There are a lot of questions about Human Growth Hormone (HGH), particularly in the bodybuilder and fitness communities regarding what it is, how it is created, and if it is better to use supplements or to use synthetic HGH.  This hormone is used by actors, actresses, athletes, and anyone else who wants to improve their skin, raise their energy levels, cut fat stores, and develop lean, chiseled muscles.  Basically anyone else who wishes to develop lean, chiseled muscles while cutting fat stores.  

HGH is naturally produced by your own body, first as a growth hormone that helps us grow from infants to adults, and in our adult bodies it is how the insulin levels are regulated, as well as, the means by which amino acids are transported, proteins, are synthesized, and how the body maintains proper levels of fats.  For those that need more reason to be interested in this hormone, increased levels of HGH also have a positive effect on the libido and immune system.    

This hard-working hormone is exactly why bodybuilders and athletes the world over are using this hormone to lose weight, build muscle, and get fit.  Unlike many of the other hormones that people use to enhance their workouts and increase mass, this is one that has least chances of documenting side effects if used properly, mainly because it's more natural than anabolic steroids.  This is yet another reason why doctors prescribe this hormone to people who have difficulties regulating their liver and adrenals, and why many physicians in some countries do not have issues with prescribing this even for cosmetic reasons.  

Prescription versus Supplements

Synthetic HGH is regulated but can be prescribed, and today many doctors prescribe GH to patients when it become necessary for their body to function normally.  However, some people choose to purchase synthetic HGH on the black market in countries where it is less regulated or not regulated at all.   However, it is possible to get the same effect naturally with supplements that boost the creation of this hormone.  

HGH is made up of 191 amino acid chains, and has many names: GH, rHGH, HGH, or "somatotropin."  It is a naturally occurring, made by the body's pituitary glands for the purpose of maturing the body, renewing cells, as well as, the instigator behind the creation of tissues, muscles, and even bones.  When we age it's use changes into a regulator of immune systems, metabolism, skin production and health, as well as, muscle growth.  Through the increase in the body's levels of HGH in the system you can increase your immune system, raise your level of health and fitness, increase muscle mass, and maintain high levels of energy even as your body systems are "scheduled" to begin slowing down.

Natural Means of Increasing HGH

Bodybuilders, bulkers, and fitness junkies will sometimes cycle HGH injections with steroids, but this is optional.  One way of boosting HGH in the body is to cut carbs calories, and change your fitness and sleep cycles.  This was developed by a bodybuilder who discovered that by taking in a low calorie dinner then giving it about 2 hours before aggressively working out before sleeping will cause the body's evolutionary system will take over and HGH will be produced.  

How this works has everything to do with evolutionary biology, it makes the body go into survival mode and makes it think that it needs to trigger HGH production to overcome whatever even triggered the intense physical activity.  A low calorie dinner means that you insulin levels remain low right into your workout period.  Without a protein supplement the body will seek to protect the active muscles from being destroyed and induce IGF-1 production in the liver which in turn travels to the muscles to "feed" them.  IGF-1 is yet another hormone produced that is necessary to cellular renewal and tied to your HGH production.  

Now, all of this can be aided by taking supplements.  Common supplements used for the natural production of HGH are:

-     Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X  - these are the best in line and can be bought online or in stores.  If you use the above method then take this early in the day like breakfast.
-     Other HGH secretogogue pills & sublingual sprays - Read a comparison chart of all products based on their ingredients here.

Bodybuilding and HGH

It's no secret that HGH is popular with bodybuilders and athletes.  Everyone wants the miracle potion that grows muscles, increases health, maintains skin elasticity, and boosts libido.  It's ability to help bulk and define is why something close to 70% percent of all pro bodybuilders have used it once or are using it in some form while performing in weight training programs. 

The fact that it doesn't show up in urine tests may also have something to do with it, especially with pro-athletes.  Weight loss, increased strength, endurance, muscle mass, and younger looking skin is appealing to pretty much everyone and why this hormone also appeals to women as it produces positive results with little side effects like anabolic steroids do for women.  

Theories on Why HGH is Able to Achieve Results for Bulking

There are basically two theories that have been floated around and the truth is that they're both probably true or its a combination.  The Dual Effector Theory maintains that HGH works when injected into the growth plates, while the Somatomedin Hypothesis says that it does not require an injection at all and that its effectiveness is tied to its stimulation of IGF-1.  Both of these theories have been tested successfully, and yet they contradict each other.  So much for scientific integrity.

What we know is that it works.  Whether using supplements or having HGH injected, the body responds positively.  We know that:

  • "    IGF-1 is necessary for HGH to have any impact at all on bones, tissues, and organs because it is the IGF-1 that does the traveling around the body.
  • "    HGH is necessary to bind those IGFBP-3 and the subunit proteins that maintain the body's IGF-1 levels.
  • "    HGH is absolutely required for IGF-1 to effect the autocrine levels and the paracrine levels of your body's cells.  

Now, knowing these things and seeing response from the bodybuilding community we can come to the consensus that the science backs supplementation and use for boosting cellular production.  It means that when you increase your HGH levels you also increase IGF-1 which goes to work on your muscles, tissues, and cells.  

To Inject or Not to Inject?

You will always have people arguing about this within the athletic and bodybuilding communities. Supplements or injections ?  One method is slower, obviously, but the other uses synthetics, something we really don't know long-term side effects on.  As synthetics came to market and doctors began prescribing them with quick results, the supplement industry followed with products that were cheaper, easier to get, and also worked somewhat.  Supplements aren't going to contain HGH, we know this, but we also know how important they are in increasing the body's production.  The supplements will not work as quickly as a synthetic, but they do work.    

Visiting forums, talking with each other, we are able to discern which supplements work and which don't.  Moreover, there are studies out there already on supplements that boost HGH production.  For example, 1200 mg each of L-lysine and L-Arginine boosts production of HGH, as does peptidesAmino acids engineering based Supplements can be a safer, less costly, alternative to synthetic HGH injections.  Recommended HGH supplements from forums and bodybuilders:

  •      Genf20 Plus
  •      HyperGH 14X
  •      Secretagogue Gold
  •      GH Max
  •      Symbiotropin HGH
  •      Growth Factor 9

If you are intending to use supplements, you can also hang around any bodybuilding group and see what works for others that have a similar workout routine and body to yours.