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Solargain is excited to announce a new Strategic Partnership with the Australian Hotels Association of Victoria.
AUSVEG is excited to announce a new Strategic Partnership with leading solar energy provider, Solargain. The Climate Institute has released Climate of the Nation 2015, its annual review of public attitudes on climate change and its solutions.
The Abbott Government has approved a cut to Australia's carbon emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030 from a 2005 baseline, following a cabinet decision.

Running a more energy efficient business isn’t just good for the environment; it could save you thousands of dollars too. You already know the benefits when it comes to installing solar panels – the considerable savings to energy bills, value-adding to assets and building a reputation as a conscientious company are just a few. Direct Memory Access (DMA) have grown to be one of the largest wholesalers of computer hardware in WA. After protracted negotiations, Federal Parliament has signed off on a bipartisan RET agreement.

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