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Report for SNP rs1800888

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Clinical Trials

1 β2AR Polymorphisms and Albuterol Responsiveness in Acute Asthma

The hypothesis to be tested is that acutely ill asthmatics who do not resolve their attacks following standard doses of albuterol and require admission to hospital have single nucleotide polymorphisms of their B2 adrenergic receptors that lower B2 agonist responsivity.

NCT01016444 Acute Asthma

Eleven polymorphisms will be selected for genotyping from within the ADRB2 coding region and up to about 5 kb 5' Codon 1 (rs11958940, rs17778257, rs2895795, rs2053044, rs12654778, rs11959427, rs1042711, rs1042713, rs1042714, rs1800888, and rs1042718).

Primary Outcomes

Measure: B2AR polymorphisms associated with albuterol responsiveness in acute asthma.

Time: ~ 1 hour following 3 doses of albuterol Q 20 min

Secondary Outcomes

Measure: B2AR haplotypes

Time: ~ 1hr post 3 doses of albuterol

HPO Nodes