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Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumerate(TAF, GS–7340), is one of the most efficient drug that can manage the AIDS. It inhibits the enzyme integrase, which is produced by HIV virus and performs a crucial role in an early stage of HIV's replication process. Integrase inhibitors are effective against HIV that has become resistant to other antiretroviral classes. Define and give examples for pharmacodynamic agents such as analgesics, tranquilizers, antacids, antihistamines and oral contraceptives.
Define and give examples for chemotherapeutic agents such as antimicrobials, antiseptics and disinfectants. Drugs are broadly classified into two main classes on the basis of their therapeutic action.
The pharmacodynamic agents interact with specific receptors in the body tissues and regulate their biochemical functions.
The site of the action of the drug along with the commonly used drugs is indicated in the table.

These are the drugs used in the treatment and cure of infectious diseases without injuring or destroying the cells of the infected host. These drugs, on the basis of the pathogen that causes the disease, are further divided into various classes. The class of drugs that cure the specific disease and some of the commonly used drugs against each disease are mentioned in adjacent table.
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