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There is something wrong with HGH.


Perhaps there is no buzzword in the health and anti aging industry having so many controversies around it as the HGH itself.

We all have been lured into all those fantastic product claims promising weight loss, better sex and overall health and what not. But are all the majority of those natural HGH products, "HGH releasers","Precursors" and "HGH Secretagogues" out there really the "fountains of youth" everyone is raving about?

Do they really work and if yes what products out there are actually worth your money ?

So,here we stand in the midst of all this "HGH and anti aging" confusion and there is no shortage of products - 21st Century, Aeon 5000 HGH, Ageforce Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray, Hgh factor Hgh energizer, Androtropin Spray, Secratatropin BioRenew Real HGH plus IGF-1, Kigtropin, Secretagogue gold/plus, Growth-FlexV, Humagro, Live Young Oral HGH, Now IGF-1 Spray and ProBLEN HGH and more.

On top of that there is an abundant supply of misinformation on the internet creating confusion.

Let's try to clear it all and try to separate gold from junk.

The truth about HGH - Is it any good?

Now, HGH IS truly an amazing substance that has been shown to have numerous, clinically proven benefits. Various studies have actually confirmed the facts. In fact, studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine prove that HGH can:

  • Decrease Bodyfat
  • Increase Muscle Tone
  • Boost your Energy, Strength, and Endurance
  • Reduce Wrinkles and Create Tighter, Smoother Skin
  • Help sound healthy sleep
  • Improve Sex Drive and Performance
  • Improve Immune and Heart Function,
  • Bone Density, Healing Time and Cholesterol
  • Improve Brain Function, Memory and Mental Focus
HGH is produced by the pituitary gland in the center of the brain. Everyone naturally has human growth hormone in their body from birth. During adolescence, when we are at an optimal youthful condition, production of HGH is high. However, your HGH levels peak somewhere between the ages of 21 and 30 and then aggressively decline at the alarming rate of 14% per decade.

Research has shown that virtually every adult is HGH deficient. By the age of 40 you may already have "elderly" levels of HGH production, down as much as 40% of youthful levels of human growth hormone.

So, this hormone also called "Human Growth Hormone" has lots of benefits.

Without going into more technical informative jargon, let's find out what hgh products in the market have to offer.

What Are HGH Secretagogues (supplements) and Natural Releasers?

"HGH secretagogues" and "HGH releasers" are terms that you will come across very often in your HGH research, because most HGH products are considered to be secretagogues.

A secretagogue, by simple definition, is any substance that can cause another substance to become secreted. Acting on the human body, the HGH secretagogues can cause release of HGH (human growth hormone) from the "anterior pituitary gland".

It is scientific knowledge that the pituitary gland is responsible for the excretion of growth hormone in the human body. So, an effective HGH releaser will NOT artificially inflate your HGH levels from outside,(like injections do) because it is not the growth hormone itself, it is only a precursor to the growth hormone that causes the body to produce its own growth hormone NATURALLY. This strategy is much safer for the body as a whole than what injections have to offer.

HGH precursors (also known as HGH releasers) are the safest, easiest and effective way to stimulate the pituitary gland to generate the release of more growth hormone and feel its benefits throughout the human body.

This leads to the question, which supplements truly work for maximum stimulation of the pituitary gland?

Natural supplements that have been scientifically proven to help stimulate the release of the growth hormones in the human body are GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), deer antler velvet, Mucuna Pruriens and some other herbs or amino acids like L-Aginine, L-Lysine etc.

The questions remain:-

  1).What products out there really contain the substances that can enhance hGH production in the body by the pituitary gland?

  2).Do these products contain the ingredients in "good enough" amounts so as to produce desired positive effects?

  3).What is the successful mechanism of transfering these nutrients to the body - the sprays or the pills?

  4).Can anyone of these so called hgh products contain real HGH?

  5).How long will it take to see benefits in overall health, fitness and energy levels after taking these products?

  6). Are these products really tested clinically?   (In my review of over 60 or so hgh products, I've hardly found an hgh product having completed successful clinical trials and actively backed by medical community except for one called Genf20 Plus, which in my opinion is worth looking into. According to FACTS on HGH, Genf20 Plus(for anti aging) and Hyper 14X(for bodybuilding) are the only supplements influencing HGH release in the body by 7 mechanisms because they contain the 7 diverse and necesssary ingredients. )

It was a 12 week study. To download the full study, visit Genf20 Plus official website.

Don’t Get Fooled by the HGH SCAM

There are plenty of scams when it comes to HGH products, and it is important to be able to identify some of the more popular ones.

Companies that manufacture and sell HGH supplement products sometimes resort to shady business practices to make their product more alluring to consumers. The best way to avoid these SCAMS is to be informed! Some popular HGH SCAMS include:

1. Inaccurate/False information - Some companies will resort to creating websites and search engines that fool customers into believing that their HGH product truly works by padding their sites with false information or altered information. These sites commonly contain comparison charts that make a seemingly accurate and fair comparison between anti-aging and HGH supplements and products. Products made with counterfeit ingredients are also in league with this kind of HGH SCAM. Some scammers will market a single product multiple ways to give the consumer what seems like a choice, but in reality it is just a SCAM.

Ironicaly, I have a comparison chart of HGH products on this site, as well, but this is perhaps the only chart, that actually compares all the HGH products based on their ingredients.

2. Creative/Inaccurate wording in advertising - Many companies will try to fool their consumers by using creative or inaccurate wording to confuse them into thinking their product is not only legitimate, but the best on the market. For example, some companies have been known to advertise that their product contains a "huge" dose of 1,500 to 2,000 ng (Nanograms) of "real" HGH.

Without the knowledge that a nanogram is only equal to "one billionth of a gram", a consumer might take the company's word for it, and get cheated considering 2,000 nanograms is actually a whole bunch of nothing!

The use of the term "Real HGH" or "Somatotropin" or "Somatropin" should also be a red flag to any consumer, as any company who uses this term is almost guaranteed to be a SCAM. Somatotropin used to be collected from human cadavers and is associated with mad cow disease. While Somatropin is synthetically produced in laboratories but still a prescription based product to sell. So, any otc product or product sold online without prescription can't really contain these.

These types of companies prey on the fact that most consumers don't know the correct quantity of a nanogram or that the product can't contain "real hgh", therefore making their products look legitimate and top notch.

3.Homeopathic HGH is a lie - HGH is a prescribed drug, and therefore is not available in any homeopathic forms, period. Many companies will try to label their HGH supplements as "Homeopathic" to make them alluring to consumers who think that homeopathy is the right way to go when dealing with the human body.

Experts in homeopathy believe that companies who use the term to promote their products are giving homeopathy and all of its wonderful attributes a bad name by calling their HGH supplement products "homeopathic", and then the product does not deliver. Many of those who market these HGH products actually include dosages of other "filler" or "fluff" ingredients, not unlike those that can be found in cheap vitamin supplements. 

This betrayal by companies is what is giving homeopathy a bad name, and consumers need to be aware that it is just a marketing tactic when it comes to HGH and HGH supplements. Just like there is no "homeopathic viagra" or "homeopathic ambien", there can't be a "homeopathic HGH".

Besides according to homeopathy, a "homeopathic hgh will be a remedy for "too much" HGH in your system and will work to decrease the hgh levels, rather than increasing it- the way some vaccines work. Clearly these companies do not know what they're doing!

4.You Get What You Pay For - If you are looking for a quality HGH product, you are going to pay quality HGH prices. Due to the ingredients and technology that go into HGH supplements, a very inexpensive HGH supplement is most likely a SCAM. Any natural HGH product is only as good as its ingredients and the research and manufacturing methods that have gone into making it.

The bottom line is that inferior ingredients will yield inferior results. Companies sacrifice research and quality ingredients to make a product that is cheaper and will sell more easily. Consumers need not make the mistake and they need to make sure that they are putting only the most researched, top quality ingredients into the body, no matter what the cost.

5. HGH Oral Sprays -

The oral sprays are of 2 kinds. Those that claim to have "real HGH" which you can safely assume are "guaranteed scams". The oral sprays that claim to contain real hgh or Somatotrophin or ingestible Somatropin - here are 3 points to understand -

 a).  You should know that there is  no scientific proof that these sprays work. Growth hormone according to studies does not have the capability of passing through the membranes of the mouth.

  b). There is no way to make a spray out of the real pharmaceutical growth hormone. No scientific method or formulation exists by now.

 c). Even if they could make it somehow, how can a company legally sell a drug (real hgh) without a prescription. You need a prescription to purchase it. Have you heard of a viagra spray, alli spray ?

"Real HGH" like viagra is an FDA approved and monitored drug that requires prescription.

So Exactly why men and women get caught in this kind of "oral spray" scam ?

Given that they think that they are acquiring real hgh and considering that it's in spray form, it's a lot less expensive than the injectable alternative.

One should avoid these products and companies.

The second category of oral sprays is "Nutritional hgh sprays" which contain natural hgh releasers.

Nutritional hgh sprays - Such products claim that you can get all the ingredients, required vitamins and minerals for hgh release in few sprays. It's doubtful though not completely overruled!

According to anti-aging experts, only few sprays can't provide you with adequate amount of such ingredients to make any positive changes take place. If you want to take such ingredients it's always better to take them in pills form and that again puts the sprays under disadvantage.

So, my advice would be to stay away from any oral HGH spray product. Till date I havn't found an effective working oral spray product nor one that isn't garbage in terms of its ingredients with the only exception of "The Oral Spray With Alpha GPC" that is NOT sold as a stand-alone spray product but comes as a part of "Genf20 Plus triple advantage system" .

Alpha GPC has a lot of physical and cognitive benefits to the human body including the increased release of growth hormone. Other ingredients in this spray are GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), Mucuna Pruriens (seed), Moomiyo Extract, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Glutamine, L-Aginine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Isoeucine, L-Trysince, and Glycine.

This spray product provides better absorption of the ingredients, which is also a USP of their entire "Genf20 Plus triple advantage system" since they use "Enteric Coating" in the pills as well to ensure that the key ingredients are protected from stomach acid and make it to the small intestine where maximum absorption occurs.

The downside of using this spray is that you'll have to use it 8 times daily to see the benefits and that too along with the pills. (They recommend 6 times but my advice would be use it 8 times).

6. Hgh injections have got some serious side effects with them as you know they are synthetic substances and are also a lot expensive. Single injection can cost $25 or more so regular usage may involve expenditures of thousands of dollars per month. These are prescription medications that are not available over-the-counter. Insurance companies don't cover the cost of these drugs. Although it's not a scam but spending thousands for injecting synthetic substances in the body that might have whole lot of issues tied with them doesn't seem worthwhile.

HGH injections are known for potential side effects.

You have to understand that you are exposing yourself to several health risks if you decide to go through this path. Besides the market is now quite saturated with "overnight" anti aging experts, endocrinologists who see a lucrative opportunity in marketing "HGH therapy" to people who want to be young again and a lot of these experts don't have much experience and really don't know the safest strategy to use HGH injections effectively.

Currently, there is only one anti aging expert that I can safely recommend and that is Dr. John Crissler

If you want to build muscles quickly, using human growth hormone injections may sound appealing to you because they can certainly make your workouts more efficient. But if you are wary about the risks associated with HGH injections, you can try HGH supplements or releasers instead.

7). When looking for an HGH releaser you'll find dozens of pills and sprays claiming to contain the ingredients needed to increase your HGH levels and although you’ll find that they may contain some ingredients that have been scientifically proven to stimulate the production of HGH, they are in such a low dosage they do NOT actually work.

Unfortunately this is common practice in the anti aging supplement industry since manufacturers want to be able to say their product contains certain ingredients while at the same time keeping their manufacturing costs as low as possible. That is why most HGH products do not work.

What HGH Product is Right for You? What are the successful methods of delivery?

Supplementing the human body with HGH (human growth hormones) offers exciting and successful possibilities, especially in the world of anti-aging and adult bodybuilding. Experts believe that the use of HGH supplements in adults over the age of 30 can help to promote vitality, youth, and vigor by helping the body to feel young again. It is generally believed hat HGH and HGH supplement products should not be used by anyone under the age of 20 years old.

Most consumers in the market for HGH and HGH supplements are looking to reduce and rewind the effects of aging. Human growth hormone supplements are widely reported to provide results such as increased muscle mass and healthier skin, which are both very attractive to those who are trying to turn back the clock.

Recent years have given us new technology when it comes to receiving HGH precursors and supplements. In the past, human growth hormone was only available by injection, but that is no longer true. There has been much advancement in the delivery systems of HGH and HGH releasers that make them more accessible. Common systems of delivery when it comes to HGH and HGH precursors currently include pills and capsules that contain HGH secretagogues, and oral or sub-lingual sprays.

While the efficiency of nutritional sprays is still doubted by many anti aging experts, the latest research and standards in "pills manufacturing" have raised the bar to produce better quality products and those that are absorbed successfully by the human body for better results.

The price of HGH supplements and related products at one time made them only available to the very wealthy. In the past HGH was offered for around $15,000 or more per injection, and were snatched up by those who could afford them.

The leaps and bounds taken in technology, including the current technique of amino acid engineering, have made the slashing of prices for HGH supplements a reality in recent years. Without losing any benefits, scientists have made HGH supplements more affordable to the public through their research.

One product that has come from the advanced technology of amino acid engineering is the GenF20 Plus TM Triple-Advantage System. This system consists of HGH releaser pills, and a spray. Not only this system has the required ingredients in optimal usage but also this uses "Enteric Coating" in the pills to ensure that the key ingredients are protected from stomach acid and make it to the small intestine where maximum absorption occurs.

These products encourage your body to produce HGH on its own, and are surprisingly affordable alternatives to the HGH injections and other supplements.

Side Effects of HGH Supplements

Most HGH supplements and natural HGH releaser products tested in GMP authorized or FDA certified laboratories have not proven to have any harmful side effects in the human body. These products are studied and tested to the extreme, and any results of side effects have not been acknowledged in HGH supplements and natural HGH releaser products.

Like any supplement, unmonitored use of HGH or HGH supplements is not recommended by doctors and physicians, but their role as a legitimate form of treatment has widely grown all over the world due to studies in recent years.

The use of HGH supplements in the treatment of pituitary gland deficiencies in both men and women has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in recent years, and that is due to the technology and research that has gone into helping to create HGH supplements that actually help the pituitary gland to function at top performance.

People take HGH supplements for all types of personal reasons, and some of the most common include bodybuilding purposes, or to stop the effects of aging.

As with any type of supplement we put into our body, it is important to remember that results take time . The results of HGH supplements and HGH releasers are not immediate and can take up to a week or so to start showing themselves.

Once the effects of the HGH supplements start to become noticeable, they will take on different attributes.

The next stage of the HGH supplement process will almost make it seem as though there are no results at all. This stage happens because your body becomes accustomed to the initial results of the treatment.

In time, the third stage will hit and you will experience the deep, long lasting results you are looking for thanks to your HGH supplement usage.

The study done on Genf20 Plus took 12 weeks to gauge the positive effects.

Can Genf20 Plus make me youg again?

Do you reckon that hgh products like Genf20 Plus could shave twenty years off your age? Apparently that is not realistic by usage of a hgh releasing product alone. No product on earth right now can quite accomplish that.

Aside from that, if you follow a good anti aging lifestyle in combination with a quality product like Genf20 Plus, it can really work wonders in making you feel and look good and young again. That would be the best strategy to ensure that a growth hormone booster like Genf20 Plus could empower you to exist and work like you did when you had youthful levels of HGH, and will benefit to make a younger, stronger you.

If you are interested, you can read a book on "successful anti aging strategies" that you can use with Genf20 Plus and I've got some great feedbacks from people making the lifestyle changes I recommend in the book.

So, if you're thinking to try Genf20 Plus, you can also use some useful lifestyle strategies mentioned in the book - "Fit Over 40: Be young again with HGH".
If you don't know where to buy online, here is the link .

The good thing about Genf20 Plus is that it has a good mix of the most cutting edge and most strong HGH releasers consolidated into it; it has got medical studies and medical community backing it.


Ingredients in GenF20 pills (pills contain them in powder form)

L-Arginine - 130mg
L-Glutamine - 115mg
L-Glycine - 100mg
L-Lysine - 100mg
L-Tyrosine - 100mg
Astragalus Root Extract - 60mg
Deer Velvet Antler - 50mg
GABA - 50mg
Colostrum - 50mg
L-Valine - 40mg
Pituitary (Anterior) Powder* - 30mg
Phosphatidyl Choline - 25mg
L-Ornithine - 25mg
GTF Chromium - 0.1 mg

Ingredients in GenF20 spray

This potent HGH secretogogue in oral spray has been formulated to include a complementary blend of amino acid compounds and botanical agents including the clinically proven HGH booster "Alpha GPC".

Is aging inescapable?

For quite some time now, human beings have been believing aging is irreversible. We were accustomed to recognize that ageing was certain and nothing might prevent someone’s metabolism from moderating after the age of thirty, we could not avoid wrinkles and avoid signs of aging on skin and body.

Regardless of what men and women did to stop it, or even to ease it off, nothing seemed to prevent the determined walk of age. Hell, even experts and fitness gurus, could not avoid aging.

Until the impact of HGH aging was well a disease whose cure was not known. Notwithstanding, now experts and celebrities like Sylvester Stallone know for sure HGH can goad an expansion in lean muscle and minimize body fat, evolving an individual to look and feel more youthful.

According to the book, "Grow Young with HGH" by Ronald Klatz :- "If aging is a disease, then hgh might well be the cure!"

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