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This unfortunate fact is a part of life, and we really have no control over it, other than maybe trying to educate those who are misinformed and refraining from further interacting with those who show themselves too close-minded. Almost everyone is saying that the PlayStation 4 is a much better choice over the Xbox One, other than those who bought Microsoft's device, of course, fueled mostly by their own status as PS4 owners and some of the magical anti-PR that the Redmond-based company managed to pull off over the course of last year.
The latest talk of the town is the fact that the PlayStation 4 is marginally better than the Xbox One as far as its GPU and memory make-up is concerned, with Microsoft's next-gen computer entertainment system being also the victim of its limited 32 MB of ESRAM, which many developers decried.
The latest rage is picking on the Xbox One for its inability to reach 1080p, many cross-platform games running at 900p resolution on the platform, as opposed to the native 1080p of the PlayStation 4.
Both consoles' hardware is outdated, and their only advantage is the unifying property of having the same hardware in every home, which makes development easier and ensures that everyone gets the same experience. In their recent interview with Digital Foundry, 4A Games, makers of the Metro series and the just-released Metro Redux, the revamped version of the two titles, remastered for current-generation consoles, made some interesting reveals.
The developer managed to get the pretty demanding games to run on both consoles at a steady 60 frames per second, albeit the Xbox One edition was running at a lower resolution of just 912p. The developer also made note of the fact that both Sony and Microsoft have been steadily improving the development environment for both platforms, and the most recent development kits, such as the post-Kinect one for the Xbox One, allow developers much more freedom, and, thus, the power to create better products. While the PS4 is natively stronger, the Xbox One is also catching up, and the latest dev kit updates include more of the features that will be delivered in DirectX 12. DX12 offers more direct hardware control and eliminates much of the current CPU overhead, just like AMD's Mantle application programming interface aims to do.
The Resolutiongate scandal is only secondary to the real issue at hand, which, as far as consoles go, is games. When Naughty Dog creates its next PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece, then you will have a good reason to pick on Xbox One owners. If the Xbox One console still struggles to keep up with the PS4 improvements a year from now, that is a good reason to ridicule it. My only concern for the time being is what will happen when PCs start greatly outstripping console capabilities.
Nun da Microsoft die Xbox One vorgestellt hat, wird die neue Generation der Spielekonsole mit anderen Konsolen verglichen. Im direkten Vergleich wird deutlich, dass die Playstation 4 und Xbox One 8GB Ram aufweisen und uber den gleichen x86-basierten Grafikprozessor von AMD verfugen. Die Xbox 360 hat naturlich keine Chance gegen die neuen Konsolen, dennoch soll damit gezeigt werden, wie viel Arbeit Microsoft in die Verbesserung und Entwicklung der Xbox One gesteckt hat.
I am not yet a father, but one day I am going to tell my future children about what it was like the to go to the local video store and rent a movie. In the past you used to have to worry about what movie you were going to rent, now you are faced with the choice of how to rent it.
RedBox - These little vending machines came on the scene few years ago and spread like wild fire. Amazon Instant Video – I have been shopping with and following Amazon for a very long time, when they do something they go big.
When it comes to apps, Xbox One is in the ever-so-slight leadXbox One vs PS4 appsThe Xbox 360 and PS3 proved to be more than just gaming machines and Xbox One and PS4 are no different.
Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Si ya te estas empezando a plantear si vas a comprar una Xbox One o una PS4, es muy recomendable que vayas informandote de las caracteristicas de cada una de ellas. Lo cierto es que no resulta facil decir que una consola es mejor que la otra, ya que ambas tienen un rendimiento grafico muy superior al que podemos encontrar en la generacion actual.

Aunque de momento no se trata de un dato oficial, se rumoreal que la PS4 tendra una velocidad de reloj de 2,75 GHz, mientras que los usuarios de Xbox One tendran que conformarse con 1,6 GHz. Para los procesadores graficos, ambas consolas recurren a la marca AMD, pero no por ello son iguales.
Las dos consolas cuentan con 8GB de memoria RAM, pero mientras la PS4 utilizara memoria GDDR5 la Xbox One recurrira a la DDR3. Microsoft consigue un contrato publicitario con el Real Madrid para introducir Surface?Recordais el ultimo incidente que involucro a Microsoft en la publicidad? Usamos 'cookies' propias y de terceros para dar un mejor servicio y ofrecer publicidad personalizada a nuestros usuarios. DX11 functions more like an accountant that keeps leering at your code over your shoulder, always wanting to know everything that's going on.
There are currently not enough games on either console to keep users interested, so they have to resort to pointing out information that is largely irrelevant in the long run.
But until then, it's just a fresh system with a couple of quirks, just like the PlayStation 3 was at the start of its life cycle, and it too paid the price.
The last generation of consoles was a few steps ahead of the state of PC hardware at the time, but this generation already started on the back foot.
Fragwurdig bleibt aber, ob die Xbox One mit GDDR3 Ram mit den GDDR5 von der Playstation 4 mithalten kann. Please consult your financial advisor for specific recommendations regarding your personal situation.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Para ayudarte en esta tarea, hoy vamos a realizar una comparacion entre las tarjetas graficas de una y otra.
El debate en blogs y redes sociales parece que se decanta un poco mas por la PS4, pero mas que porque realmente sea muy superior a la consola de Microsoft es porque, para unas caracteristicas muy similares, ofrece un precio mas barato. Los datos iniciales aseguraban que la potencia grafica de la PS4 seria un 40% superior a la de la Xbox, pero Microsoft ha confirmado que va a aumentarla antes de que la consola salga al mercado, por lo que la diferencia sera mucho menor, aunque los efectos visuales de PS4 seguiran siendo mas potentes. En principio, GDDR5 es un tipo de memoria mucho mas potente, pero los creadores de Xbox han suplido esta carencia con un buen buffer eSRAM, de forma que la diferencia principal es la preferencia de cada uno. El Product Placement no salio como ellos esperaban y los presentadores acababan utilizando el Surface Pro como un mero soporte para sus iPad, algo que se vio en la television norteamericana. Al navegar o utilizar nuestros servicios, entendemos que acepta el uso que hacemos de las 'cookies'.
Der folgende Vergleich dagegen stellt die Xbox One, die Playstation 4 und die Xbox 360 gegenuber.
RedBox, Microsoft, and Amazon have all entered the fray, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I have been a member since 2003 and although I get annoyed every time they raise the price I am still a faithful customer.
All references to interest rates, giveaways, deals, products, and websites can change without notice. It also has Microsoft's own soon-to-be-defunct Internet Explorer, OneDrive, Skype and Xbox Music and Xbox Video services.That contrasts with PS4.
Solange die Playstation 4 noch nicht vorgestellt wurde, kann ein umfassender Vergleich beider Konsolen nicht angestellt werden. With so many variables it can be hard to know what the best choice might be for your needs. I try to keep the information on this site current, but things change, deals expire, circumstances may be different now than when they were first published.

I will break down each option to highlight what the positives and possible negatives of each might be.
Weaknesses: You have to drive(or walk) to get them, you can be charged a late fee if you fail to return it, and the new releases take a while to arrive. I will weigh each selection with the assumption that you are interested in watch your movies in high def. I dislike this system because I feel like it is a deliberate attempt to obscure the price which is about $5.50 if you do the math.
Strengths: Just like Xbox, Amazon gets new releases early and they stream them to you instantly. Neither system has HBO Now, which remains exclusive to Apple TV.More niche apps are expected as time goes on, so this is hardly the final list of apps for Xbox One and PS4. Weaknesses: Waiting for discs, new releases take a while to make it to Netflix, and I feel like I am wasting money whenever I wait more then 3 days to mail back a disc.¬†Who is this best for? Sony backers who are also HBO subscriptions can expect equal next-generation treatment for the the premium on-demand network "eventually," which just cements Xbox One's app-filled advantage.Are PS4 and Xbox One backward compatible?This is where the Xbox One vs PS4 comparison has gotten interesting at E3 2015. After teasing Xbox 360 emulation, Microsoft announced Xbox One backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games."We won't charge you to play the games you already own," jabbed Microsoft at Sony during its E3 press conference. Since it is steaming you also never have to worry about it being out of stock and you don’t have to wait for your movie to arrive or go and get it.
Over 100 disc and downloadable Xbox 360 titles will work on Xbox One this year, and the features of the newer console - like streaming and taking screenshots - crosses over to older games.Microsoft plans to launch Xbox One backward compatibility this holiday with an early preview for Xbox Preview members starting today. Another nice feature that Microsoft offers is the ability to watch a trailer for the movie you are thinking about renting and in some cases they let you watch the first 10 minutes of the film to see if you like it.
It'll expand its free backward compatibility program to "hundreds" of games in 2016 and beyond. It won't be long until you can box up that old Xbox 360.Sony's PlayStation Now service, meanwhile, launch last year and graduated from open beta to full release in March, but it costs money to rent games.
People who just can’t wait to see the newest releases, groups who can split the high rental cost. That means you'll need to keep your Xbox 360 and PS3 in order to replay Halo 4 and Uncharted 3. You no longer have to subscribe to stream Netflix and other apps.Microsoft also supports MP3 and DLNA playback with the Xbox One, whereas Sony neglected to add such compatibility.
You can play all the biggest games on both consoles, but if your tastes are eclectic, Sony's indie and in-house lineup is irresistible.Matt Hill - Editor, Gizmodo UKPS4 for me. Damn straight it is.Sophia Tong - Global Editor in Chief, GamesRadarI have both because I like having options and access to everything (I even own a Wii U). For me it's about the games, but if I had to choose I do like the Xbox One's interface more because I can bark commands at it.Hugh Langley - UK News Editor, TechRadarIt has to be the PS4 right now. Between PlayStation Plus, PS Now, Vita cross-play, and the promise of Morpheus, the whole PlayStation ecosystem feels like it's growing into something truly terrific. That said, don't get comfortable, Sony - the Xbox One is definitely beginning to close the gap.

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