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Five others, using other types of zinc salt at doses greater than 75mg, resulted in a 20 per cent reduction.
Zinc supplements: The mineral's health benefits have long been known, but its effects on the common cold have not been clear until nowZinc is important for the immune system and eating too little in the diet is known to increase the risk of infection. The latest findings, reported in the Open Respiratory Medicine Journal, point to mixed results caused by hugely different doses in the previous studies.
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Profitez egalement des principes actifs vegetaux des savons pour un vrai moment de bien-etre. But remarkably, the cure for the common cold could be no more complicated than a mineral supplement. But zinc supplements could help shorten the symptoms of the common coldThree of the studies showed taking daily doses of zinc acetate higher than 75 milligrams a€“ seven times more than is generally recommended a€“ as soon as symptoms began, shortened colds by an average of 42 per cent.
But five studies of doses lower than 75mg showed no benefit at all.A Zinc supplements can cause side effects such as a bad taste in the mouth, stomach upsets and nausea in some people. The latest findings confirm research at Cardiff Universitya€™s Common Cold Centre into whether non-medical remedies are effective. The researchers, led by Dr Harri Hemila, of the University of Helsinki in Finland, wrote: a€?Many trials with daily zinc doses of over 75mg have found significant reduction in the duration of colds. Vous trouverez des accessoires pour etaler et appliquer parfaitement le maquillage pour un rendu nickel. Taking high doses of zinc can cut the length of colds by almost half, according to research.
The evidence emerged from the combined results of 13 trials which tested the ability of zinc lozenges, which dissolve in the mouth and are widely available, to fight off colds.

More than 200 viruses are capable of causing the common cold, which is why it is almost impossible to gain complete immunity. It aids the immune system, helps wounds heal, is important for proper taste and smell, and vital for male fertility. People typically suffer at least 200 colds over their a lifetime a€“ amounting to around two to three years of coughing and sneezing.
It may slow sight loss caused by age-related macular degeneration.Rich sources include shellfish, lamb, liver, steak, pumpkin seeds and wholegrains. The idea that zinc lozenges might be effective against colds stems from an accidental observation in the earlyA  1980s.
Doctors saw that the cold of a three-year-old girl with leukaemia vanished when she dissolved a zinc tablet in her mouth. Since then a number of studies have looked at zinca€™s effects on colds, with inconclusive results.

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