The FDA approved HGH products

FDA and human growth hormone

A lot of studies have been conducted on HGH which depicts the facts about the positive effects of HGH on health and fitness. The actual function of this hormone is associated with the benefits like controlling the fat, increasing lean muscles, enhancing stamina, improvement of skin quality and reversing the aging signs.

The responsibility lies with the FDA to ensure that all the varieties of drugs, biological products, cosmetics, food and the medical devices are completely safe for usage. It needs to be made sure by the FDA that the common people are completely aware about the different supplements, medicines and food that improve health.

It is a fact that HGH improves the health conditions and vitality within the body but the FDA prevents the usage of HGH apart from the specific situations mentioned below:

- Deficiency of HGH
- The chronic renal insufficiency
- The retardation of intra uterine growth
- The signs of Turners syndrome and the prader-willi syndrome
- Cachexia

The HGH will not be allowed by FDA to be used for any other purposes other than these factors.

The FDA regulation for HGH is important because for any drug or supplement to be present in the market, the scientists need to have proper documentation and proof; but in case of HGH, the sample size has been small and only few research studies have been conducted.

Apart from this, some of the studies depicted the fact that consumption of HGH has a few side effects comprising of edema, development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This is the reason HGH is limited to certain conditions only.

Though the approval of FDA is a sign that the product is effective, still it can only be purchased with the approval of a doctor. Here are a few more of the FDA approved products:

Omnitrope: This is actually known as a "recombinant" of the HGH and is essential for the management of growth failure in children. This occurs as a result of insufficient secretion of the hormones from the pituitary gland. This can also help in growth within the adults.

Saizen HGH: This is also an injection that needs the prescription of the doctors and there is no alternative except the intra muscular injections. This enhances the bone development and cellular growth in children.

Humatrope HGH: This product can be availed in dried powder form and is actually a synthetic product. It treats the stunted growth in children, especially those who have not reached puberty. This is more effective for girls, especially who are suffering from the Turners syndrome. This is again a prescribed drug that is available only by the prescription of a legal licensed doctor.

Importance of FDA approval for the supplements, sprays and pills

The effectiveness and reliability of any product can be judged on the approval of FDA, but you need to know that the major dietary supplements do not need the FDA approval as they do not contain real HGH. This leads to various scams, because of non-regulation.

Secondly a lot of better quality products are available which are manufactured after GMP approval within certified laboratories that meet the highest standards in the United States. Thus, though the products may not be certified by the FDA, the procedure for manufacturing is completely according to the strict rules and regulations that are in place.

While making use of HGH injections, you need to make sure that the product is completely FDA approved.