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Wired Security Incorporated can help you meet your information security needs by providing innovative security programs best suited for your business.
We offer a wide range of consulting services such as social engineering prevention, project management consulting, and policy development. Contact us and we'll connect you with one of our expert information security consultants!


Organizations of all types depend on critical technology infrastructure and data for maintaining dependent business functionality and operations. Formulating an effective disaster recovery strategy and developing a flexible plan to recover/restore identified critical assets and data can greatly augment efforts towards reducing impacts and recovering your business quickly.


Business Continuity Planning is crucial for maintaining critical functionality following business interruption. Identifying business functions and the risks, threats and potential impacts associated to them is the first step towards continuity and resiliency planning. Implementing effective strategies and pre-establishing policies and procedures for prevention, detection, response, recovery, crisis management, communication, and response provides greater assurance for recovery.

At Wired Security Incorporated, we develop customized Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) solutions and can assist with training, testing and assurance programs to help your organization build plans from the ground up, enhance existing plans, and maintain plan viability and effectiveness as your grow.


Wired Security Incorporated helps our customers achieve operational excellence by significantly transforming their IT service practices through highly mature & evolved best practices. The services are aimed at standardizing our client's IT operational processes and aligning them to operational best practices in the areas of people, processes and technology.

Our IT Service Management practice extends our expertise to our customers by leveraging on 25+ years of experience in planning, building, and managing IT infrastructure and services.


Risk Assessments are the foundation for identifying the current maturity of your security program. Understanding what level your organization is at is vital to the overall information security program’s success.

Wired Security Incorporated works to ensure through validation and formalized testing, that your security level is calibrated to business goals. When combined with penetration testing, risk assessments can be the most comprehensive assessment in identifying the effectiveness of your overall information security program.

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