Law of Attraction Certification

Since the Law of Attraction was put before a wide public base around the year 2005 by author Ronda Byrne with her book entitled "The Secret" and the subsequent docu-movie of the same name, there has been a lot of speculation as to its validity.

On the one side of the fence are those that have accepted it and embraced its precepts by putting them into action and seeing positive results manifest in their lives. On the other side of the same fence are the detractors who claim it is nothing but a publicity stunt and is baseless and complete nonsense.

Which side of that fence do you occupy?

What Is the Law of Attraction?

law of attraction certificationIn a similar sense that the more widely accepted "Law of Gravity" is very real, measurable and accepted in the scientific community as fact yet is something that cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, heard or touched, the Law of Attraction is undetectable by our normal senses.

For many, that fact alone is enough to have them claiming it doesn't exist! However, science can validate its existence on some levels because the fundamental base of this law is the Law of Vibration. This is measurable and quantifiable scientifically.

Here's how it works:

Everything is energy and once you accept that, the rest is easier to follow. Energy is the basis of atoms, which are constantly in motion and as such, emit a frequency of vibration.

Different atomic structures emit different frequencies.

Like frequencies attract like frequencies.

This attraction is the basis of the Law in question here. Where like forms of energy attract one another, the opposite of that is unlike forms of energy repel each other. However, we're focused on the attraction side of things in explaining how this law works.

The Answer Lies in Nature

You really need to observe how nature works to see how this attractive force is in constant action all the time. For a seed to germinate and grow into an adult plant, it needs the right circumstances, such as the presence of fertile soil, water, light and heat.

These are all forms of energy that vibrate on a certain frequency. The seed also vibrates at a like frequency of what it needs to burst into life, so by attracting those things to it, it grows. If any of those things are not present or are not attracted to the seed, it perishes.

Human beings are energy too. Not just in our physical forms, but also in the many aspects that makes us human. That includes:

and even our very thoughts and emotions. These are all energy forms.

Thoughts are Things

Our thoughts create our emotions and between them, we transmit and receive those frequencies to other human beings as well as other energy forms.

Let that last statement sink in, as it is important!

When we transmit thoughts and emotions that are angry or hateful, you can bet we soon attract people in a similar state along with all kinds of circumstances into our lives. The same goes when we're sad or depressed. All we seem to do is attract more sad and depressed people to us to compound the state of all concerned.

Yet when we transmit happy, uplifting thoughts and emotions, we attract to us happy and uplifting people and circumstances. It works, it really does. Try it if you don't think so!

Many people tried to make the Law of Attraction work for them. But many of them failed to see any visible results because they were not combining the power of their minds and their emotions to create and attractive force.

Too many people tried to use their minds alone, believing that if they asked enough, they would get what they asked for.

Unfortunately, doing it that way is not much more effective than mindlessly repeating affirmations over and over and expecting to get what's in their minds. It has about as much effect as aimlessly dreaming and wishing for things.

We all know how ineffective that process can be!

To manifest something that you want, you need to think it and feel it together and keep doing that with persistence and expectation that you will receive what you desire. And be patient!

Remember that you can't hurry up goodness and miracles don't happen to a schedule. By putting it out there, you should wait patiently for its receipt while keeping up the thought and emotional transmission without ever giving up.

That way you will surprise yourself at what can be achieved.