What is Human Growth Hormone Replacement?

The human body is wondrous and miraculous. It knows what is needed and provides that necessity. Humans need HGH and this is actually produced naturally by the anterior pituitary gland.

However, sometimes the body produces too much or too little of HGH, and it often reduces or stops the production of HGH as we age, even though we want to remain youthful in terms of appearance and activities.

It is for these reasons that there is a biosynthetic HGH which is used in HGH replacement therapy. HGH replacement therapy mimics the naturally occurring HGH, with the similar results of anti-ageing, creation of lean muscle mass, reduced fat in the body, enhanced quality of sleep, increased mental functions, increased youthfulness and vigor (similar to that experienced when they were in their early 20s), and maintaining proper bone density

HGH replacement therapy

At the start of this article, it was stated that the human body is wondrous and miraculous, and provides what is needed for us to live. However, the human body often needs help. For example, if you have the common cold then you can take large amounts of vitamin C, or appropriate doses of over-the-counter medicines.

A similar situation occurs when the pituitary gland produces a diminished amount of the naturally occurring HGH.

There are a few biosynthetic HGH alternatives that can work as well as natural HGH and which can eradicate the side effects of diminished HGH in the body. Such alternatives include injections, HGH sprays and HGH supplements.

Although each supplementing method has their own advantages and disadvantages, injections are generally considered to be most effective; but also come with most side effects and certainly not as safe as HGH supplements.

HGH injections are regulated by the U.S. FDA (Federal Drug Administration), require a prescription, and must be taken under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional. It is especially prescribed for those with AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency).

HGH injections produce more noteworthy and quick effects than do the sprays or supplements.

It must be noted that although the injections mimic the body’s natural HGH, it mimics it in regards to effects, not in how it is created or produced. In natural HGH, the HGH flows through the body from the pituitary gland. In the injections, the HGH is simply inserted through the outside source.

In addition, because of the material and of its administration, it must be injected by, or in the presence and guidance of a doctor (if self-administered), a medical professional.

If it is self-administered without such guidance, and especially if it is done too frequently and/or in larger doses, there can be serious side-effects of some serious conditions, such as diabetes, heart diseases, colon cancer, obesity, mental instability and others.

You and HGH replacement therapy

To enhance the effectiveness of HGH replacement therapy, you can try any or all of the following.

Get good quality sleep. HGH production is maximized about one hour after entering into deep sleep. Eight hours of uninterrupted, good quality sleep is generally considered to be the minimum, and it has been found that taking naps during the day can also prove to be useful. Learn more about sleep's role in HGH production.

Have a good quality diet. Eat lots of foods high in carbohydrates, especially after engaging in sports or other strenuous exercise, and always seek to have a balanced diet. Avoid sugary foods as these can cause hyperglycemia, and avoid fats.

Supplements that can be taken include arginine, glutamine and amino acids as all of these help stimulate the natural production of HGH. The first two work by blocking somatostatin which seems to be a natural enemy of HGH, and the second one ought to be taken a few hours before an exercise routine.

Participate in stress management activities. Stress is also a natural enemy of HGH, so anything and everything that can be done to reduce physical and mental stress ought to be accomplished.