis Bay. Shapumba informed the gathering that community members lodged several complaints in 2015 against faith and traditional healers and this prompted a declaration of war against the fake healers by the police. There is no law regulating your profession and you should do what you do with integrity,” Shapumba warned.

The 24 healers present, some of whom are affiliated to the Namibian Christian Apostolic and Prophet Association (NACAPA), strongly refuted claims that they collaborate with criminals. When you practise you must give the government something, said Haingura.South Africa enacted its Traditional Health Practitioners Act in 2007 to regulate and register sangomas.
According to the healers, the absence of a traditional healers association or regulatory body and the enactment of the Traditional Healers Act in Namibia have contributed to problems of mistrust in the services offered by the traditional healers. Three complaints from community members who felt that they were cheated out of their hard-earned cash were recorded this month. They put their faith and trust in you and act on the advice you give them because you would have created the impression that you have solutions for their problems. They also denied advising their clients to reject family members so that the ancestors can improve their livelihood.

The healers allege that because the foreigners do not stay in one place, they are the ones conning people and tarnishing the image of faith and traditional healers in Namibia. Instead, the healers countered, some clients are using them to get away with crimes committed and the healers strongly denied that they work in cahoots with criminals. The issue of infighting between healers and what is popularly known as born-again faith denominations also came under the spotlight.

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