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Report for Mutation A2059G

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Clinical Trials

1 Defining the Best Distribution Strategy of Azithromycin for Yaws Eradication (The Yaws 3 Trial)

The current principle of yaws eradication (the Morges strategy) is based on single round mass drug administration (MDA) of azithromycin (AZI) called total community treatment (TCT) followed by targeted treatment of active cases every 6 months to detect and treat cases and contacts called total targeted treatment (TTT). Studies done in Papua New Guinea (PNG) show that 1 round of MDA will probably not suffice to stop transmission of infection. It may be preferable to conduct 3 rounds of MDA prior to the switch to TTT because of high coverage requirements to achieve elimination, particularly of latent cases. The investigators plan to determine whether 3 rounds of MDA are more effective for reaching yaws elimination. This research is needed to guide national programmatic implementation and needs to be done as soon as possible to scale up the program in the country. The aim of this proposal is to ascertain the number of rounds of MDA with AZI to be included in an improved strategy towards yaws eradication. The study will be implemented in 43 wards of New Ireland Province (NIP). The investigators will compare two different distribution strategies of MDA: (A) strategy with 3 biannual rounds of MDA and (B) a single mass treatment round of MDA followed by targeted treatment of cases and contacts. The investigators will also monitor the risk of appearance of antimicrobial resistance in Treponema pertenue.

NCT03490123 Yaws Drug: R1-Total community treatment with azithromycin Drug: R2-Total community treatment with azithromycin Drug: R3-Total community treatment with azithromycin Drug: R2-Total targeted treatment with azithromycin Drug: R3-Total targeted treatment with azithromycin

A total of five clinical specimens, out of 208 samples tested during the post-MDA period of 3ยท5 years, demonstrated a T. p. pertenue strain carrying the A2059G point mutation. --- A2059G ---

Primary Outcomes

Description: Prevalence of active yaws confirmed by PCR at 24 months and prevalence of latent yaws determined by reaginic and non-reaginic positive DPP tests at 24 months

Measure: Prevalence of active and of latent yaws at 24 months

Time: 24 months

Secondary Outcomes

Description: T. p. pertenue molecular analyses

Measure: Appearance of macrolide resistant yaws strains across the study population

Time: 24 months

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