World map of station temperature trends

This page shows a shaded WebGL plot of station trends of monthly average temperature over various periods to present (you can choose). The coloring is intended to represent the station values exactly, with continuous shading in between. It uses primarily unadjusted GHCN V3 with ERSST, though adjusted GHCN is an option. It follows posts here and later here. Operating advice below.


Show Stations

Station data will appear here when clicked:

Choose start year for trend (ending now)

    Use adjusted GHCN.

As usual, the sphere is a trackball that you drag into position. When you press the mouse down, it also shows data for the nearest station on the right. There is a "Show stations" button you can toggle to display the stations as dots. At the top is an orient button, which will take the current worldview and reorient so north is up.

The selection box lets you choose trend periods from stated date to end 2014 (may be updated). You can also in the box to right toggle a choice of adjusted GHCN data. When you have made a choice, click the reload button above. This actually loads the new data, so use only when needed for that.

There is a color key, which is not labelled, but you can query any color on the plot just by clicking it there.

Trends are shown for stations which have at least 80% of months in the period reporting.