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Report for SNP rs1800629

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Clinical Trials

1 Polymorphisms and Efficiency of Caffeine on Performances During Total Sleep Deprivation un Healthy Subject. Multicentric, Versus Placebo, Randomised, Cross Over, Double Blind Study

In this multicentric controlled study, we aims to evaluate effect of caffeine on mental performances during a sleep deprivation protocol. Genetic polymorphisms are considered as a covariable.

NCT03859882 Sleep Caffeine Polymorphism Other: Sleep deprivation
MeSH:Sleep Deprivation

This study, under conditions of total sleep deprivation in the laboratory (40 hours of continuous awakening), examine the cross-influence of two polymorphisms (ADORA2A: rs5751876 and TNF-alpha: rs1800629) on the sensitivity to caffeine and on the degradation of attentional performances.

Primary Outcomes

Description: Speed at the Psychomotor vigilance test test

Measure: Psychomotor vigilance test Speed

Time: Change from Baseline Psychomotor vigilance test Speed at day 2 after 24 hours awaking

Secondary Outcomes

Description: Number of errors at executive performance test

Measure: Cognitive performance

Time: Change from Baseline at day 2 after 25 hours awaking

Description: Power at the force-velocity test

Measure: Force -velocity

Time: Change from Baseline at day 2 after 32 hours awaking

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