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Long before Kanye West recently laced up a pair in public, the adidas Ultra Boost was already one of the best running shoes on the market. But what makes the Ultra Boost so great is that it’s not just all about performance, because the shoe looks just as great on the streets with a pair of jeans as it does with running shorts on race day. See how the adidas Ultra Boost takes you on the ride of your life at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Blog. But the angled front lights looks like they are from the Daihatsu Move … (though not the big angle windshield portion). Or the dozens of mini trucks roaming Japan either that inspired the Scion or was inspired by the Scion … The Daihatsu Materia, for example.
Non diecast photos from Digimods where you can check out a nice database of favorite tuner cars to modify. Are we sure that there isn’t a little PT Cruiser in DJ, along with maybe a little of the Chevy HHR?

No, Mack should have told Lightning he was pulling over for the night at the Top Down Cafe.
If Mack had pulled in at the Top Down cafe, he might have ran into Mater and the Gas Caps playing a gig. If the tuners never bumped mack, mcqueen would have never gotten lost and accidentaly make it into radiator springs, which is where he would meet all the friends he has now. I always thought that Snot Rod was based on the Plymouth ‘Cuda (The sister to the Challenger), especially in the tail lights! I also associated Snot Rod with the Cuda because of the stripe on his sides, but like I said the Cuda is the sister to the Challenger. Yeah I always like these posts as I love to see where inspiration comes from even if it is just from the creators imagination, we all draw from somewhere.
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Upon its debut in February the Ultra Boost was hailed by adidas as their “greatest running shoe of all time”, and now after a few months of wear by people around the globe, the results are in: that statement isn’t just hyperbole. In the end, whether you decided that you loved them before or after Kanye wore them doesn’t really matter. The Ultra Boost has become one of the hottest sneakers of the year for performance and pop culture both.

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