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K2 Application Accelerators – Version 2

K2 recently announced availability of a few additional application accelerators and newer versions of the previous accelerators.

Here is a consolidated list of accelerators as of V2.1.
You can explore these accelerators in details by clicking on the hyperlink.

These application accelerators are simple proof of concepts to enhance your knowledge of building K2 solutions. You can use them to learn SmartForms, BlackPearl and SmartObjects.

If a specific accelerator represents your business process and UI more than 50-60%, it may make sense to use the accelerator as a baseline. If not, you may be better of starting from scratch. It’s still worthwhile to review these accelerators for patterns and implementation approach. Before you deploy an accelerator to your production environment, please review the specific accelerator in more details. We have provided some tips to adapt each one of thease accelerators for production use.

Please note that this batch of acclerators do need K2 version 4.6.11 (even though the documentation says 4.6.9). One major and welcome change to the accelerators is the use of new “Lithium” theme. And recently, K2 has also released the K2 Workdesk container to host multiple of these accelerators in one place. The accelerators are available for download from here.

In case you need to see demo of a specific accelerator or have questions, please feel free to contact us at K2@infomajesty.com.