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Stanford University material scientists have devised the first synthetic, plastic skin that is conductive, sensitive to touch, and capable of repeatedly self-healing at room temperature. Beyond prosthetics, this polymer could also be used to coat wires — and if they break, the polymer would self-heal and restore conductivity. Pair this development with 3D printing, and we may be closer to the bionic human than most think. My first reaction is about the image I thought it was Photoshop tricks, but on going reading the article it was about the plastic polymer. Blessed Angels come to me now, help me to be receptive, open and clear to receive your gifts; bless me and be with me. In this moment, I can assist you powerfully, deeply and profoundly simply by you allowing yourself to be with yourself exactly as you are. Know yourself as this for even one minute, even 30 seconds, and the gateways to healing open. Every time you hold your own center, every time you hold yourself exactly as you are in the moment, you access the still place and still point of your soul. As the Angel of Self-Healing, I will tell you that if you allow yourself to see yourself and all around you moving to balance, moving to perfection, moving to wisdom, moving to divine connection and collaboration, then you have stepped into your own center point of stillness.
The staircase leads only up, and up leads to only greater awareness, creativity, happiness and eternal love.
Christopher Dilts is an internationally recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels. Please feel welcome to contact us directly to ask questions about Angels, schedule sessions, or about booking Christopher for speaking engagements, conferences, workshops or interviews.
On our Events page you can learn about his regular worldwide Angel Healing Circles by phone events and Ask an Angel Questions & Answers by phone events. Beloved and blessed Angels, gifts of Creator, gifts that support and help me to express my own gifts and my loving presence. Your place of greatest receptivity is to simply allow yourself to be exactly as you are with your strengths, your abilities and your gifts, as well as your sorrows, your grief, your failures, and your vulnerabilities.
Certainly you feel that there are imperfections, that there is pain, illness, discomfort and sometimes great distress. There is the universe that knows you, that speaks to you, that understands you and provides for you in every moment.
That the spirit within you, your soul within you, knows you as this – I ask only that you too, know yourself as this. Know yourself in perfect balance with creation and allow yourself to dance forward into creation.
This is why they maintain an awareness of love and wisdom in connection to creation regardless of what happens around them.

Each and every time you connect deeply with yourself, you connect with everyone, everything, and all of the loving intelligent creation around you. I encourage you to love the step you rest upon now regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, I encourage you to love that there is staircase beneath you and leading upward.
Take this deeply into your awareness and follow it to your own still point of balance within.
He has facilitated positive change for hundreds of people by helping them develop a deeply personal relationship with their Guiding Angels.
You can also contact Christopher for information on booking an individual session, large or small group gatherings, or for organizational consultants. In a structural composite matrix, catalyst capable of triggering the polymerization of the healing agent and microcapsules containing healing agent are embedded.
I and your other Angels see all of this – acknowledge all of this – understand all of this. Your place within God’s creation that is supported and encouraged and respected and loved.
You have day and night, hot and cold, up and down, heaven and earth, love and fear, and on and on and on. Your place of power is in the present moment and is in being with yourself exactly as you are: acknowledging all, accepting all, and then choosing the highest expression of yourself. You must be connected and grounded, present with your feet, present with the staircase, present with your desire to move up to something higher, more elevated and more expanded than the current stair you rest upon.
I assure you that each step is a step into greater wholeness, completeness, and creative union. Once damage occurs, the cracks ruputure the microcapsules, releasing the healing agent, which contacts the catalyst to form polymers that bonds the crack faces together. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. Even in your own deepest places of distortion and illusion and contraction and rejection of the love Creator holds for you, there is always your knowing soul, your informed and loving spirit yearning to be free and to share with you and to inform you of the most from direct way back to love. I can assure you that the most powerful process of self –healing is in being fully and truly the highest expression of yourself that you are capable of. Yet you must fully and completely respect your place, your current place of awareness on the staircase. Remember to call upon all the loving aspects of creation to help and assist you along the way. This novel concept is publised on Nature, Feb 15, 2001, to describe a material with the ability to heal itself autonomically, i.e.
In the world of chemistry, hydrogen bonds are special because they’re much weaker than covalent or ionic bonds, and readily break and reform.

Angel of Self-Healing, I ask for your loving energy, I ask for your wisdom, I ask to receive wh at will help me to heal and be whole. We see you in the full and complete spectrum of who you are, of what your potential is, and of what your present life informs you.
I will call you into the state of the lucid dreamer – the dreamer will who both dreams the dream and is aware of themselves doing so. The coin spinning quickly, not landing head or tails, but in balance spinning on its own axis, from its own center. Whether this is a spinning dancer, a spinning top, a celestial body such as the earth or the sun, or the solar system itself, or even a great spiral galaxy, all have this steady center around which they turn.
This often means reaching, and sorting out, and deciding with clear and loving discrimination. It supports you, it allows you to be exactly where you are with your full intention of moving upward and forward.
Water is probably the best example of hydrogen bonding: You can easily split a droplet of water in two, and yet they readily join back together (self-heal). This means coming into alignment with your own inner still point, your own eternal self, your own soul awareness. To be unclear and disconnected from your place on your present step of consciousness and awareness does not serve you. You may choose to be aware of that center, to be in balance with it, as often as you are able. This is the deep awareness that is always present regardless of where your ordinary awareness wonders. It leaves you feeling confused, uncertain, frustrated, faithless, depressed and disempowered. The nickle particles bond with the polymer and allow electricity to flow across the skin, effectively jumping between the nickle particles like stepping stones.
In testing, the researchers cut the skin in half with a scalpel, then pushed it back together. Within a few seconds, the skin had regained 75% of its mechanical strength and conductivity — within 30 minutes, the skin was fully restored.
As far as its electrical properties go, the skin is fairly conductive, and its electrical resistance changes depending on pressure and tension. For example, if you had a prosthetic hand covered in this skin, it would theoretically be possible to convert an incoming handshake into electrical signals that are then wired into your nervous system.

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